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Heathside juniors and senior women win in Welwyn 

13.11.19 This week’s big event was the second Met league cross-country race in Welwyn, which saw a huge club turnout (94 adults and 29 juniors) and many fantastic performances, including wins for the senior women and junior teams, and first place finishes for Thomas Archer and Ben Redland among the juniors.

Met league

Sue Rust and Simon Baker sent in the following report from Welwyn:

Heathside's female junior and senior teams won their races in the second Met League fixture on Saturday, with plenty more also to be proud about.

On the senior side of things, Heathside women’s A-team scorers pretty much nailed it, bringing home the biggest points haul, 42 more than Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets and 50 more than Highgate Harriers. Rebecca P was our top finisher, seventh in the race but fifth in terms of Met League-scorers (the Welwyn fixture tends to feature non-scoring Cambridge University runners), followed by Rebecca B, Olivia, Lily, Evangelista, and Catrin to make up the A-team. Evangelista was running only her second cross-country race ever, at least in the UK.

We remain top of the league, which is where we want to be at the end of the season – again! Impressively, our B-team, is in fourth place in the same division.

Our men had a very good result, coming in third, one better than at Claybury. Tom Aldred was reining in Seyfu throughout the race, eventually overtook him but was then outrun with about 200m to go. That’s two seconds separating U20 Seyfu and V40 Tom. Alex Lawrence also looked to have had a very good race, finishing 25th (although 19th in terms of Met League points, as the race included non-scoring visitors from Cambridge University). Charles Hardy, Roger Maidment, Matthew Rallison, Pete Gould, Ewan Gault, Alex Sweet, Jack Hardy and Michael Cockings completed the A-team.

In total we had 68 Heathside men racing, which might be a record, and 26 women, which is a good turnout but I don’t think a record.

And now over to Simon Baker for a report about the junior teams.

The Junior team saw great representation with 29 taking part producing a brilliant performance with the Junior Women winning their race, the Junior Men finishing 2nd and U11 Boys in 3rd place.  Individually there were race wins for Thomas Archer (Junior Men) and Ben Redland (U11 Boys) with Mimi Blake (Junior Women) and Kiara Corkin (U11G) both in 2nd place.  There were also 5 other top 10 finishes showing the strength and depth of the clubs' runners.

The day kicked off with the U11 Boys, with adjustments to avoid some construction works, the course was effectively a horse shoe shape with the finish next to the start.  Ben Redland hit the front early on and, despite the best efforts of a SBH runner to close the gap over the latter stages, crossed the line to record his second Met League win this season in a time of 5:13, some 30 sec faster than the winning time last year.  Ben now has a wait to see if this performance is enough to secure him the No1 ranked U11 on the RunBritain website.  Sam Turner in his 2nd race of the year also produced a fine run to finish in 8th place, his best run for the club.  Chayil John and Rory Wills, both U10’s, were next home in 22nd and 23rd places with Chokhmah John ,despite feeling under the weather, finishing the race in 39th to ensure the team finished in 3rd place.  The U11 girls race was hard on their heals of the boys with the top 3 the same as at Claybury with Kiara Corkin securing a comfortable 2nd place.  Our only other runner in this age group Elkie Baker finished 17th improving her time from last year by 50 sec.

The U13s course included a steep technical hairpin into the finish which made the closing races a little challenging however Benjy Bediako, who had been unsure of racing secured his best finish of the season so far in 9th place, Tynan Parker was next in 16th with Eric Beale 24th and Gregory Berrisford-Sweet a plucky 33rd to complete the scoring and secure the Team 4th place overall.  The Under 13 Girls were short of numbers with the Watkins sisters competing for their school elsewhere.  Hattie Munday was first home in 17th place some 1 minute faster than last year also running was Amara Odeogberin ran a strong race to secure 24th place.

