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Heathside bring home a win at the first Southern Athletics League match 

In the first of this week's race reports, we have Noelle’s report on a fantastic start to the Southern Athletics League matches:

What a cracking start to the track and field season. The incredible turn out of volunteers at our home SAL match meant that the day ran perfectly. A huge thank you to all the organisers, officials and volunteers: Starter Ivor Wiggett and Marksperson Dave Walton; Track Referee Jerry Odlin, Track Judges Angela Howe and Lauren Hendry; Timekeepers Zac, Kris Milovsorov, Ula Cartwright-Finch and Joakim Silva; Field Referees Takis Christodoulou and Eric Walters, and Field Judges Richard Macaulay, Jonathan Litchfield, Kimon Doulis, Jessica Vinluan, Chris Vincent, Andrew Wooding, Simon Baker, Russell Weston, Sarah Duke, Francois Barou, Tom Stayte and Kim Butler; Photofinish Team Extraordinaire Jake Spencer, Tom Bedwell, Rachel Scott Halls and James Gibson; Recorders Emilia Vynnycky and Satu Hietanen; Announcer Sue Rust; Cafe Manager Kabir Kemp and his assistants Therese McGonagle, Louisa Pointon, Ruth Miller and Andrew Hudson; Equipment Manager Christopher Hartley and his helpers Matt Mair and Mark Jefford; Sandpit Raker Holly Fenton; Wind Gauge Operator Ann Woulfe; Photographer Lenny Martin; general fixer of things John Flahive; and anyone else who got involved!

Particular shout out to Jonathan Litchfield, Satu Hietanen and Emilia Vynnycky who had to get to grips with an entirely new, and at times flawed, software to record the results. Furthermore, no one saw the hours Jonathan had to put in on Sunday to get all the results in order. Huge thank you to JL and his team.

On to the athletics highlights of that day, which, alongside points from a full complement of officials, brought us our win. In the men's team, Jem O'Flaherty and Seyfu Jamaal put in a phenomenal performance in the 5000m, both getting PBs and winning the race (15:01 and 15:03, respectively). The poor Vicky Park A string runner had no idea what he signed up for when he attempted to stick with them. Joel Hawes decided to try the high hurdles for the first time, flying over them with about half a metre to spare. Lawrence Hopkins won both 110m hurdles and 400m hurdles for A string. Jaime Rodriguez competed in the pole vault for the very first time, reaching an impressive height of 2.50m. We also had some new youngsters competing in the SAL for the first time, with U20 Deji Agbede flying round the track in a blistering 52.3s 400m. U17 Sam Ingram got a 10cm PB in his high jump (1.55m) and won the pole vault B string with a height of 2.10. Finally, a shout out to Nathan Cyrus for filling multiple gaps despite injury, gaining us valuable points. Heathside men impressively won both A and B string in the 5000m, 1500m, steeple chase and 110m hurdles.
In the women's team, newcomer Elly Ball sprinted to second place in the 100m (13.1s) and put in an excellent performance as a non-scorer in the 200m (27.2s). Steph Kleynhans brushed off her old heptathlete spikes and competed in shot put, high jump, long jump, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m; her 7th event was cheerleading and moral support. Djanira Costa and Genevieve Weston put in heroic efforts in both hurdles events. And Jenny Wing brought home a fantastic win in the steeple chase, having to brave the freezing water jump. Our women's team won both A and B string in steeple chase, 3000m, high jump, pole vault, long jump and the 4x400m.
We were initially worried when Woodford contacted us ahead of the match saying they had 6 hammer throwing women, all of whom threw near or at national level, and Brighton wanted to bring an additional 3 long jumpers. But Heathside did us proud with an amazing all-round performance, filling every single event and showing the high quality of our athletes. Let this be the start of a winning season! COYH!!!

Next match: Saturday 18 May, King’s Lynn

Final results:
London Heathside 223
Brighton & Hove 185
Victoria Park and Towers Hamlets 184
Woodford Green and Essex Ladies 159


