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Impressive performances in the SAL final 

[UPDATED 21/08/19] The main events this week were the South of England Athletics championships for the juniors and the final Southern Athletics League fixture in Woodford, with some impressive performances in both.

Young athletes - South of England Athletics Championships

Simon Baker sent in the following report from Ashford:

“A number of Juniors took part of the South of England Athletics Championships at Ashford.  The blustery conditions were somewhat of a Challenge and although great performances none of the young Heathsiders matched earlier season performances. Thomas Archer secured a Silver medal in the U17M 1500m.

Fleur Eltringham took part in her first Championships competed in three events, making the Long Jump final.  Fleur who has another year as an U13 will have gained alot from the experience of competing in a Championship event with competitors a level up from the MYAL.

Elsewhere Rufus and Shaquiell took part in the 100m and Ruairi the 800m just missing out on making the final again the lads will have enough opportunity next year.

Thomas Archer again continued his fine form winning his heat and returning the next day finishing a close 2nd behind Mukhtar Musa of SBH.  This is also Thomas's first year as an U17 and he goes into the National Championships in 2 weeks time with a good chance of a medal.”


Southern Athletics League - Woodford

Noelle O’Regan sent in the following report from the Southern Athletics League final in Woodford:

“For the final SAL in a warm but windy Woodford Green, our team found ourselves one of seven clubs in the league that were within two points of final promotion. Unfortunately, we were facing fellow promotion contenders Havering, as well as Bexley and Kent who were trying to avoid relegation. Hence, this fixture mattered to every team present. In the end, Havering were the clear winners while Kent came last. We spent most of the day in close contention with Bexley for 2nd place but they edged us out in the end.

It was a double fixture meaning we had twice the number of competitors for the distance events. As a result, for the men’s team, Seyfu Jamaal had to work harder than usual for his 5000m victory, regularly swapping places at the front with a strong and aggressive Havering runner. However, Seyfu pulled out a trademark finishing kick to win in a comfortable 15:10. Similarly, in the 1500, Charles Hardy faced a strong middle-distance runner from Tonbridge who took the opening lap out in 62s. But Charles sat behind him – when the Tonbridge athlete started slowing towards the end of the second lap Charles kicked round him and kept pushing to win in a fine 4:01. Izaiah Turner performed very strongly in all the throws, finishing the day with a new 35m club record for hammer! In the throws, we also welcomed back club record holder Kaz Baczek, who threw a 48m javelin to (almost) win the competition!

Other highlights included Will Ross and Matt Rallison battling out for bragging rights in a competitive 800m, with Will winning it in a time of just outside 2 mins, in a strong wind. A massive call out to Daniel Aka who is always willing to step up to any and every event, including high hurdles. This time, he agreed to run B string 100m, which he was roped into with less than 5 mins notice!! Special thanks also to Jaime who came straight from work to do pole vault for us. And finally also to Mark Jefford, who not only stepped in to do the 400m hurdles last minute as well as scoring in the triple jump and pole vault – but also baked some lovely banana cake for the team!

The women’s team got right into the spirit of the SAL - with a tiny team covering multiple events outside their preferred specialities. Middle distance starlet Jenny Wing managed an awesome +4m long jump; she also won the steeplechase and got a rapid 400m PB! Yanna Raykov volunteered for every event going, making her team manager’s life very easy when trying to fill the team. Our superb strength in depth over the longer distances were exemplified by Olivia Desborough winning the A string, and Sue Rust a clear winner in the B string. Moreover, last minute non-scoring entry Celine Bradley won the entire event a few seconds ahead of Olivia! At the other end of the spectrum Elly Ball won a competitive 100m in a speedy 12.63 and placed highly in the 200m with a 26.31. We also welcomed Satu Hietanen and Madeleine Minson, who were making their SAL debuts in preparation for the vets team final, earning us valuable points in the field events.

Massive thanks as always to the fantastic volunteer team who officiated across several events (apologies if we’ve forgotten anyone) – Jerry Odlin, Chris Diss, Dave Walton, Alex Sweet, Tony Killiliea, Norman Mitchell, John Flahive and Simon Baker. In fact, Simon used the opportunity to get his Level 2 officiating qualification, meaning he will be able to lead long throws events at future competitions. Working toward this qualification is hugely appreciated by the club and we hope more people will follow his example. Finally, a huge thank you to Jonathan Litchfield, Officials Sec, who has been ensuring smooth running of our competitions by organising officials for all matches.

Please join us for the annual Track & Field awards ceremony, which will take place at the Heathside AGM on 16 September.”

