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Middlesex Young Athletics, the Westminster Mile and Vitality London 10000 

This week’s highlights include stunning performances at the Middlesex Young Athletics meeting, the Westminster Mile and the Vitality London 10K.

Middlesex Young Athletics

Saturday was a special day for junior Heathsiders at the Middlesex Young Athletes meeting, which saw some fantastic performances.  Ruth Miller summarises the performances nicely: “ amazing day, amazing result from our amazing and talented Juniors.  A true team performance as well some massive PBs as well as meeting and club records. Winning by nearly 100 points show the strength and depth of talent we now have amongst our juniors.  All the participating clubs have also sent thankyou messages to the LH organisers!“

Simon Baker kindly sent in the following report, providing further details:

“The T&F season is now in full throw and the 2nd MYAL was held at a sunny Finsbury Park on Saturday.  This meeting is slightly awkwardly timed with the start of hałf term and exam season but still saw large numbers of juniors from the 11 competing clubs take part.
Heathside repeated their success of last year winning the meeting convincingly by 100 points with the U11 Girls and both U13 teams victorious in their age groups.  A host of PBs were set as well as club and meeting records which might have been inspired by the constant beat coming from the festival being held at the same time in the Park.
The U11 Girls again proved dominant and have won 5  of the last 6 MYAL meetings.  Suraya Frost produced a string of stunning performances; her Long Jump of 4.20m was over 80cm further than the next competitor, a new club U13G record, new best for the MYAL and the 2nd furthest by an U11 this year.  She followed this with a blistering 10.8 in the 75m which is also a new meeting record and 5th fastest by an U11 this year.  Kiara Corkin recorded the 2nd longest long Jump to win the B string as well as the B string Vortex after finishing 4th in the 600m which was won by Posie Shaw of Shaftesbury in a blistering 1:52.  Elkie Baker completed the scorers with 3 PBs to win the B string 600m, 2nd in the Vortex and 3rd in the B string 75m.  This meeting also saw a number of debutants who produced a host of excellent performances showing that they are ready to step up next year.
The U11 Boys also saw a number of debutants. Ben Redland bettered his 600m PB by over 10 sec running a dominant race hitting for home with 300m to go.  Elijah Escobar ran 11.24 in the 75m in his first race, Sam Turner finished 3rd and 4th in the 600m and vortex to ensure the team finished 3rd. There were also some great performances from a host of debutants.
 The U13 Girls had a strong line up with Leila Tempesta equallying the club 100m record in her 100m with debutant Fleur Etringham ensuring a sprint double, which is  not a mean feat with Haringey and Enfield now teaming up with Befit, a specialist sprint academy.  Hattie Munday had a busy afternoon winning the 75m Hurdles and High Jump equaling her club record and then finished a solid 2nd place in the 800m.  Amara Odeogberin also ran the Hurdles and 800m with PB’s in both. The non-scoring 800m race saw Ella Burridge cut a massive 18 sec of her PB with debutant Ella Higgins producing an excellent sprint finish to pip a SBH runner on the line.   The Shot Put saw 6 girls competing with Danae Odeogberin 4th in the A and Kavya Gulati 1st in the B string with the girls repeating the feat in the Discus to ensure the team won the age group.
The U13 Boys saw a host of PB’s as they secured the age group win.  Thomas Wasserman won the High Jump and Hurdles as well as B string Shot Put.  Tynan Parker won the Shot Put and Discus as well as finishing 2nd in the 800m taking 9 sec off his PB.  Benjy Bediako secured top 3 finishes in the 800m, 100m and Long Jump to help ensure the age group win was there’s.
In the U15 Girls the team showed it’s versatility with many trying events outside their normal comfort zone.  All the girls including Maia Hampton-Phillips, Anna Pritchard, Fabienne Weston as well as Lucy Corkin (stepping up from the U13’s) should be congratulated for their efforts.  The U15 Boys finished 3rd with Etienne Munday winning the Long Jump as well as running the 100m Jack Davis-Black ran an excellent 800m just unable to overhaul the winner from Shaftesbury.  Fabienne set a new club record in the hammer.
The U17’s in the middle of exams should again be applauded for taking time to turn up.  The Men saw a sprint double in the 200m Leon Seale and Benjamin Folarin, Ruairi McGonagle finished 2nd in the 800m with Leon also finishing 2nd in the Long Jump with Benjamin finishing 2nd in the Javelin.  In the U17 women Mia Manttan easily won the 800m with Mathilda Heath winning the B string.  Lanee Frederick finished 2nd in the Long Jump as well as 3rd in the 100m, Erin Heritage secured top 3 finishes in Long Jump, Javelin and Hammer.  The team victory is due to these and the U15’s who turned up and competed.
Many thanks to Chris Hartley and Jonathan Litchfield for their organising of the meeting which passed so slickly which is not easy with so many athletes and events.  Also thanks to David Walton with Lemi for helping set up as well as Kabir’s team in the Cafe plus Jerry and all the club members officiating unfortunately too many to name.  Most of all of course thanks to the young athletes themselves and the coaching team that continue to help them develop and excel.
The next MYAL meeting is at Parliament Hill on Sunday 23rd June it would be great to again have a great turnout and push for the overall title.”

