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Middlesex YAL, St Albans, Iceland OMM, 10kms and 5kms 

The highlights this week include belated results from the Middlesex Young Athletes League, a first place finish by Rose Garrett and new club record for Jem O’Flaherty in the Middlesex Schools Championships and by David Hellard and Clare Briggs in Iceland, as well as news from the St Albans half marathon and various 5km and 10km races.

Track and field

There were some great (belated) results from the Middlesex Young Athletes League on the 20th May, in which Heathside came a very close second. (up from 4th in the previous match) . The highlights include first place finishes in the U11 4x100 relay for boys and girls, and U11 boys 150m by Javahn Robinson (23.3), fast runs in the U15 girls 1500m by Rose Garrett (5:04.6) and Nell Swinhoe (5:18.3) and in the U15 boys 800m by Ruairi McGonagle (2:17.7) and in the U17 men by Jem O’Flaherty (2:05.6).

More recently, Rose Garrett continued her impressive form to win the Middlesex Schools Championships last Saturday in the 1500m, cheered on by her proud dad, Ed Garrett, finishing in 5:01.8, with a new PB and potentially, a new club u15 record. Other impressive performances include that of Matilda Heath (800m, 2:35.0), Ruairi McGonagle (3rd in 1500m in 4:40.7) and Jem O'Flaherty (2nd in 3000m in 9:15.4), who may have set a new club record.

In the next age group, Jacob reports some fantastic performances in the Watford Open meeting last Wednesday, where all six runners set new PBs, with Rosa Serafini running 1500m in 4:45.39 and James Wooldridge nudging through the 4 minute barrier for 1500m, finishing in 3:59.63.

Finally, for the oldest age category, Adrian sent in the following report for the Vets Southern Athletics league:

“The Vets League has been going for some years, but Heathside has only recently joined in, mainly through Zac's prompting. His gentle permission, whereby athletes are allowed to take part - there is no sense of compulsion - has resulted in a men's team where there is competition for places in many of the running events. This team is another of Zac's successes.

The latest meeting took place again at Lee Valley (for the second time this year) on Monday 12th June. I can't quote you performances and times because they have to be ratified and uploaded. The weather was good, the camaraderie better than good and there was some competition too. The standard is refreshingly low - lots of the field events contain first timers, even in the 50 and 60 plus age groups, and the last man or woman home in the longer track events always get a big cheer. The standard is also surprisingly high. I was beaten into second place in the M60 400m by a world champion, and there was a 50m thrower in the M50 javelin.

Our A team in the rarely run medley relay ( 2x 200m, 1 x 400m, 1 x 800m) was brought home in a very fine first place, and , yes, that does imply we had a B team, which was also competitive. If there had been enough lanes on the track we might have had a C team as well.

 The ladies team is developing more slowly and would benefit from a few more competitors, though only if you want to. No compulsion. Mary Kehoe sets a fine example, and has learned skills across a wide range of track and field events. The Veterans classifications begin at age 35, so please give it some thought.  The final meeting of the season will be in Hemel Hempstead on 10th July, and contains a walk. Fancy a walk in Hemel?” 

Further details of the meeting in Hemel Hempstead will be posted on the website.



There are some belated results from the Serpentine Last Friday of the Month on 26th May, where Pete Crockford ran his best time for 9 years (18:40) and Jackie Wastell set a new club record for V55 women, finishing in 22:14.  There were some fast runs at the Self Transcendence Battersea Park 5km on the 5th June, with Carlos Casal Perez leading the Heathside men to finish in 16:45 and Pete Crockford improving his best time for 9 years, and upping his best-ever age-graded performance, finishing in 18:35.  Jennifer Wing also ran particularly well, finishing in 20:16.

Finally, exciting news has just come in from Clissold Park, where Heathside ladies finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Clissold Park Evening 5km this evening, with Satu Hietanen storming home first in 21:15, followed by Liz Drake in 21:24 and Louisa Pointon in 21:31.  With such a close finish between the three, we look forward to the rematch in the next run in the series, held on 11th July…



Several Heathsiders made the most of the hot weather last weekend to run in 10kms.  Louisa Pointon ran in Two Castles 10km, starting in Warwick Castle and finishing in Kenilworth Castle.  She ran well to finish 8th senior female in 44:16, and could find only one word to summarise her experience: “hot”.

