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Heathside Stars light up London 

View from the finish Line - By Jim Connell

Despite not racing in London this year i was heavily involved and fortunate to secure a rather good volunteering gig handing out Goody bags to finishers on the Mall. With an early start at 8am, it's quite an operation with over 100 people in my team and around 500 volunteers in the finish area doing all manner of good deeds. The baggage buses started pulling in at 9, and once they were in position further along from our funnel, then we were ready to start receiving 42,000 poor tired souls. As a runner you cross the line, get your medal, get your goodies, get your kit, and then you clear off!

With my Volunteer ID Pass i was able to access most of the area so i had a little browse around, said hello to my pals at the World Marathon Major Stand, snapped a couple of Elites when they finished just after 12 and then got to work. From 12.45 the herds started coming in and it was pretty relentless for hours. Around 4 hours later i finally slipped off for a walk and a break and they were still pouring over the line.

I was uniquely placed to see these runners coming in, they had the look of the relief and exhaustion, of satisfaction and happiness. There were tears and there were people who were as pleased as punch. Not many of them were moving particularly well! I was hoarse from my "volunteer patter" as I peddled these bags and their products within - drinks, T-shirt food crisps etc. I was quite verbal bigging everyone up and made the point to interact with every Heathsider who came through and i grabbed a photo of them. They all seemed very happy, with the perfect running weather i think our team all did rather well.

By 5.30 we had finally closed the left funnel but runners still poured through the right hand side. I helped to clear up and knocked off around 6. It was a busy old day, but don't get me wrong, the Runners have it tougher - a marathon is hard going on the body and mind.

Phew! What a Day, where to start? The Youngsters! Simon Baker reports below:

Before the main races a series of Junior races take place over the last 3 miles of the course finishing on the Mall. 23 Heathside juniors ran for their Boroughs and London as these are also National Road Championships.

Thomas Archer in one of the best performances by a Junior Heathsider was victorious in the U15 Boys race pulling away from the leading bunch as they came down the Mall. His time compares very well with Jem O'Flaherty and Liam Garrett who ran 15:06 and 15:08 last year and almost 2 minutes off his previous best.

There were a host of other great runs including Spike Blake who also recorded a top 25 finish and Hattie Munday who took over 2 minutes off her time from last year.

Congratulations to all the young Heathsiders who ran.

Virgin London Mini-marathon and British Road Race Championships
The Embankment London
Sunday 28th April
Overcast and cool

U13 Boys (242 Runners) 3 miles
1st Ben Peck (Thetford) 16:05
24th Spike Blake (Haringey) 16:58
76th Ivor Joslin (Islington) 18:18
87th Tynan Parker (Isl) 18:31

U13 Girls (246 Runners) 3 miles
1st Ruby Vinton (Ipswich Harriers) 17:14
82nd Hattie Munday (Har) 20:06
115th Issy Watkins (Har) 20:42
159th Skye Kelly (Isl) 21:43
131st Amara Odeogberin (Isl) 22:34
205th Libby Hawkes (Isl) 22:56

U15 Boys (225 Runners) 3 miles
1st Thomas Archer (Hackney) 15:09 🥇
79th Jack Davis Black (Har) 16:57
92nd Oliver O'Connor (Isl) 17:14
137th Lucas Maher (Har) 18:22
144th Ruairi McGonagle (Har) 18:29
156th Michael Brown (Isl) 18:59
189th Kit Naylor (Hac) 19:49
209th Raymond Edwin (Isl) 20:53

U15 Girls (245 Runners) 3 miles
1st Beatrice Wood (City of Salisbury) 16:35
46th Rose Garrett (Barnet) 18:21
133rd Mia Manttan (Har) 20:51
149th Maia Hampton Phillips (Har) 21:38
167th Edie Friedlander (Hac) 22:10
214th Fabienne Weston (Westminster) 24:52

U17 Men (211 Runners) 3 miles
1st Henry McLuckie (Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers) 14:25
70th Lemi Mideska (Isl) 15:53