The Junior Men is a highly competitive race with 100 runners.  Thomas Archer in his second cross country race of the season showed his continued good form pulling out at the front to finish 1st. We have a strong pool of U17/U15s this year with Jake Evans (7th), Oliver O’Connor (11th) and Spike Blake (30th) securing 2nd place in the team event only 6 pts behind Shaftesbury.  They were followed home by Michael Smith, Stan Hasson, Arthur Reed, Avery Dietrich who like Spike are all U15.  The Junior Women race is normally dominated by Shaftesbury but on Saturday our Junior Women were victorious with Mimi Blake setting the tone with 2nd place almost 2 minutes faster than she ran last year.  She was followed by Rose Garrett next in 9th place and Evelyn Dumbleton 10th, the scoring was completed by Mia Manttan finishing in 16th.  The other three girls running were all U15’s with Maia Hampton-Philips 23rd but the 7th U15, Lorna Dumbleton was 36th and Fabienne Weston 51st.

Many thanks to Ruth, Zac, Kabir and Russell for organising the Juniors on the day and parents as always for getting to Welwyn.  These great results mean we have consolidated 3rd place in the Junior Howard Williams Trophy.

Races come thick and fast this time of year and many Juniors will run again on Saturday 16th at the London Youth games on Hampstead Heath for their Boroughs with the next club race the NWLL at Trent Park on 23rd November.  This is easily accessible on tube and it would be great to see more Juniors race especially the U11’s and U13’s.


Other races

In other news, courtesy of Simon Baker, the Watkins sisters were not able to take part in the Met League, running instead for their school in the Cross Country Cup at St Albans and Doug Rendell ran well in the Regents Park 10K (37:56)


A few Heathsiders ran in parkruns on Saturday, with several, including Scarlett Parker, Jonathan Litchfield and Lenny Martin also running in Welwyn in the afternoon.  Congratulations for first place finishes go to: Sara Black (Ally Pally, 20:49), Tom Livermore (Peckham Rye, 17:19), Joel Northcott (Carisbrooke, 18:35).  Full results can be found here.