On the continent, recent Heathside emigrant, Bas Vlaming valiantly represented Heathside at Uitslagenlijst Gaasperplasrun in Amsterdam.  He summarised his experience using a few more words than did Louisa: “Last Sunday, I braved the tropical weather to do the Gaasperplasrun 10k here in Amsterdam. Frankly, I might as well not have bothered, finishing way slower than intended in rather uncomfortable running conditions, in 52:14. Here's to cooler temperatures for the next race.  Best regards from Amsterdam,”

Finally, three Heathsiders travelled to the Chilterns to Run the Rock 10k in Stokenchurch last Saturday. This was a very scenic, friendly 10km trail race, going through fields, woods and some near-vertical hills, designed to test your hill training.  The hot weather didn’t help matters.  David Hallam ran a fantastic race, battling through bad shoulder pain and  finishing first (and only) Heathside male and 18th overall in 50:20.  He was followed a few minutes later by Sif Sumarlidadottir (35th in 53:16) and Emilia Vynnycky in 55:07.  The post-race home-made cakes and tea and coffee were a welcome reward for their efforts.

Half marathons

Several Heathsiders braved the hot weather on Sunday to run the St Albans half marathon.  Luke Wynne was first Heathside male, finishing in a great time of 1:23:15 and 16th overall, followed by Liam Hazelton (1:36:31), Richard Peachment (1:38:36) and Nick De Sausmarez (1:44:45).  Emma Gregory was the first (and only) Heathside lady (2:09:16).  Luke commented disappointedly that his time was 2 minutes slower than his time two years previously.  However, given the conditions, just finishing was impressive enough!


Elinor East had a great day at the European triathlon championships in Denmark last Saturday, finishing 8th in her age category in 5:04:12.

Extreme running

David Hellard had a memorable weekend in Iceland, from where he sent the following report:

“Just back from Iceland racing the Original Mountain Marathon - a two day, self supported orienteering race.  Claire Briggs and I raced the short course - 6 hours the first day, 5 the second. We somehow managed to win despite getting so lost we ended up rock climbing down a stupidly dangerous 15 high meter ledge and finding a lake in the mist but not knowing which of 3 lakes it was.  Amazing event, would recommend to everyone.”


Numerous Heathsiders ran in parkruns this weekend.  First place finishers include Rebecca Bunting (Bedford, 18:50), Daniel Johns (Market Harborough, 17:48), Ursula Wilson (Orange, 21:51),



Middlesex Young Athletes League, 20th May 2017


Boys Under 11                   111

Boys Under 13                   143

Boys Under 15                   85.5

Men Under 17                   93

Girls Under 11                    120

Girls Under 13                    153

Girls Under 15                    124

Women Under 17             25

Total club points               854.5

Match position  6


U11   Girls AB  150m  

1  Imani Quamina  24.1


U11   Girls B  150m  

1  Hattie Munday  22.8


U11  Girls A  800m . 

1  Hattie Munday  02:51


U11  Girls B  800m . 

4  Rebecca Beliosi  00:03:24


U11   Girls A  Long Jump .

1  Imani Quamina  3.36


U11   Girls B  Long Jump 

1  Hattie Munday  3.21


U11   Girls A  Shot Putt 

1  Imani Quamina  5.69


U11   Girls B  Shot Putt 

1  Laila Tempesta  4.34


U11   Girls 4x100    

1  London Heath.  66.4



U13  Girls A  100m  

2  Sanaa Neunie  14


U13  Girls B  100m  

1  Kyerah Scott  14


U13  Girls A  1500m . 

2  Lorna Dumbleton  05:31


U13  Girls B  1500m . 

2  Celeste Gangneux  06:19


U13  Girls A  70H  

4  Lorna Dumbleton  16


U13  Girls B  70H  

2  Aurora Gosling  16


U13   Girls A  High Jump .

2  Fabienne Weston  1.15


U13   Girls B  High Jump .

2  Celeste Gangneux  1.1


U13   Girls A  Shot Putt .

2  Celeste Gangneux  5.38


U13   Girls B  Shot Putt .

2  Fabienne Weston  4.77


U13   Girls A  Discus . 

1  Fabienne Weston  15.2


U13   Girls B  Discus . 

3  Afia Lutin  7.97


U13  Girls 4x100m  .  

1  London Heath.  57.6


U15  Girls A  100m  

2  Olivia Salagubaite  13.5


U15  Girls B  100m  

2  Shianne Dyer  14


U15  Girls A  200m  

5  Mathilda Heath  30.7


U15  Girls A  1500m . 

1  Rose Garrett  05:04.6


U15  Girls B  1500m . 