Southern Athletics League Division 2E

Match 1

Finsbury Park

v WG&EL, VPH&TH and B&H

Saturday 13th April 2019

Cold with hail storms and sunshine

100m Men

Leon Seale (U20) 11.75 A 3rd PB

Rufus Tansey (U17) 11.91 B 2nd

Mike Bense (V35) 13.34 ns

Benjamin Folarin (U17) 12.05 ns PB

Ashley Braithwaite 12.32 ns

Jeffery Rice 12.37 ns

Julian Oscar 13.06 ns


100m Women

Eleanor Ball 13.06 A 2nd

Aisha Abodunde 13.91 B 4th

Djanira Costa 13.72 ns

Jenna Evans 14.20 ns

Shari Knight 14.98 ns

Carolina Jeimmy 17.10 ns


200m Men

Rufus Tansey (U17) 25.08 A 4th

Ashley Braithwaite 25.14 B 4th

Benjamin Folarin 24.22 ns PB

Jamie Rodriguez 25.83 ns

Julian Oscar 26.56 ns

Simon Everard (V35) 25.44 ns

Jeffery Rice 25.10 ns

Mike Bense 27.57 ns


200m women

Stephanie Kleynhans 26.32 A 2nd

Noelle O'Regan 27.53 B 2nd

Jenna Evans 29.74 ns

Eleanor Ball 27.18 ns

Jennifer Wing 28.22 ns PB


400m Men

Luke Gray (U20) 52.67 A 2nd

Demi Agbede (U20) 52.30 B 2nd PB

Cameron Nesbett-Morgan 55.33 ns

Simon Everard 56.10 ns

Leon Seale 56.36 ns PB

Antenas Weston 59.47 ns PB

Sam Ingram (U17) 61.39 ns PB

Ray Edwin (U17) 63.51 ns PB


400m Women

Noelle O'Regan 61.46 A 3rd PB

Ella Conlon 64.24 B 2nd

Naomi Conlon 63.15 ns


800m Men

William Ross 2:04.76 A 3rd

Ruairi McGonagle (U17) 2:15.68 B 3rd


800m Women

Jennifer Wing 2:17.99 A 3rd

Lily Woolcock 2:30.37 B 1st


1500m Men

Matthew Rallison 4:08.25 A 1stPB

Thomas Archer (U17) 4:10.23 B 1st

Lemi Mideska (U20) 4:30.54 ns

Tom Bedwell 4:40.63 ns PB

Oliver O'Connor (U17) 4:50.29 ns

Mark Jefford 4:58.98 ns PB


1500m Women

Mimi Blake (U17) 5:04.65 A 2nd PB

Lily Woolcock 5:16.65 B 3rd


3000m Women

Josie Hinton 10:29.80 A 1stPB

Catherine Harris 10:52.39 B 1stPB

Laura Hunt 11:40.44 ns

Jessica Vinluan 12:24.86 ns


5000m Men

Jem O'Flaherty (U20) 15:01.83 A 1stPB

Seyfu Jamaal (U20) 15:03.74 B 1stPB

Thomas Clark 15:46.87 ns PB

William Griffiths 16:57.47 ns

James Gibson 17:00.71 ns PB

Thomas Foy 17:17.75 ns PB

Jacob Phillips 17:27.95 ns PB

Jake Spencer 17:38.33 ns PB

Thomas Griffiths 18:30.34 ns PB

Liam Hazelton 18:30.34 ns PB

Christopher Vincent 18:57.87 ns PB


100mH Women

Djanira Costa 22.70 A 3rd

Genevieve Weston (U17) 27.20 B 3rd


110mH Men

Lawrence Hopkins 19.45 A 1stPB

Joel Hawes 24.29 B 1st PB


400mH Men

Lawrence Hopkins 62.62 A 1st

Joel Hawes 81.04 B 2nd PB


400mH Women

Djanira Costa 89.02 A 4th

Genevieve Weston 88.73 B 2nd


2000mSc Men

Charles Hardy 6:19.73 A 1stPB

Andy Barnes 7:09.55 B 1stPB


2000mSc Women

Jennifer Wing 8:31.09 A 1st

Genevieve Weston 9:03.01  B 1st


4x100m Men

London Heathside - Dis


4x100m Women

London Heathside 51.55 2nd PB New Club Record


4x400m Men

London Heathside 3:43.48 3rd


4x400m Women

London Heathside 4:14.15 1stPB New Club Record


High Jump Men

Sam Ingram 1.55m A 4th PB

Joel Hawes 1.40m B 3rd


High Jump Women

Stephanie Kleynhans 1.55m A 1st

Jennifer Wing 1.35m B 1st


Pole Vault Men

Jamie Rodriguez 2.50m A 4th PB

Sam Ingram 2.10m B 3rd PB


Pole Vault Women

Gokce Baydar (V35) 2.00m A 1st

Rachel Weston (V55) 1.00m B 1st=


Long Jump Men

Emmanuel Nwaobodo 6.32m A 2nd

A N other 4.82m B 4th


Long Jump Women

Stephanie Kleynhans 5.42m A 1st

Catherine Shin 4.71m B 1st 


Triple Jump Men

Emmanuel Nwaobodo 12.92m A 2nd

Antenas Weston (U23) 9.99m B 2nd PB


Triple Jump Women

Catherine Shin 9.89m A 4th

Djanira Costa 8.59m B 4th


Shot Put 7.26kg Men

Mark Laurence 8.75m A 4th

Nathan Cyrus 8.66m B 2nd


Shot Put 4kg Women

Stephanie Kleynhans 9.20m A 3rd

Catherine Shin 9.07m B 2nd

Kimberli Butler 4.05m ns


Discus 2kg Men

Joel Hawes 29.57m A 4th

Nathan Cyrus 25.10m B 2nd


Discus 1kg Women 

Noelle O'Regan 27.19m A 3rd

Helene Kehoe (V50) 13.92m B 3rd


Hammer 7.26kg Men

Joel Hawes 30.16m A 3rd

Nathan Cyrus 15.97m B 3rd


Hammer 4kg Women

Noelle O'Regan 25.17m A 3rd PB

Helene Kehoe 4.50m B 3rd


Javelin 800g Men

Nathan Cyrus 33.09m A 3rd

Joel Hawes  22.80m B 2nd


Javelin 600g Women

Claudia Backhaus 16.02m A 4th

Gokce Baydar 12.44m B 2nd



Written by Noelle O’Regan. Results extracted by Simon Baker. All photos by Lenny Martin.

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