U17 Women (196 Runners) 3 miles
1st Charlotte Alexander (Herne Hill) 16:36
58th Mimi Blake (Har) 18:40
109th Evelyn Dumbleton (Hac) 20:50
145th Ella O'Flaherty (Hac) 22:21"

The Marathon

EVERYONE performed BRILLIANTLY. There were a bucket load of PBs and big smiles all round. If i have to mention anyone it will have to be the Ladies Team who again earned a Team medal in the UK Club championships for the 4th year running. Rebecca, Josie, Julia and Catherine all scooped big PBs and we await confirmation (of a Silver) and a presentation date from UK Athletics. 

Pos. Overall Pos. Gender Pos.  Cat. Category Name Time 
283 280 223 MSEN Gordon Pearce 02:37:27 
319 316 251 MSEN Michele Bucci 02:38:16 
618 605 125 M40 Keith Burrows 02:43:24 PB!
540 530 384 MSEN Simon Dunderdale 02:42:19 PB!
809 21 17 WSEN Rebecca Bunting 02:46:34 PB!
863 841 557 MSEN Tom Hollis 02:47:30 PB!
968 941 617 MSEN Ed Adams 02:48:48 PB!
1089 1054 685 MSEN Christopher Holmes 02:50:23 
1142 1103 716 MSEN Leigh Ferris 02:51:02 PB!
1263 1217 788 MSEN Danny O'Reilly 02:52:04 
1349 1300 10 M55 Paul Jarman 02:53:26 
1393 52 43 WSEN Josie Hinton 02:53:50 PB!
1415 1362 141 M45 Paul Beale 02:54:07 PB!
1565 1501 322 M40 Chris Uff 02:55:29 
1666 1594 976 MSEN Joel Northcott 02:56:18 PB!
1669 74 58 WSEN Julia Bijl 02:56:19 PB!
1674 76 60 WSEN Catherine Harris 02:56:25 PB!
1687 77 61 WSEN Tamara Armoush 02:56:31 
1717 1638 352 M40 Arturo Garcia-Huidobro Prieto 02:56:45 PB!
1747 1668 361 M40 Andrew Mcgeary 02:56:55 PB!
1801 1716 1025 MSEN Michael Cockings 02:57:22 PB!
1903 1809 1066 MSEN James Barnard 02:58:00 
1918 1824 1073 MSEN Rob Hynds 02:58:06 PB!
1981 1883 1103 MSEN James Gibson 02:58:28 PB!
1989 1891 107 M50 Rob Shulman 02:58:31 
2028 1927 419 M40 Adam Mitchell 02:58:45 
2352 132 98 WSEN Catrin Tyler 03:00:58 
2457 146 106 WSEN Olivia Desborough 03:02:07 
2924 211 22 W45 Sara Black 03:06:34 PB!
3209 2956 1554 MSEN Alan Smith 03:09:02 
3220 2966 469 M45 Simon Nichols 03:09:07 PB!
3340 3066 1601 MSEN Stuart Meiklejohn 03:10:04 
3457 3160 1631 MSEN Tom Bestwick 03:11:08 PB!
3555 3235 1665 MSEN Francesco Melloni  03:11:54 
3660 3314 535 M45 Oliver Murray 03:12:44 
3695 3340 1708 MSEN Alex Gilbert 03:12:59 
3918 3501 1765 MSEN Peter Scodie-Ward 03:14:20 PB!
3952 429 295 WSEN Tatyana Potiyenko 03:14:33 
4001 3561 742 M40 Dave Hellard 03:14:51  (3:15 pacer)
4189 3711 1843 MSEN Tom Stayte 03:16:12 
4200 482 86 W44 Monika Newton 03:16:16 
4217 3731 1855 MSEN Rob Burgess 03:16:23 
4521 3956 140 M55 Dominic Jackson 03:18:30 
4764 4128 2012 MSEN Laurence Russell 03:20:02 
4770 638 418 WSEN Louisa Pointon 03:20:04 PB!
4890 662 430 WSEN Gail Mackie 03:20:56 
6046 5039 2415 MSEN Chris Prickett 03:27:11 PB!
6753 1216 774 WSEN Laura Hunt 03:29:57 PB!
7144 1359 849 WSEN Julia Grant 03:31:53 
7503 6012 2851 MSEN Lewis Hatfull 03:33:32 
7984 1664 223 W45 Laurel Irving 03:35:38 
8120 1706 1004 WSEN Lily Mckay 03:36:13 
8132 6421 3027 MSEN Steve Whitbley 03:36:15 
8640 1881 1001 WSEN Beatriz Lafuente 03:38:32 
10591 8042 3786 MSEN Jack Pinnick-Gray 03:46:26 
10737 2601 522 W40 Alexandra Derham 03:46:58 
11150 8408 380 M55 Nilesh Goswami 03:48:41 PB!
14740 10802 1741 M45 Paul Tonkinson 03:59:45 
15055 10991 5183 MSEN Alex O'Connor 04:00:50 
15338 11162 5259 MSEN Shaun Kennedy 04:01:50 PB!
15526 11276 1119 M50 Tim Sander 04:02:41 
15929 4397 846 W40 Rebecca Marshall 04:04:18 PB!
16363 4573 53 M60 Caroline White 04:06:06 
17288 12382 5866 MSEN Matt Brand 04:09:41 
19007 5532 492 W50 Angharad Harris 04:16:12 
19061 5550 2895 WSEN Sarah Duke 04:16:23 
24310 7730 1143 W45 Kate Leftley 04:36:23 
28753 18884 987 M55 Alun Nash 04:53:43 
29421 10204 5345 WSEN Chloe Martin-Brown 04:56:24