1  Nel Swinhoe  5:18.3


U15  Girls A  75H  

5  Shianne Dyer  14.6


U15  Girls B  75H  

2  Ellie Maxwell  17.3


U15   Girls A  Long Jump .

5  Mathilda Heath  3.57


U15   Girls B  Long Jump .

2  Rose Garrett  3.52


U15   Girls A  Javelin . 

5  Ellie Maxwell  7.78


U15   Girls B  Javelin . 

3  Rose Garrett  6.98


U15  Girls 4x100m  .  

4  London Heath.  60.2


U17  Women A  1500m . 

2  Ella Conlan  5:34.6


U17  Women B  1500m . 

1  Lily Mckay  5:40.7


U11  Boys AB  150m  

1  Javahn Robinson-Leitao  23.3


U11  Boys B  150m  

1  Benjy Bediako  24.5


U11  Boys A  800m . 

5  Benjy Bediako  2:53.9

U11  Boys B  800m . 

4  Alex Collier  3:07.3


U11  Boys A  Long Jump .

1  Javahn Robinson-Leitao  3.61


U11  Boys B  Long Jump .

1  Benjy Bediako  3.35


U11  Boys A  Shot Putt .

2  Oscar Hare  5.36


U11  Boys B  Shot Putt .

1  Max Hare  5.13


U11  Boys 4x100m  .  

1  London Heath.  64.3


U13  Boy's A  100m  

3  Etienne Munday  14.6


U13  Boy's B  100m  

1  Daniel Robb  14.7


U13  Boy's A  800m . 

5  Ivor Joslin  2:41.1


U13  Boy's B  800m . 

4  Arthur Reed  2:53.8


U13  Boy's A  75H  

1  Etienne Munday  14.2


U13  Boy's B  75H  

3  Suilven Maxwell  16.5


U13  Boys A  High Jump .

1  Etienne Munday  1.38


U13  Boys B  High Jump .

3  Christopher Budden  1


U13  Boys A  Shot Putt .

4  Ettore Ciolli  5.06


U13  Boys A  Shot Putt .

3  Myles McKay  3.78


U13  Boys A  Discus . 

5  Ettore Ciolli  10.09


U13  Boys B  Discus . 

3  Arthur Reed  7.77


U13  Boy's 4x100m 

1  London Heath.  59.5


U15  Boys A  100m  

4  Rufus Tansey  12.7


U15  Boys B  100m  

2  Tinarje Daniel  12.2


U15  Boys A  200m  

5  Ruairi McGonagle  28.3


U15  Boys A  800m . 

1  Ruairi McGonagle  2:17.7


U15  Boys B  800m . 

4  Oliver O'Connor  2:36.8


U15  Boys' A  Long Jump .

3  Ruairi McGonagle  3.83


U15  Boys' B  Long Jump .

3  Oliver O'Connor  3.62


U15  Boys' 4x100m  .  

4  London Heath.  60.6


U17  Men A  100m  

2  Neo Rodney  12.2


U17  Men B  100m  

2  Simon Gruescu  13.4


U17  Men A  200m  

2  Callum Mills  25


U17  Men B  200m  

2  Casper Schulze  26.8


U17  Men A  800m  

1  Jem O'Flaherty  2:05.6


U17  Men A  Long Jump 

1  Casper Schulze  5.21


U17  Men B  Long Jump 

1  Callum Mills  4.59


Under 13 Boys 800 metres (non-scoring)

17 George Budden 3:12.5


Under 15  Boys 800  metres (non-scoring)

1  William Crawford  2:35.6

2  Luke Lever  2:37.0

3  Stan Brown  2:40.1

5  Lewis Selwyn  2:40.6


Under 13  Girls 100  metres (non-scoring)

3  Aurora Gosling  16.1


Under 13  Boys 100  metres (non-scoring)

2  Thomas Wasserman  15.7

3  Suilvern Maxwell  15.9


Under 13  Girls 100  metres (non-scoring)

Jo  Jo Inegbenebho  14.8

3  Afia Lutin  15.5

4  Celeste Gangneux  15.6


Under 11  Girls 800  metres (non-scoring)

1  Issy Watkins  3:00.3

4  Milly Watkins  3:06.5

5  Ella Burridge  3:06.7


Under 13  Boys 100  metres (non-scoring)

1  Lucas Maher  14.8

4  Myles McKay  16


Under 11  Boys 800  metres (non-scoring)

8  Theo Behe  3:00.6

9  Adam Nkoso  3:01.5


Under 13  Boys 75m  Hurdles (non-scoring)