Herts triathlon

Five Heathsiders took part in the Herts triathlon last weekend, from where Gabi sent in the following report:

“Five Heathsiders made the trip to Box End, Bedford, at the crack of dawn on Sunday  where the Herts Triathlon was relocated to on account of the toxic algae at the original location.  This event was not only a qualification race for the 2020 European Champs but also the 2019 National Championships so it was highly competitive with GBR age groupers out in full force.  I think we all agreed it was a great event, and the rain just about held off for the duration of the race.  The swim was a straight forward loop of the watersports lake, followed by a single lap on rural roads with several roundabouts and turns to negotiate, and the run suited the Heathsiders (apart from me)  being off road and lumpy.  Emma Watson was the first Heathsider in, earning herself  a third place age group medal.  Ruth Miller had the fastest  run in her age group bringing her to finish an impressive 4 th place.  For Martin the men's 50-54 was highly competitive and Martin's sub 20 minute run was one of the best in his age group. “

Other events

A few Heathsiders ran in the Woodford Open, from where Scarlett Parker reports “I was happy to win my first open race, and fellow Heathsiders achieved SBs and PBs in the same race (800 #4).” There are also some belated results from Regents Park, where Clare Hartley-Marjoram was the second finisher in 43:07 .  She also won the Finsbury Park Race for Life on 29th July where she finished between 42 and 43 minutes

Many Heathsiders ran in parkruns last Saturday. Congratulations for first place finishes go to Tom Aldred (15:46) and Clare Thornhill (23:36), both in Clonmel.  Full results can be found here.


South of England Athletics Championships 


17-18th August 2019

U13G 100m

H4 5th Fleur Eltringham 15.07

U17M 100m

H1 6th Rufus Tansey 12.06

H2 4th Shaquiell Grant 11.92

U13G 200m

H3 6th Fleur Eltringham 31.18

U17M 800m

H4 4th Ruairi McGonagle 2:06.85

U17M 1500m

H2 1st Thomas Archer 4:16.93

Final 2nd Thomas Archer 4:05.50

U13G Long Jump

Pool 1 10th Fleur Eltringham 3.89m

Final 13th Fleur Eltringham 3.64m

SAL Division 2E Match 5


17th August 2019

1st Havering 244 pts

2nd Bexley AC 204 pts

3rd London Heathside 182.5 pts

4th Kent AC 110 pts



Ashley Braithwaite 11.89 A 4th

Daniel Aka 13.99 B 4th


Ashley Braithwaite 24.93 A 4th

Vladimir Woodham-Smith 24.56 B 3rd


Vladimir Woodham-Smith 55.80 A 3rd

Sam Ingram (U17) 59.06 B 2nd


William Ross 2:01.55 A 3rd

Matthew Rallison 2:02.15 B 2nd PB

Joel Watson 2:23.62 ns PB


Charles Hardy  4:01.07 A 1st

Seyfu Jamaal 4:11.96 B 1st

Alex Sweet (V35) 4:33.98 ns PB


Seyfu Jamaal (U20) 15:10.04 A 1st

Matthew Rallison 16:41.49 B 2nd


Israel Nworgu 16.62 A 1st

Daniel Aka 31.63 B 3rd


Daniel Aka 72.57 A 4th

Mark Jefford (V50) 75.44 B 2nd PB

2000m s/c

Charles Hardy 7:08.22 A 4th

Tony Killilea (V55) 7:45.21 B 3rd

High Jump

Sam Ingram (U17) 1.55m A 3rd PB

Joel Watson 1.55m B 3rd PB

Pole Vault

Jamie Rodriguez 2.30m A 3rd

Mark Jefford (V50) 1.90m B 3rd PB

Long Jump

Mark Lawrence 5.74m A 3rd

Greg Ducat (V35) 5.29m B 2nd 

Triple Jump

Mark Lawrence (V45) 10.79m A 3rd

Mark Jefford (V50) 9.14m B 3rd PB

Shot Put

Izaiah Turner 11.84m A 1st

Joel Hawes 7.86m B 2nd


Joel Hawes 31.68m A 4th

Izaiah Turner 30.98m B 1st 


Izaiah Turner 35.31m A 2nd PB New Club Record (by almost 2m)

