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Julia Bijl runs 2:47 in Valencia 

5.12.19  There’s a huge menagerie of results from Heathsiders this week, with several outstanding performances: Seyfu Jamaal ran 14:40 in the Dulwich Parkrun (5k), the fastest in the country, Julia Bijl ran a PB of 2:47:24 in the Valencia Marathon, putting her in the top 50 in the country; Rebecca Piggot ran a PB of 36:19 in winning the Grizzly Bear 10k at Battersea Park; Tom Aldred was the first veteran in the Perivale 5 in 26:34; Rosa Serafini and Catrin Tyler ran PBs of 17:50 and 17:52 in the Ladywell Winter 5000 in Catford while at the Lee Valley Open our juniors broke seven club records. 

Sunday League, Trent Park, December 1 - 5 miles (494 finishers).

Matthew Wheat was the first Heathside man home in 31st position (our of 494) and a time of 30:21 and Zoe Levin was the first woman home in sixth place in 33:19. Zoe was also the third Heathsider out of 33 (and two guests). Our women came an impressive third in Trent Park and out men 10th. Team captain Laura Boothman reports that after two of 5 races, our team placings are:

Women's A in 6th; Senior Women in 7th; (no B team this season).

Men's A in 15th; Senior Men in 12th; (no B team this season).


31st Matthew Wheat 30:21
68th Lee Connor (V50) 32:20
94th Zoe Levin 33:19 (6th Woman)
116th Connor Forbes 34:11
118th Tom Bedwell (V40) 34:13
125th Lenny Martin 34:37
144th Valentin Valeanu 35:26
147th Filipe Cardoso (V40) 35:34
159th Gordon Brady 35:56
166th Karina Kaufmann (V35) 36:09 (15th woman)
170th Fabio Espirito Santo 36:16
224th Nuno Otero (V50) 38:16
230th Satu Hietanen (V45) 38:24 (30th W)
233rd Andy Saoton (V40) 38:32
234th Michael Hickey (V50) 38:35
244th Dan Wrapson 39:06
246th Ollie Billson 39:11
250th Gavi Simson 39:19 (37th W)
256th Holly Fenton 39:33 (40th W)
266th Andy Hudson (V60) 40:01
271st Alun Nash (V50) 40:19
275th Caroline White (V55) 40:26 (46th W)
280th Marco Maserati (V50) 40:41
298th Nilesh Goswami (V50) 41:29
300th Kim Butler 41:32 (51st W)
305th Patrick McHugh 41:45
306th Rachel Tranter (V45) 41:47 (55th W)
336th Sue Eedle (V55) 43:02 (71st W)
342nd Rebecca Marshall (V35) 43:13 (75th W)
374th Helen Mayer (V65) 44:42 (96th W)
398th Tara Tapper (V45) 46:21 (112th W)
438th Bob Gould (V70) 50:44 
468th Louise Cripps (V55) 55:03 (164th W)
91 Jonnah Marks SM
202 Simon Marks M50
1st Trent Park
7th London Heathside
1st Trent Park 
3rd London Heathside
1st Watford
10th London Heathside 

Valencia Marathon, Valencia, December 1 2019

Six Heathsiders travelled to Valencia to avoid the late autumn frost. Julia Bijl put in an outstanding PB performance, her time of 2:47:25 putting her in 47th place in the UK women’s rankings. Danny O’Reilly (2:41:30) and James Hurrell (2:41:52) also put in impressive PB performances. Ed Adams also ran well, finishing in 2:50:48 – just two minutes off his PB. Paul Mercer finished in 3:07:42 and Tina Bergman finished in 3:09:13 – a PB by more than 12 minutes.