Sterling Marathon - Sunday 28th April

North of the Border, Angela Howe placed highly in the V45 category to claim a strong 3:24:48 giving her the qualifying option to take part in next year's Boston or London Marathons (or she could do both 6 days apart!) 


Elsewhere, in good running conditions:at the Serpentine Last Friday 5K on 26/4 there was a PB for Filipe as other Heathsiders took part including Alun, who warmed up for the marathon.

63 Pete Crockford 18:44 V60
119 Filipe Cardoso 20:32 V40
121 Emily Reichert 20:38 FV35
167 Jackie Wastell 22:37 FV55
199 Cathy Jeremiah 24:25 FV35
244 Alun Nash 28:47 V55


MYAL Meeting 1- Perivale- 27th April 2019

Saturday saw the start of the Juniors competitive Track season with the first MYAL meeting at Perivale. A cold windy day made conditions difficult and the London Mini-Marathon the next day depleted the Heathside team of many of its athletes however a host of youngsters either debutants or competing in an older age group stepped in to secure a close 3rd place behind Highgate Harriers and Shaftesbury with age group wins in the U11 and U13 Girls.

The members of the U11 Girls team all competed last year narrowly finishing 2nd overall, they carried on in the same vain here winning the age group with all 3 girls not finishing lower than 4th. Suraya Frost won both the Long Jump and 150m, the latter in the 10th fastest time by an U11 this year and this despite being obstructed by another runner near the start. The other team members Kiara Corkin, who won both the B string and Vortex and Long Jump and Elkie Baker ensured the team won convincingly.

With last years star performer Benjy moving to the U13’s the U11 Boys were all debutants and experiencing their first competitive athletics meeting. The highlight was Ben Redland’s 3rd place in the 800m in a PB of 2:47. The other team members Sam Turner, Axel Bournas and Louis Baron all gained valuable experience for the rest of the season.