Met League – Fixture 2
Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City
9th November 2019
Weather: Overcast with rain later in the day
Senior Women (8,000m, 239 runners)
[N.B. The positions for the senior races include non-scoring individuals, so Rebecca Piggott, for example, was actually fifth in terms of Met League points]
1st E Janes (Herts Pheonix) 28:30
7th Rebecca Piggott 29:50 
11th Rebecca Bunting 30:49
15th Olivia Desborough 31:04
18th Lily Woolcock 31:24
19th Evangelista Divetain 31:28
28th Catrin Tyler 31:50
32nd Emily Reichert 32:21
40th Sarah Swinhoe (V45) 32:33 (1st V45)
60th Laura Hunt 33:48
69th Tatyana Potiyenko 34:20
70th Sue Rust (V40) 34:23 (7th V40)
87th Jennifer Wing 35:25
95th Ciera Kennedy 35:59
102nd Rachel Rosenthal 36:23
106th Maura Bellio 36:40
127th Jaqueline Wastell (V55) 37:36 (3rd V55)
128th Ruth Miller (V60) 37:38 (2nd V60)
135th Trudy Kearney 37:55
137th Madeleine Minson (V50) 37:58 (10th V50)
145th Elizabeth Beard    (V45) 38:12 (8th V45)
164th Emilia Vynnycky   (V50) 39:23 (12th V50)
171st Rebecca   Sweet 40:07
174th Sarah Duke 40:20
187th Fiona Holland (V60) 41:30 (6th V60)
189th Edyta Szot (V40) 41:34 (20th V40)
195th Rebecca   Marshall (V40) 42:07 (23rd V40)
Team Results
Division 1
1st London Heathside 372 pts (1st Overall in League)
5th London Heathside B 206 pts (4th Overall in League)
Division 2
1st Trent Park 343 pts
5th London Heathside C 226 pts (5th Overall in League)
Vets Division 1
1st Barnet & D 131 pts
4th London Heathside 107 pts (3rd Overall in League)
10th London Heathside B 44 pts (8th Overall in League)
Vets Division 2
1st Ealing Eagles 103 pts
9th London Heathside 24 pts (8th Overall in League)
Senior Men (8,000m, 526 runners)
1st C Moody (Serpentine) 24:27
8th Seyfu Jamaal (U20) 25:06 (2nd U20)
9th Tom Aldred (V40) 25:08 (1st V40)
25th Alex Lawrence 25:55
50th Charles Hardy 26:51
55th Roger Maidment (V45) 26:58 (1st V45)
60th Matthew Rallison 27:11
75th Peter Gould 27:32
80th Peter Northall 27:38
85th Ewan Gault 27:41
142nd Alex Sweet 29:13
144th Jack Hardy 29:18
146th Michael Cockings (V40) 29:20 (15th V40)
147th Mark Anderson (V40) 29:21 (16th V40)
159th Matthew    Field 29:45
161st Martin Potter (V50) 29:47 (2nd V50)
163rd Joseph Mckeown 29:51
188th Mark Jefford (V50) 30:24 (3rd V50)
192nd Matt Collins (V40) 30:26 (22nd V40)
195th Thom Hart 30:30
196th David McCormick 30:30
200th Daniel Haile 30:35
201st Joseph Clemoes 30:35
205th Chris Hartley (V55) 30:37 (4th V55)
214th Asmelash Abrha (V55) 30:48 (6th V55)
215th Filippo Minelle 30:49
216th John Flahive (V50) 30:50 (6th V50)
225th Jonathan Shipley (V40) 30:59 (27th V40)
233rd Christopher Vincent (V40) 31:17 (29th V40)
239th Paul Beale (V45) 31:25 (9th V45)
247th Edward Garrett (V45) 31:38 (11th V45)
252nd Liam Hazelton 31:48
254th Jonathan Litchfield (V40) 31:54
265th Nicholas Hodges-Gibson 32:08
267th Jake Spencer 32:09
272nd Leonard   Martin 32:14
274th Tom Bedwell (V40) 32:16 (40th V40)
277th Rob Shulman (V50) 32:21 (9th V50)
280th Oliver Negus 32:25
282nd Matt Ison 32:28
283rd Dominic Jackson (V55) 32:33 (11th V55)
287th Andrew Owen (V50) 32:41 (10th V50)
292nd Nick Haward (V45) 32:49 (20th V45)
297th Gareth Marshall 32:53
299th Tony Shearer 32:58
301st Peter Scodie-Ward 33:00
303rd Andrew Wooding 33:10
317th Mattthew Cartledge (V40) 33:36 (44th V40)
327th James Caven 33:59
333rd Gavin Evans (V55) 34:08 (14th V55)
358th Scarlett Parker (V45) 34:51 (26th V45)
359th Richard Peachment (V50) 34:53 (26th V50)
380th Adam Jauncey 35:44
384th Ian Anderson 35:48
387th Tony Killilea (V55) 35:56 (23rd V55)
394th Peter Gale (V40) 36:03 (55th V40)
396th Andy Law (V40) 36:07 (56th V40)
398th David Hallam (V50) 36:16 (22nd V50)
400th Kwasi Agyei-Owusu 36:18
424th Fabio Espírito Santo 37:13
426th Norman Mitchell (V55) 37:17 (26th V55)
433rd Andrew Johnston (V45) 37:32 (41st V45)
436th Matthew Taylor 37:44
448th Carl Heap (V65) 38:15 (1st V65)
462nd David Walton (V55) 38:59 (33rd V55)
466th Russell Weston (V55) 39:20 (34th V55)
471st Joel Hawes 39:36
492nd Ian Whisson (V60) 40:59 (17th V60)
521st Ken Townson (V50) 46:25 (40th V50)
Division 1
1st Highgate Harriers 1458 pts
3rd London Heathside 1147 pts (4th place overall in the League)
Division 2
1st Highgate Harriers B 1489 pts
4th London Heathside B 1205 pts (3rd Place overall in the league)        
6th London Heathside C 988 pts (7th Place overall in the league)
Vet Division 1
1st London Heathside 338 pts (2nd place overall in the League)
5th London Heathside B 231 pts (5th place overall in the League)
Vet League Division 2
1st London Heathside C 319 pts (2nd Place Overall in the League)
Howard Williams Trophy (Seniors)
1st Highgate Harriers 44 pts (1 win)
2nd Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets 44 pts
3rd London Heathside 43 pts (2 wins)
4th Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 40 pts (1 win)
Junior Results

