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Middlesex Young Athletics, Vitality Races and Edinburgh Marathon Festival 

A great result in MYAL with Heathside juniors currently in third place, with the next fixture being on home turf as well as a busy bank holiday weekend. This started with the Last Friday of the Month 5K and then heathsiders joining Sir Mo on Monday in the London Vitality 10,000.

25/5/2018 Last Friday of the Month Serpentine 5K
Eight Heathsiders took part in the LFOTM 5k on a steamy Friday. Congratulations to Pete Crockford who was the first V60, and hit a new club V60 record (by over a minute!)

26/5/2018 Middlesex Young Athletics League - Perival 

Simon Baker writes: 'The 2nd MYAL fixture took place at Perivale on another glorious sunny day. However scheduled at the beginning of a bank holiday weekend, mid-exam season and half term many of the teams were depleted. This did not however stop a number of notable performances, PB’s and meeting records by the young Heathsiders. We went one better than the 1st fixture finishing 2nd to ESM with none of the age group teams finishing lower than 3rd while the U13 boys and U17 Girls both won their age groups.

Highlights of the many notable performances were U11B Benji Bediako, repeating his strong performances in the first fixture, winning both his 150m (in a meeting record of 22.5 sec) and the Long Jump as well as finishing 2nd in the 800m. Spike Blake also romped home 1st in the U13B 1500m. The U13B team followed this with victory in the 4x100m to win the age group.

The small U11G team performed admirably finishing 2nd overall with Elkie Baker winning the vortex with a meeting record of 23.03m. The U15G team saw wins for Rose Garrett in the 800m with a new meeting record of 2.24 and Erin Heritage in the shot putt. The U17G in winning overall saw a range of excellent performances with a win for Matilda Heath in the long jump.

With Russell and Rachel away thanks to Ruth for managing the team so well on the day supported by the coaching team and officials.

Overall Heathside remain in 3rd place after two of the four fixtures with 2nd place Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers now only 45 points ahead. The next fixture is on Sunday 17th June at our home track in Finsbury Park.'

27/5/2018 Vitality Westminster Mile
Caroline White reports: ‘A group of us went to run in the Westminster mile on Sunday 27th in Green Park (it's along the last mile of the London marathon course more or less). It was a fun morning, well organised, all standards catered for, fast flat course. Mo was there later in the day.’

27/5/2018 Edinburgh Marathon Festival.
Jim Connell reports: ‘Jim does a marathon and didn’t tell anyone (until after!).’ as he managed to get a late entry to the Edinburgh marathon.’The race is much quicker at the start and I felt good for the first half for sure, going through in just under 1.32 (with a 3.08 target on a positive split strategy). I saw Charlie early, on one of the out and backs, and yelled COYH – he looked strong and was fairly close to the front. The second half of the race is out and back along the coast for miles, it was quite unsupported, generally dull and it is was quite blowy. I could feel myself starting to slow and I went with it limiting it to a gradual fade (can’t fight the fade). Again Charlie passed me coming back up the hill, he must have been at about mile 22 and he looked very strong and he returned the COYH to me, which give me a lift! I got the finish and a decent 3.10.30, and I have to say, to miss my target by only a little, on what I call a “piggy back marathon” (a second marathon you run a month after your “A race”, where you use up all your remaining endurance from your spring training campaign) … I’m happy - for me it’s a great performance. I got a Boston Qualifying time so that’ll do. Charlie also had a fantastic race finishing 17th overall in 2.40 and James Felstead was impressive in 3.37. On the whole, absolutely no complaints about the weather. It is a fast marathon but pretty quiet for a capital city marathon.’ Congratulations Jim on your qualifying time.

28.5.2018 Vitality London 10,000
A good number of you entered the Vitality London 10,000. John Driscoll wrote’ A hot Vitality 10 km from Green Park. Thanks to support from Satu, Jonathon and Jim to name but a few who came down to cheer and bag watch. A special thanks to Jacob who gave us the heads up about the extra places and took the time to enter us.’

Park run results can be found here with notable results for Emilia Vynnycky and Andy Barnes.

Compiled by Sarah Illingworth with contributions from Simon Baker, Gabi Johnson, Pete Crockford, Caroline White, Jim Connell and John Driscoll

Serpentine 5K 25/5/2018

54 Mark Jefford 18:43
56 Jonathan Litchfield 18:46
65 Pete Crockford 19:11
122 Jessica Vinluan 20:58
128 Jennifer Wing 21:14
151 Jackie Wastell 22:16
170 Alun Nash 23:09
182 Gabrielle Johnson 23:46

Middlessex Junior Athletics League 26/5/18

U11G - 105 points 2nd Place
Kiara Corkin 26.43 A 8th PB
Elkie Baker 25.61 B 2nd PB
Leila England 26.44 PB

Kiara Corkin 2.56 A 3rd PB
Elkie Baker 3.11 B 3rd
Eloïse Dark 3.12 PB
Leila England 3.30 PB
Ciara Linden 3.40 PB

Long Jump
Kiara Corkin 2.92 A 3rd PB
Leila England 2.13 B 4th PB

Elkie Baker 23.03m A 1st PB MR
Eloïse Dark 10.10m B 4th
Ciara Linden 9.92m PB

4x100m 69.49 3rd

U11B - 107 points 3rd place
Benji Bediako 22.50 A 1st PB MR
Ashley Tillett 26.15 B 6th