Westminster Mile

Simon Baker sent in the following report from the Westminster Mile, held last Sunday:

“The day before the 10,000m there are a series of 38 mile races along the Mall and around St James Park before finishing in front of Buckingham Palace.  The event is highly well organised and televised by the BBC on the red button.  The races also form part of the British Mile Championships with races from U11 to Veteran Level.  A number of Heathsiders took part enjoying the fast course and lovely sunshine.  Several got to meet Mo Farrah even having the opportunity to run with him and overtake him before he was mobbed with Selfie takers. Pete Crockford set a new club V60 record.” 

Congratulations are also due to Sion Lewis, who comments:  “having been seeded I felt I should show up and was pleased I did, coming 9th overall and 3rd V35 in a new PB of 4:41. Even better it was all on iPlayer so I could show the kids where I'd been!”  Gabi was also delighted with her time, being just a second slower than she was 6 years ago, whilst proud mum Sara Black was just one minute behind her speedy son Jack, finishing in a similarly speedy time of 6:07 and setting a new (and first ever) club V45 record.  Caroline White was overjoyed at coming second in her age category.

Vitality London 10000

There was a big turn-out of 39 Heathsiders for the Vitality London 10K around the streets of London on Monday, with some impressive times.  Seyfu Jamaal led Heathsiders home in 32:23, just 4 minutes slower than Mo Farah.  He was followed soon after by Kimon Doullis (33:51) and Peter Gould (34:23).  In the women’s race, Rebecca Bunting (36:06) was the first Heathsider, followed by Olivia Desborough (38:43) and Julia Bijl (39:03).  Sara Black continued to amaze with her running, finishing in 40:04 and coming second in her age category.  Sion Lewis was particularly pleased to set his second PB in two days, finishing in 34:30.

Edinburgh marathon

Congratulations are due to new Heathsider Nick Hodges-Gibson, who ran a quick time in his debut marathon in Edinburgh finishing in 3:13:29.


Many Heathsiders ran in parkruns last weekend.  There was a particularly big turn-out at Ally Pally to bid a sad farewell to Tamella Platt before she leaves to Germany.  Congratulations for first place finishes go to Olivia Desborough (Highbury Fields, 19:13), Wanstead Flats (Highbury Fields, 18:13), Lily Woolcock (Ally Pally, 20:47), Roger Maidment (Walthamstow, 16:27), Stephen Humphrey (Western Springs, 20:20), Clapham Common (Fran Owen, 19:44). Full results can be found here.



 MYAL Meeting 2

 Finsbury Park Track

 25th May 2019

 Sunny and Warm


 1st London Heathside 1127 pts

 2nd Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers 1034 pts 3rd  Highgate Harriers 963



 U11 Girls

 1st London Heathside 122 pts



 Suraya Frost 10.80 A 1st PB New Meeting Record Elkie Baker 11.78 B 3rd

 PB Paloma Guissett 11.89 ns PB Selma Lawrence 11.97 ns PB Nina Walters

 12.58 ns PB Mia Westgate 12.71 ns PB Margot Hunt 13.85 ns PB



 Kiara Corkin 2:03.20 A 4th PB

 Elkie Baker 2:06.13 B 1st PB (by 7 sec)

 Selma Lawrence 2:06.4 ns PB

 Nina Walters 2:31.5 ns PB


 Long Jump

 Suraya Frost 4.20m A 1st PB New Meeting and U13G Club Record

 Kiara Corkin 3.39m B 1st PB

 Paloma Guissett 3.10m PB

 Selma Lawrence 2.92m

 Mia Westgate 2.86m PB

 Margot Hunt 2.60m PB

 Nina Walters 2.21m PB



 Elkie Baker 24.70m A 2nd PB

 Kiara Corkin 20.70m B 1st PB

 Paloma Guissett 18.80 ns PB


 U11 Boys

 1st Highgate Harriers 106 pts

 3rd London Heathside 85 pts



 Elijah Escobar 11.24 A 4th PB

 Levi Simmons 11.8 B 5th PB

 Ben Redland 12.01 ns

 No182 12.40 ns

 Max Wasserman 13.01 ns

 Oscar Abbot 13.05 ns



 Ben Redland 1:54.3 A 1st PB New meeting record

 Sam Turner 2:05.9 B 4th PB

 No Name (No 182) 2:05.84 ns PB


 Long Jump

 Ben Redland 3.00m A 9th PB

 Max Wassermann 2.89m ns

 Oscar Abbott 2.79m

 Sam Turner 2.50m



 Sam Turner 24.30m A 3rd PB

 Max Wasserman 23.20m B 2nd

 Oscar Abbot 19.90m PB


 U13 Girls

 1st London Heathside 179 PiS



 Laila Tempesta 13.77 A 1st PB (equals The club record)

