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Cross Country Fixtures

Seyfu takes the honours at Cheshunt 

Part one of this week’s round up goes back to the previous weekend and focuses on the first Sunday League race of the season, which featured a large Heathside turnout and individual victory for Seyfu Jamaal.

Team captain Laura Boothman reports :

“London Heathside’s Sunday League cross country season started in style with the first race in Cheshunt on 28 October. Maybe it was the clock change and extra hour in bed, maybe it was  the joy of old rivalries rekindled, or maybe just a sunny day and a nice dry course. Whatever it was, the team was sprightly and in high spirits (well, it was almost Halloween…). It was great to see some new faces, the dependable regulars and some returners we have much missed – welcome back Bob!

 Seyfu Jamaal ran a cracking debut to win the race outright in a time of 25:38 with Lemi and Jonathan in hot pursuit. Satu Hietanan looks set for a strong season leading our women home to finish 8th woman with Jess and Madeline keeping her honest..

 It looks set to be a very competitive league this season. Team places (of 20 teams) after race 1 are:

Women’s A – 7th, Women’s B – 7th, Women’s masters – 4th

Men’s A – 8th, Men’s B – 7th, Men’s masters – 11th.

 A huge thanks to everyone who ran, we just hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks to our drivers, score keeper, warmer-uppers (impressive scooping Kim), Tom's balls and photographer. We note that this was the day banner bearing duties were handed on from Barbara and Steve (thank you both for all you have done) to Ken, and we can only hope he will continue with as much dedication.

 We would really love some support score keeping and race reporting over the next four races – if you, or a family member/dedicated friend/innocent arm-twisted by-passer could help please let us know. Next up … Trent Park on 2 December. Hope to see you there. Sharpen your spikes …”

 If anyone can identify the unidentified runner, please email


Sunday League XC , Cheshunt , 28/10/18  ( approx 5miles )


1             Seyfu Jamaal                      25.38    

7             Lemi Mideska                      27.36

47           Jonathan Litchfield              29.57

82           Lee Connor                         31.16

83           Rajiv  Ratan                        31.17

103         Gareth Marshall                  32.06

135         Tom Bedwell                       33.08

146         Mark George                       33.37

149         Andrew  Wooding               33.44

162         Filipe Cardoso                    34.25

167         Nick Dodd                           34.48

172         Richard Peachment           35.10

184         Fabio Santo                        35.57

220         Marco Maserati                   37.27

255         Alun Nash                           39.10

265         Nick De Sausmarez           39.36

268         Michael Hickey                   39.43

306         Ken Townson                         42.28

315         Dan Williams                     43.54

322         Bob Gould                          46.22

330         Steve Woolf                       49.44    



8              Satu Hietanen                   33.42

43           Jessica Vinluan                  37.39

48           Madeleine Minson              38.05

54           Emilia Vynnycky                38.24

58           Sally Chatterton                 38.55

75           Maura Bellio                       40.07

84           Kim Butler                          40.34

              Rachel Scott Halls              41.35

110         Edyta Szot                         42.08

111         Barbara Tomaszczyk        42.10

117         Shelly Fennell                    42.20

170         Louise Cripps                    47.47

181         Laura Boothman               49.13



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