The U13 Girls saw some fantastic performances with Irmani Quamina, who holds the MYAL U11G meeting sprint records, returning to win both the 200m and 70m Hurdles. Leila Tempesta won the Long Jump and B string Shot Put and 200m. Kavya Gulati competed in both Shot Put and Javelin. Elsewhere Ella Burridge ran her first track 1500m as well as a fast non scoring 200m in her first competitive U13 outing. Mention should also be made to Maia Barnes who stepped in to run the 1500m in her first competition for the club, as were Ella Hancock, Willow Beckloff , Tiffany and Tamsin Pietrose all showing the depth of talent in this age group.

The U13 Boys saw a host of solid performances and PB’s including Benjy with a PB in the 200m. Noah Beckloff stepped into the 1500m but the outstanding performance was Thomas Wasserman’s hurdles taking almost 2 secs off his PB and registering the 22nd fastest time by an U13 this year.

The U15 Girls saw a number of U13 girls move up an age group including Lucy Corkin and Mia Talbot in the 1500m. Fabiene Weston and Danae Odeogberin ensured we had representation in the throwing events producing several PB’s.

There was no 1500m representation in the U15 Boys who were also effected by late withdrawals. Lucas Maher won the B string 300m with Etienne Munday setting a new PB in the High Jump and 2nd place in the Long Jump. Tobi Yusuf won the B string Long Jump.

In the U17 Women’s there were strong performances in the sprints from Lara, Lanee as well as Shari, who due to a mix up ended up running 2x300m, this ensured the team added valuable points. They were supported by Mia Manttan (High Jump), and Erin Heritage in the throws. The Men’s team saw major new PB’s for Leon and Radley with Sam Turner equalling his best High Jump and trying the Discus for the first time.

The team is now set up for the second meeting on 25th May at Finsbury Park when hopefully a full compliment of Junior Heathsiders will be present and we repeat our win from last year.

Thanks as always go to team managers Mary and Ruth with Hilary, Zac and Rachel providing support on the day. Jonathan as usual organised the officials team of Simon and Russell which had to cope with the testing windy conditions.

MYAL Meeting 1
Perivale Track
Saturday 28th April
Weather Overcast, cold and windy

1st Highgate Harriers 1086.5 pts
2nd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 1065 pts
3rd London Heathside 989 pts??

U11 Boys
1st Highgate 104 pts
5th London Heathside 79 pts

Ben Redland 24.8 A 5th PB
Axel Bournas 26.1 B 4th PB
Louis Baron 25.3 ns PB

Ben Redland 2:47.6 A 3rd?? PB
Sam Turner 3:02.9 B 4th PB
Axel Bournas 3:10.9 ns PB

Long Jump
Axel Bournas 2.51m A 9th PB
Sam Turner 2.51m B 5th PB

Sam Turner 27.30m A 4th PB
Ben Redland 19.30m B 5th PB

U11 Girls
1st London Heathside 111 pts??

Suraya Frost 23.0 A 1st?? PB (PB by over 1 sec and 10th fastest by an U11 this year)
Elkie Baker 26.4 ns (would have been B 3rd )

Kiara Corkin 2:56.9 A 4th
Elkie Baker 3:10.8 B 3rd??

Long Jump
Suraya Frost 3.54m A 1st??
Kiara Corkin 2.82m B 1st??

Elkie Baker 19.70m A 2nd??
Kiara Corkin 19.70m B 1st??

U13 Boys
1st Highgate 134 pts
3rd London Heathside 127 pts

Benjy Bediako 29.2 A 3rd?? PB
Montana Dennis 30.9 B 4th PB
Adam Nkoso 30.9 ns
Noah Beckloff 33.6 ns

Noah Beckloff 5:50.5 A 8th PB

75m Hurdles
Thomas Wassermann 14.4 A 1st ?? PB (by almost 2 sec) AAA Grade 3
Montana Dennis 16.1 B 1st?? PB

Long Jump
Benjy Bediako 4.05m A 2nd??
Adam Nkoso 4.02m B 2nd?? PB

Shot Put
Thomas Wassermann 6.46m A 2nd??
Max Wassermann 3.98m B 2nd??

U13 Girls

1st London Heathside 159 pts??