502nd Danny O’Reilly 2:41.30 PB
521st James Hurrell 2:41.52 PB
810th Julia Bijl (U23) 2:47.24 PB
1059th Edward Adams 2:50.48
Paul Mercer (V45) 3:07.42
Tina Bergman 3:09:13 (PB)
Regents Park Winter Series 10k Regents Park, 10,000m (277 runners) December 1 2019
Francesca Melloni was the first of six Heathsiders home in a time of 35:26 followed by Andrew McGeary in sixth place in 35:46 (making him the second V40).
5th Francesco Melloni 35:26
6th Andrew McGeary (V40) 35:46 (2nd V40)
25th Simon Nichols (V50) 39:24 (3rd V50)
57th Marc Pujol (V40) 43:48
82nd Joe Greenway 45:48
102nd Sarah Duke 47:43 (15th Woman)
Jurassic Coast Ultra-marathon, Lulworth (135 runners) November 30 2019
Truty Kearny finished this gruelling off-road 45-miler in 98th place (out of 135 finishers) in a time of 7:09:45.
98th Trudy Kearney 7:09.45
Grizzly Bear 10k, Battersea Park, November 30
Five Heathsiders took part, all finishing within about three minutes of each other. Rebecca Piggott was the first woman in a PB time of 36:19 while Evangelista Divetain was third in 38:20, also a PB. Our first man was Tom Hart in 15th place in 35:12 followed closely by Michael Cockings in 17th place in 35:15 and Kimon Doulis who cutely came in side-by-side with Rebecca in 36:19 – Posh and Becks strike again.
15th Tom Hart 35:12
17th Michael Cockings 35:15
33rd Kimon Doulis 36:19
34th Rebecca Piggott 36:19 (1st Woman) PB
54th Evangelista Divetain 38:20 (3rd Woman) PB
Perivale 5m, Saturday November 30
Tom Aldred continued his rich vein of veteran form, coming sixth out of 349 finishers in a time of 26:34 – just 40 seconds behind the youthful winner. Tom was also the first V40.
6th Tom Aldred – 26:34 (1st V40)
Ladywell Winter 5000m, Catford, November 28
Two of our leading women, Rosa Serafini and Catrin Tyler ran impressive PBs, coming 11th and 12th, both well within the 18 minute mark.
11th Rosa Serafini – 17:50.2 (PB)
12th Catrin Tyler 17:52.8 (PB)
Lee Valley December Open, Lee Valley, 1st December 2019
A fantastic set of performances from Heathsiders at the Lee Valley indoor track saw no less than 7 club records broken and a host of PB’s.  This meeting effectively opened the winter indoor track season and a high quality field provided great competition for the youngsters taking part.  In the 60m Laila Tempesta (U15) and Fleur Eltringham (U13) both set new club records. The 300m races saw both Rufus Tansey and Larissa Wilson both set new club bests while in the hurdles Chloe Savva (U15), Thomas Wasserman (U15) and Suraya Frost (U13) all set new club records.  Elsewhere there were a host of PB’s as the youngsters start to prepare of the indoor season and the Middlesex Championships in March. It was not only juniors Scarlett Parker also hit the boards recording a new PB and the scalp of a 6.67s athlete (although now 76 years old this might have been some time ago!).
Thanks to all the youngster parents and coaches Mary, Zac and Chris for supporting them.  If anyone is interested in some indoor T&F check with Mary who hopes to provide coaching support on the day.
Chloe Savva (U17W) 8.28s PB AAA Grade 4
Montana Dennis (U13B) 8.59s PB AAA Grade 4
Laila Tempesta (U15G) 8.81s New Club Record AAA Grade 4
Fleur Eltringham (U13G) 8.86 PB New Club Record AAA Grade 3
Suraya Frost (U13G) 8.94/9.00 PB AAA Grade 3  
Cassia Langley Bradshaw (U13G) 9.33 PB
Scarlett Parker (V45M) 8.39/8.38 PB
Caleb MacBruce (U15B) 8.21/- PB AAA Grade 4
Rufus Tansey (U17M) 7.60/7.65
Leon Searle (U20M) 7.25/7.27 PB
Deji Agbede (U20M) 36.33 PB
Rufus Tansey (U17M) 37.92 PB New Club Record
Caleb MacBruce (U15B) DNS
Larissa Wilson (U15G) 47.44 PB New Club Record
Chloe Savva (U17W) 9.83/10.55 PB New Club Record
Suraya Frost (U13G) 10.54/10.72 PB New Club Record (by over 1s) AAA Grade 4
Cassia Langley Bradshaw (U13G) 12.19/12.40 PB
Sadie Boyce (U15B) 12.67/12.31 PB
Thomas Wasserman (U15B) 10.85/10.93 PB New Club Record
Sam Ingram (U17M) 11.46/11.36 PB
High Jump
Sam Ingram (U17M) 1.60m
Etienne Munday (U17M) 1.55m
Charlie Tefoglou (U17M) 1.50m
Thomas Wasserman (U15B) 1.35m
Long Jump
Casia Langley Bradshaw (U13G) 3.65m PB
Sadie Boyce (U15G) 3.36m PB



Seventy-eight Heathsiders took part in 31 Parkruns on Saturday. Most impressive, as so often, was Seyfu Jamaal whose winning time of 14:40 in Dulwich was the fastest Parkrun anywhere in the UK this weekend. There were also first places for Ewan Gault (17:06) in Finsbury Park,  that speedy couple of Graham Wilkinson (17:35) and Louisa Pointon (20:20) in Seaford Beach, Olivia Desborouth (19:06) in Highbury Fields, Annabel Litchfield (20:12) in Colchester Castle and John Driscoll (19:30) in Canons Park. Here are the consolidated Heathside results: 

Report by Gavin Evans with big thanks to Simon Baker, and also to Laura Boothman, Caroline White and Jacob Howe.


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