U11 Boys (1700m, 48 runners)
1st Ben Redland 5:13
8th Sam Turner 5:37
22nd Chayil John 6:07 (6th U10)
23rd Rory Willis 6:08 (7th U10)
39th Chokhmah John 6:40
1st WGH&EL 165 pts
3rd London Heathside 138 pts
U11 Girls (1700m 48 Runners)
1st P Shaw (SBH) 5:36
2nd Kiara Corkin 5:40
17th Elkie Baker 6:14
1st WGH&EL 149 pts
7th London Heathside 73 pts
U13 Boys (3,000m 62 runners)
1st G Stibbs (SBH) 10:34
9th Benjy Bediako 11:35
16th Tynan Parker 11:53
24th Eric Beale 12:21
38th Gregory Berrisford-Sweet 12:49
1st Shaftesbury BH 231 pts
4th London Heathside 158 pts
U13 Girls (3,000m, 41 runners)
1st A Reid (WGH&EL) 10:59
17th Hattie Munday 12:54
23rd Amara Odeogberin 13:48
1st WG&EL 150 pts
8th London Heathside 44 pts
Junior Men (4,000m, 100 runners)
1st Thomas Archer 14:01
7th Jake Evans 14:26
11th Oliver O'Connor 14:34
30th Spike Blake (8th U15) 15:19
53rd Michael Smith (20th U15) 16:32
71st Arthur Reed (34th U15) 17:14
79th Stan Hasson (39th U15) 17:42
81st Avery Dietrich (41st U15) 17:49
1st Shaftesbury BH 357 pts
2nd London Heathside 351 pts
18th London Heathside B 120 pts
Junior Women (4,000m, 53 runners)
1st J Miranda (SBH) 16:05
2nd Mimi Blake 16:08
9th Rose Garrett 17:20
10th Evelyn Dumbleton 17:26
16th Mia Manttan 18:17
23rd Maia Hampton-Phillips (7th U15) 18:48
36th Lorna Dumbleton (17th U15) 20:12
51st Fabienne Weston (27th U15) 21:17
1st London Heathside 175 pts
Current League Positions
U11 Boys 2nd Place 244 pts
U11 Girls 6th Place 141 pts
U13 Boys 3rd Place 295 pts
U13 Girls 5th Place 201 pts
Junior Men 3rd Place 731 pts
Junior Women 3rd place 265 pts
Howard Williams Trophy (Junior)
1st WH&EL 103 pts
2nd Shaftesbury BH 100 pts
3rd London Heathside 93 pts
ESAA English Schools Cross Country Cup 2019
Regional Final
Verulam Park, St Albans
9th November 2019
(64 runners)
Junior Girls (U13)
1st A Richards 10:37
8th Issy Watkins 11:01
24th Milly Watkins 11:42
The Regents Park 10km
Regents Park,10th November 2019
(340 runners)
1st P Walsh (Southend) 35.31
6th Doug Rendell (V40) 37:56


Compiled by Emilia with reports and thanks to Simon Baker and Sue Rust.  

Photos: Rebecca Bunting, Jacob Howe.

Apologies for errors or omissions. Comments or corrections can be sent to

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