1  Lucas Maher  15.2


Under 11  Girls Long  Jump (non-scoring)

1  Issy Watkins  3.26

4  Laila Tempesta  2.97

5  Milly Watkins  2.86

9  Rebecca Veliossi  2.53

13  Abi Behe  2.09


Under 11  Boys Long  Jump (non-scoring)

1  Adam Nkoso  3.17

4  Max Hare  2.78

5  Oscar Hare  2.74


Under 15  Boys Long  Jump (non-scoring)

3  Lewis Selwyn  3.67

4  Stan Brown  3.52

5  Kit Naylor  3.52

6  William Crawford  3.27


Under 11  Boys 150  metres (non-scoring)

1  Jaspar James Turner  24.8


Under 11  Boys 150  metres (non-scoring)

1  Adam Nkoso  24.2


Under 11  Girls 150  metres (non-scoring)

2  Laila Tempesta  24.5


Under 11  Girls 150  metres (non-scoring)

1  Issy Watkins  23.6

2  Milly Watkins  24.9

3  Ella Burridge  26


Under 13  Boys 800  metres (non-scoring)

2  Ettore Ciolli  3:12.3


Under 15  Girls 1500  metres (non-scoring)

1  Mathilda Heath  5:34.0

4  Eve Cottenden  6:31.4

5  Ellie Maxwell  6:32.6



Middlesex Schools Championships, Saturday 10th June


1 Rose Garrett  5:01.9


800m, U15 heat

8 Matilda Heath  2:35.


800m, U15 final

7 Matilda Heath  2:37


1500 U15M final,

3  Ruairi McGonagle 4:40.7


3000 U17M final

2  Jem O'Flaherty  9:15.4


Watford Open meeting, 31st May

1500m Race 4

17           Jennifer Wing                    SF           05:15.81

1500m Race 9

13           Rosa Serafini                      SF           04:45.39

1500m Race 11

4              Amar Aiyar-Majeed        U20M    04:30.14

1500m Race 16

3              James Wooldridge           U23M    03:59.63

3000m Race 2

24           William Griffiths               U20M    09:53.60


Serpentine LFOTM 5km 26th May

39     Pete Crockford    18:40   (2nd V55)

116   Satu Hietanan     21:48  3rd FV45

130  Jackie Wastell     22:14  1st FV55

Self Transcendence 5km Battersea Pk Mon 5th June

10  Carlos Casal Perez V45      16:45

23  Daniel Johns V40            17:18

42  Jacob Howe V40              18:12

54  Doug Rendle         18:35

55  Pete Crockford V55          18:35 

81  Jennifer Wing               20:16

Clissold Park Evening 5km Runs, 13th June 2017

1 Satu Hietanen                21:15

2 Liz Drake                          21:24

3 Louisa Pointon               21:31

Two castles 10KM run, Warwick Castle – Kenilworth Castle

273         Louisa Pointon  00:44:16               (8th SF)

Uitslagenlijst Gaasperplasrun, 10km

Amsterdam Zuidoost – Sunday 11 June 2017

135         Bas Vlaming                        52:14

Run the Rock 10km trail, Stokenchurch, 10th June 2017

18 David Hallam 50.20

35 Sif Sumarlidadottir 53.16

43 Emilia Vynnycky 55.07

St Albans half marathon, Sunday 11th June 2017                             

16           Luke Wynne       01:23:15

67           Liam Hazelton   01:36:31

223         Richard Peachment         01:38:36

386         Nick De Sausmarez          01:44:45

1604       Emma Gregory  02:09:16

2017 Herning ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships, Herning, Denmark • 10 Jun, 2017

Elinor East

Swim     00:38:37

T1           00:03:46

Bike       02:40:40

T2           00:02:14

Run        01:38:58

Overall time       05:04:12, 8th in 30-34 year category

OMM Iceland, 27th/28th May 2017

1st David Hellard/Claire Briggs

Saturday-  06:13:10 (270 points)

Sunday - 04:46:30 (242 points)

Overall: 10:59:40 (penalty - 26 0; 486 points)




Compiled by Emilia, with thanks to: Ruth Miller, Gavin Evans, Jacob Howe, Pete Crockford, Jessica Vinluan, Sandra Buckton, David Hellard, Luke Wynne, Bas Vlaming, Ed Garrett, Satu Hietanen, Louisa Pointon, Liam Hazelton, Adrian Essex

Photos: Richard Peachment, David Hellard



Apologies for errors or omissions. Please send any comments to

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