Irmani Quamina 29.0 A 1st ??AAA Grade 3
Leila Tempesta 30.1 B 1st ??AAA Grade 4
Hattie Munday 31.4 ns
Ella Burridge 31.8 ns
Ella Hancock 32.9 ns
Willow Beckloff 33.7 ns
Tiffany Pietorse 34.3 ns
Kavya Gulati 35.0 ns
Tamsin Pietorse 35.4 ns
Willow Bouch 35.9 ns

Ella Burridge 6:03.4 A 7th PB
Maia Barnes 6:45.9 B 7th PB

70m Hurdles
Irmani Quamina 13.5 A 1st?? PB
Hattie Munday 17.2 B 3rd??
Willow Beckloff 15.3 ns PB
Ella Hancock 15.5 ns

Long Jump
Leila Tempesta 3.71m A 1st??PB
Irmani Quamina 3.06m B 1st??
Ella Hancock 3.28m ns
Willow Beckloff 3.01m ns

Shot Put
Kavya Gulati 5.26m A 4th
Leila Tempesta 5.15m B 1st??
Tiffany Pietorse 5.16m ns
Tamsin Pietorse 5.15m ns

Kavya Gulati 11.92m A 2nd??

U15 Boys
1st Ealing Southall and Middlesex 158 pts
6th London Heathside 89 pts

Tobi Yusuf 28.6 A 7th PB
Edwin Robson 26.6 B 3rd?? PB

Anthony Oliver 50.7 A 6th
Lucas Maher 41.8 B 1st??

Long Jump
Etienne Munday 4.45m A 4th
Tobi Yusuf 4.04m B 1st?? PB
Louis Baron (U11B) 2.80m ns

High Jump
Etienne Munday 1.55m A 2nd?? PB AAA Grade 4

U15 Girls
1st Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 229 pts
5th London Heathside 148 pts

Dominion Morakinyo 32.2 A 6th

Lucy Corkin 53.3 A 6th PB

Lucy Corkin 6:02.5 A 6th PB
Mia Talbot 7:18.2 B 5th PB

75m Hurdles
Mia Talbot 19.1 A 4th PB

High Jump
Dominion Morakinyo 1.10m A 6th

Long Jump
Dominion Morakinyo 3.21m A 5th
Lucy Corkin 3.02m B

Shot Put
Fabienne Weston 5.50m A 6th PB
Danae Odeogberin 4.68m B 4th PB

Fabienne Weston 13.32m A 4th
Danae Odeogberin 12.12m B 2nd?? PB

Fabienne Weston 13.50m A 4th PB

U17 Men
1st Highgate 188 pts
2nd London Heathside 117 7pts

Leon Seale 23.1 A 1st?? PB AAA Grade 3
Radley O'Connor 27.4 B 3rd ??PB

Leon Seale 57.7 A 3rd??
Radley O'Connor 62.4 B 2nd??

High Jump
Sam Ingram 1.55m A 2nd??

Long Jump
Leon Seale 5.54m A 2nd?? PB (by 1.15m)

Sam Ingram 15.93m A 3rd?? PB

U17 Women
1st Highgate 174 pts
2nd London Heathside 159 pts??

Lanee Frederick 31.6 A 2nd??
Lara Saiz 31.0 B 1st??

Shari Knight 51.9 A 2nd??PB

High Jump
Mia Manttan 1.35m A 3rd??
Shari Knight 1.35m B 2nd?? PB

Long Jump
Lanee Frederick 4.25m A 2nd??
Shari Knight 3.90m B 2nd?? PB

Shot Put
Erin Heritage 6.93m A 4th

Erin Heritage 15.44m A 4th PB

Erin Heritage 24.79m A 3rd??PB (by almost 6m)

Lee Valley Sprint Meeting
Lee Valley Stadium
Wednesday 24th April
Cold and windy

200m SX8 Naomi Conlon (U20W) 27.83


There was a bit of action last weekend with Joe Clemoes taking the win at Wanstead Flats:

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