Benji Bediako 2.35 A 2nd PB
Thomas Morton 3.07 B 2nd

Long Jump
Benji Bediako 3.90m A 1st PB
Ashley Tillett 2.22m B 4th

Ashley Tillett 26.87m 3rd

4x100m 67.82 5th

U13G - 111 points 3rd Place
Amara Odeogberin 35.22 A 4th PB
Lucy Corkin 35.20 B 6th PB

Hattie Munday 2.44 A 6th PB
Amara Odeogberin 3.14 B 6th PB
Alice Reed 3.03

Hattie Munday 15.86 A 4th

Long Jump
Hattie Munday 3.53m A 2nd PB
Lucy Corkin 3.21m B 2nd PB
Alice Reed 2.72m
Maddie Chaplin 2.47m

Shot Putt
Danae Odeogberin 3.62m A 6th PB

Danae Odeogberin 7.06m A 7th PB

4x100m 63.07 2nd

U13B - 155 points 1st Place
Daniel Robb 28.61 A 2nd PB
Cosmo Clay 29.71 B 2nd
Constantine England 30.99
Dylan Sweeny 36.02

Spike Blake 4.52 A 1st
Javahn Robinson 6.28 4th

75m Hurdles
Thomas Wasserman 16.3 A 2nd PB
Henry Pulham 17.4 B 1st

Long Jump
Thomas Wasserman 4.11m A 2nd PB
Daniel Robb 4.03m B 2nd PB
Henry Pulham Varbeck 4.11m
Javahn Robinson 3.69m

Shot Putt
Thomas Wasserman 5.42m A 4th PB

Cosmo Clay 11.53m A 5th PB

4x100m 57.68 1st

U15G - 158 points 2nd Place
Olivia Salagubaite 13.13 A 3rd PB
Lara Saiz 14.54 B 4th

Lara Saiz 30.31 A 6th PB

Rose Garrett 2.24 A 1st MR
Nell Swinhoe 2.35 B 2nd PB

75m Hurdles
Erin Heritage 15.07 A 3rd PB
Nell Swinhoe 17.57 B 2nd PB

Long Jump
Rose Garrett 4.02m A 3rd PB
Nell Swinhoe 3.30m B 2nd

High Jump - no Heathside competitors

Shot Putt
Erin Heritage 8.10m A 1st PB
Rose Garrett 4.79m B 3rd PB

Discuss - no Heathside competitors

Erin Heritage 17.80m A 2nd

4x100m - no Heathside competitor

U15B - 133 points 2nd place
Kasey Vaughan 13.4 ns
Myles Mackay 14.5 ns PB

Benjamin Florin 25.82 A 4th
Myles Mackay 30.01 B 3rd

Jack Davis Black 4.57 A 5th
Bedo Draskocsky 5.05 B 3rd
Lucas Maher 5.11
Arthur Reed 5.27

80m Hurdles
Kaesy Vaughan 15.73 A 2nd

Long Jump
Étienne Munday 4.80m A 4th
Benjamin Florin 4.07m B 4th
Arthur Reed 3.06m PB

High Jump
Étienne Munday 1.50m A 2nd

Arthur Reed 10.11m A 2nd PB

4x100m 51.86 3rd

U17G - 118 points 1st Place
Laura Barbenel 13.99 A 5th
Dora Curtis 14.32 B 2nd

Ella Conlon 28.37 A 3rd PB
Laura Barbenel 29.15 B 2nd
Dora Curtis 29.63 PB
Matilda Heath 30.72

Matilda Heath 2.30 A 2nd
Ella Conlon 2.31 B 1st

Long Jump
Matilda Heath 3.75m A 1st

4x100m 51.86 3rd

U17B - 0 points
Rufus Tansey 12.00 ns PB

Results available on Middlesex young athletics and 

Westminster mile

62 David Fallon 00:05:16
72 Tom Bedwell 00:05:21
192 Chiara Borg 00.05.59
213 Nick Dodd 00.06.06 (1st in 60-64 age group)
306 Sebouh Takvorian 00:06:30
376 Caroline White 00.06.54 (2nd in 60-64 age group)
581 James Taggart 00.08.05

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

17 Charlie Ogilvie 02.40.38
375 James Connell 03.10.30
1399 James Felstead 03:37:52

28/5/2018 London Vitality 10,000

217 Pete Northall 00:34:32
283 Andrew Barnes 00:35:28
318 Sion Lewis 00:35:57
357 Daniel Johns 00:36:20
368 John Driscoll 00:36:26
416 Andrew Mcgeary 00:36:51
475 Kelly Thorneycroft 00:37:31
589 Bethany Scott 00:38:30
650 Josie Hinton 00:38:57
796 Olivia Desborough 00:39:57
812 Liam Hazelton 00:40:03
890 Kenneth Boulton 00:40:38
943 Kris Milovsorov 00:40:57
1096 Qasim Najeeb 00:41:50
1158 Louisa Pointon 00:42:12
1344 Tatyana Potiyenko 00:43:05
1425 James Dark 00:43:27
1503 Filipe Cardoso 00:43:47
1540 Jessica Vinluan 00:43:55
1550 Karina Kaufmann 00:43:59
1595 Chloe Bean 00:44:09
2158 Shannon Kurtas 00:46:09
2166 Richard Peachment 00:46:11
2452 Simon Hazel 00:47:09
3083 Yvette Ralston 00:49:00
3673 John O'Neill 00:50:27
3682 Sue Eedle 00:50:27

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