 Fleur Etringham 14.15 B 1st

 Tiffany Pieterse 15.10 ns

 Danae Odeogberin 14.86 ns

 Ella Burridge 15.24 ns PB

 Kavya Gulati 15.61 ns

 Tamsin Pieterse 15.49 ns



 Hattie Munday 2:38.41 A 2nd

 Amara Odeogberin 2:43.44 B 4th PB

 Ella Burridge 2:48.03 ns PB (by over 18 sec)

 Ella Higgins 2:53.58 ns PB

 Ruby Walls 2:56.19 ns PB



 Hattie Munday 13.82 A 1st

 Amara Odeogberin 14.43 B 2nd


 High Jump

 Hattie Munday 1.30m A 1st

 Fleur Etringham 1.10m B 4th PB


 Shot Put

 Danae Odeogberin 6.08m A 4th PB

 Kavya Gulati 5.88m B 1st PB

 Irmani Quamina 7.46m PB

 Leila Tempesta 5.74m ns PB

 Tamsin Pieterse 5.30m ns

 Tiffany Pieterse 4.84m ns



 Danae Odeogberin 14.32m A 3rd PB

 Kavya Gulati 12.99m B 1st PB


 U13 Boys

 1st London Heathside 203 Pts



 Benjy Bediako 13.83 A 3rd PB

 Montana Dennis 13.92 B 3rd PB



 Tynan Parker 2:28.64 A 2nd PB (by 9 sec)

 Benjy Bediako 2:31.40 B 3rd PB

 Kamran Bakhshi 2:49.19 ns PB



 Thomas Wasserman 13.76 A 1st PB

 Montana Dennis 14.32 B 1st PB



 High Jump

 Thomas Wasserman 1.35m A 1st PB (by 6 cm)