Joel Hawes 27.17m B 1st


Kazimierz Baczek 48.32m A 2nd

Izaiah Turner 30.64m B 3rd

Sam Ingram (U17) 21.12m ns PB


4th London Heathside (Braithwaite, Woodham-Smith, Ducat, Ingram) 48.45 


3rd London Heathside (Rallison, Watson, Hardy, Ross) 3:42.42



Eleanor Ball 12.63 A 1st

Yanna Raykov 14.53 B 3rd

Justine Oldham (V35) 17.68 ns PB


Eleanor Ball 26.31 A 3rd

Noelle O'Regan 27.83 B 2nd

Justine Oldham 38.54 ns PB


Noelle O'Regan 62.93 A 4th

Jennifer Wing 63.44 B 1st PB


Lily Woolcock 2:27.60 A 2nd

Laura Hunt 2:35.47 B 1st


Lily Woolcock 5:06.64 A 2nd

Olivia Desborough 5:07.11 B 1st


Olivia Desborough 10:53.33 A 1st

Sue Rust (V40) 12:04.98 B 1st

Celine Bradley (V35) 10:28.74 ns PB

Kimberli Butler 13:30.42 ns PB


Jennifer Wing 19.46 A 2nd PB

Yanna Raykov 21:58 B 2nd


Yanna Raykov 80.82 A 2nd

Kimberli Butler 95.97 B 2nd

2000m s/c 

Jennifer Wing 8:17.77 A 1st

High Jump

Jennifer Wing 1.35m A 2nd=

Pole Vault

No LH Competitor

Long Jump

Jennifer Wing 4.06m A 3rd PB

Madeleine Minson 3.49m B 3rd PB

Triple Jump

Madeleine Minson 7.61m A 3rd

Shot Put

Satu Hietanen (V45) 6.41m A 3rd

Helene Kehoe (V55) 6.45m ns PB


No LH Competitor


Satu Hietanen 15.57m A 3rd PB


Madeleine Minson 18.12m A 3rd

Eleanor Ball 9.86m B 3rd


2nd London Heathside (Raykov, Wing, O'Regan, Ball) 53.70


3rd London Heathside (Raykov, O'Regan, Desborough, Woolcock) 4:29.80


Woodford Open
14th August 2019

SX3 2nd Tom Bedwell (V40) 13.47
SX3 6th Fleur Eltringham (U13) 14.31 AAA Grade 4

SX1 4th Fleur Eltringham (U13) 29.89 PB AAA Grade 4
SX3 5th Naomi Conlon (U20) 28.08

SX2 8th Amara Odeogberin (U13) 2:48.39
SX3 7th Tynan Parker (U13) 2:32.98 AAA Grade 4
SX3 10th Arthur Reed (U15) 2:35.38
SX3 11th Ella Conlon (U20) 2:35.78
SX4 1st Scarlett Parker (V45) 2:11.40
SX4 3rd Sam Ingram (U17) 2:17.16
SX4 5th Sonny Dillon (U15) 2:18.46 
SX4 6th Radley O’Connor (U17) 2:18.90
SX4 7th Michael Smith (U15) 2:18.99
SX4 11th Lenny Martin (V35) 2:24.20
SX5 3rd William Ross 2:04.09

20th David Walton (V55) 12:32.15 PB
Long Jump
6th Sam Ingram (U17) 4.76m

Lee Valley Sprint Open

Lee Valley 



SX1.11 6th Eleanor Ball 12.77

SX1.15 1st Tom Bedwell 13.54

SX1.15 2nd Naomi Conlon (U20) 13.65

SX2.11 6th Eleanor Ball 12.83

SX2.13 1st Tom Bedwell 13.38

18 August 2019

2019 Triathlon England National Sprint Distance Championships (750m/20k/5k)

 152nd Emma Watson 1:12:11 (13:04/35:31/21:37) 3rd F30-34

164th Martin Potter 1:12:41 (14:25/36:20/19:49) 19th M50-54

 407th Jackie Wastell 1:24:09 (18:41/37:43/24:50) 14th F55-59

413rd Ruth Miller 1:24:37 (17:24/40:07/24:18) 4th F60-64

429th Gabrielle Johnson 1:26:00 (17:10/38:32/27:44) 16th F50-54


Sunday 11th August, Regents Park 10K

2 Clare Marjoram Hartley  43:07 

Sunday 18th August, Regents Park 10K

8th Thom Hart 37:13
42nd Pete Gale 43:12 (11th V40)
52nd Laura Hunt 44:01 (7th Woman)


Compiled by Emilia with thanks to Simon Baker, Clare Hartley-Marjoram, Scarlett Parker, Noelle O’Regan, Gabi Johnson, with apologies for any errors or omissions. Comments can be sent to



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