 Milton Cooper 1.15m B 2nd PB


 Long Jump

 Benjy Bediako 4.18m A 2nd PB

 Milton Cooper 2.67m B 5th PB

 Kamran Bakhshi 3.21m ns PB


 Shot Put

 Tynan Parker 7.72m A 1st PB

 Thomas Wasserman 6.37m B 1st



 Tynan Parker 15.09m A 1st PB


 U15 Girls

 1st Shaftesbury BH 207 pts

 5th London Heathside 157 pts



 Mata Komolafe 15.47 A 8th PB

 Lucy Corkin (U13) 14.84 B 5th PB

 Sensel Sel 15.79 ns



 Maia Hampton-Phillips 30.11 A 6th

 Ella O'Faherty  31.38 B 5th

 Allanese Dacoco 30.49 ns

 Anna Pritchard 31.44 ns



 Maia Hampton-Phillips 2:45.61 A 6th

 Anna Pritchard 2:45.89 B 8th

 Kiara Drummond 2:51.58 ns

 Ella O'Flaherty 2:51.66 ns

 Allanese Dacoco 2:51.31 ns



 Maya Komolafe 16.21 A 5th


 Long Jump

 Maia Hampton-Philips 3.93m A 6th

 Lucy Corkin 3.17m B 5th


 Shot Put

 Izzy Ohajah 6.06m A 5th

 Hanna Amokrane 5.82m B 4th



 Fabienne Weston 20.46m A 3rd

 Izzy Ohajah 9.19m B 3rd



 Fabienne Weston 14.52m A 4th New Club Record

 Hanna Amokrane 12.59m B 3rd


 U15 Boys

 1st Ealing Southall & Middlesex 221 pts

 3rd London Heathside 129 pts



 Anthony Oliver 12.32 A 4th

 Etienne Munday 13.19 B 4th

 Lucas Maher 12.95 ns

 Daniel Robb 13.63 ns



 Anthony Oliver 25.09 A 3rd

 Lucas Maher 25.67 B 3rd



 Jack Davis-Black 2:09.52 A 2nd

 Arthur Reed 2:28.61 B 3rd

 William Johnson 2:25.19 ns



 No LH competitors


 Long Jump

 Etienne Munday 4.90m A 1st

 Daniel Robb 4.10m B 2nd

 Lucas Maher 3.82m ns


 Shot Put

 No LH competitors



 Christopher Budden 21.72m A 3rd



 No LH Competitors


 U17 Women

 1st Highgate Harriers 159 pts

 3rd London Heathside 131 pts



 Lanee Frederick 13.92m A 3rd



 Lara Saiz         30.66 A  5th

Shari Knight 29.67 B 2nd



 Mia Manttan 2:28.5 A 1st

 Matilda Heath 2:40.7 B 1st

 Mimi Blake 2:33.1 ns


 Long Jump

 Lanee Frederick 4.16m A 2nd

 Eric Heritage 3.35m B 2nd


 Shot Put

 No LH Competitors



 Erin Heritage 19.60m A 3rd



 Erin Heritage 22.36m A 2nd


 U17 Men

 1st Highgate Harriers 204 pts

 2nd London Heathside 121 pts



 Leon Seale  dns

 Rufus Tansey 11.66 B 2nd

 Benjamin Folarin 11.71 ns

 Joshua Ndionyema 12.58 ns



 Leon Seale 22.99 A 1st

 Benjamin Folarin 23.55 B 1st

 Rufus Tansey 23.91 ns

 Joshua Ndionyema 25.49 ns



 Ruairi McGonagle 2:05.21 A 2nd

 Raymond Edwin 2:22.70 B 4th


 Long Jump

 Leon Seale 5.46m A 2nd

 Joshua Ndionyema  4.86m B 2nd


 Shot Put

 No LH Competitors



 Benjamin Folarin 22.12m A 2nd



 No LH Competitors


Westminster Mile, Sunday 26th May 2019

 Adult 1 Mile Races
 1st R Franks 4:42
70th Rebecca Piggott 5:14
112th Pete Crockford 5:31 New Club V60 Record

246 Alun Nash (55-59) 6.22
312th Caroline White 6:53 (2nd V60) 

512 Jim Taggart (70-84) 8.19 


 Masters 1 Mile Men
 9th Simon Lewis (V35) 4:43 (PB)
 37th Tom Bedwell (V40) 5:00 (PB)
 84th Andrew Jones (V50) 5:35
 Masters 1 Mile Women
 35th Gabi Johnson (V50) 6:53
 Family 1 Mile Races (6,088 runners)
 1st A Young (Run Fit) 4:42
 23rd Jack Davis-Black (2nd U15) 5:10
 27th Andrew McGeary (V40) 5:14
 67th Max Peters 5:44
 151st Sara Black (V45) 6:07
 612th Elkie Baker (10th U11) 7:13
 722nd Simon Baker (V50) 7:22
 British Mile Championships U13 Girls
 1st I Martin (Abington AC) 5:15
 45th Amara Odeogberin 6:35

Vitality London 10,000.  Monday 27th May 2019

103         Seyfu Jamaal      00:32:23

199         Kimon Doulis      00:33:51

228         Peter Gould        00:34:23

237         Sion Lewis           00:34:30

406         Rebecca Bunting               00:36:06

415         Joseph Clemoes                00:36:10

461         Alex Sweet          00:36:34

496         Matthew Field   00:36:51

502         Paul Beale           00:36:54

535         ??? (Satu Hietanen’s understudy)             00:37:07

577         Tom Bedwell      00:37:32

709         Douglas Rendle 00:38:16

750         Jim Gardiner       00:38:31

756         Gavin Evans        00:38:33

779         James Connell    00:38:41

788         Olivia Desborough           00:38:43

847         Rob Shulman      00:39:00

855         Julia Bijl                00:39:03

933         Toby Mann         00:39:22

983         Andrew Wooding             00:39:36

1066       Evangelista Divetain        00:39:55

1096       Sara Black            00:40:04 (2nd V45)

1165       Annabel Litchfield            00:40:25

1172       Marcus Tillotson               00:40:26

1212       Conor Brown      00:40:36

1260       Ben Racle            00:40:49

1554       Tara Shrestha Carney     00:41:57

2527       Jessica Vinluan 00:44:54

2745       Danny O'Reilly   00:45:32

3063       Michael Hickey 00:46:22

3348       Angharad Harris                00:47:04

3445       Sophie Roberts 00:47:17

3677       Bridgit Napleton               00:47:50

3781       Daniel Wrapson                00:48:01

3780       Maura Bellio       00:48:01

4902       Sue Eedle             00:50:01 (11th V60)

4966       Lily Hawkins        00:50:10

4988       Alun Nash            00:50:11

5901       Steven Murnane              00:51:51

Compiled by Emilia with thanks to Sion Lewis, Simon Baker, Caroline White, Ruth Miller, Nick Hodges-Gibson, Gabi Johnson.

Apologies for any errors or omissions.  Comments can be sent to

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