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Heathside Women Retain Met League Title! 

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Heathside ladies: Met League champions 2019

Only one place to kick off this week's report, so without further ado here's Simon Baker's report on another gloriously successful day for Heathside's ladies at the Met League:

“Ally Pally provided a more than fitting climax to this year's Met League, with the course offering a bit of everything and the stiff wind adding to the challenge especially along the long exposed bottom straight.

Heathside host this race so first of all thanks to Ivor, David and Jerry for their planning and organisation. David Walton was even seen doing some emergency gardening on a dangerous hole at the bottom of the hill. Thanks to all the club members who opted to help marshall the event and ensure it went smoothly.

The great success of the day was the Senior Ladies winning their race and successfully retaining their Senior title. The Men also finished 2nd to secure a superb 3rd in their respective league, their best result since 2005.

Chairman Jerry Odlin had this to say: "Massive congrats to our women's team. To win one of the most respected XC leagues in the country, two years in a row, is truly a great feat. Also well done to our men's team (assisted by our quality U20s) for one of the best results we've had in years."

The women's race started at a good pace into the headwind despite the ground being exceptionally boggy at times.  The course passes the club flags on this section so there was plenty of support before the runners headed out toward the car park and doubled back towards the hill. By now this had lost its grass, having been churned up by the junior races. Rebecca Bunting looked to be tiring towards the end but dug in to finish 6th with Josie Hinton and Julia Biji pushing on behind her to ensure there were three Heathsiders in the top 10, although so had Highgate. Cross-country is a true team sport and so it proved here as Catrin Tyler and Celine Murray ran close together to cross the line in 17th and 18th place. When Olivia Desborough followed 5 seconds later in 20th the team had won the race by 12 pts from Highgate and the title outright. Such was the depth of the women's team running on the day that the B team finished 4th, with only the Highgate and VPH&TH A teams ahead of them, and finished 5th overall in the league. The C team finished 3rd in Division 2 to secure 3rd place overall in the Division. The success does not end there as the Veteran Women also won their race, although that was not enough to take the overall title.

The Men also had a great turnout on what was now a pretty muddy course. Seyfu started strongly, having won the London Schools title two days previously, and led as the runners went up the hill for the first time. The men's race is usually a tactical affair and it proved to be here as a leading group of three Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers pushed the pace on. However Jem O'Flaherty, Tom Aldred and Liam Garrett were all keeping contact at the head of the field and so the Heathside 5th and 6th scorers would be critical. Seyfu crossed in 8th 30 sec later. Jem, Tom and Liam all followed in the top 20 but Highgate, VPH&TH and SBH all had three. Charles Hardy was next home in 34th before Peter Northall completed the scoring team in 56th. The team just failed to match the women's race win, coming in 2nd place behind VPH&TH. This was good enough for 3rd overall and one of the team's best performances. The team can thank it's talented U20 members who go on to the Nationals in fine form. The B team finished 4th in Division 2 and the C team 7th, which unfortunately was not enough to save them from relegation to Division 3. The Vets had a solid performance with the A team finishing 4th on the day and overall.

As for individual accolades, Rebecca Piggott was ranked third in the senior women's prize rankings, which counts an athlete's best four performances, and Josie Hinton fourth. Seyfu also picked up a prize envelope at the awards presentation. He and a few other club members recorded a host of age group top three positions:

1st U20M Sefyu Jamaal
1st V45W Satu Hietanen
1st V55W Jaqueline Wastell
1st V55M Asmelash Abrha
1st V60M Pete Crockford
2nd V55M Dominic Jackson
3rd V55M Gavin Evans
3rd V65M Carl Heap

These results meant that the club finished second in the Howard Williams Trophy, but only on Highgate Harriers' five race wins to our three.”

Fantastic results all round and congratulations to winning Women’s captain Sue Rust, men’s captain Jake Spencer and everyone who ran and helped organise the events over the course of this season. See you all at the Croscars!

Best of the Rest

Sticking with cross country for now, there’s more news of success from Heathside’s youth wing as the schools xc season also came to a close. Here’s Simon Baker with a run down:

“As if the Met League, NWLL and Regional Club Championships was not enough, a host of junior Heathsiders have represented their London Boroughs during January and February.  Among many outstanding performances were two County Champions with Sefyu Jamaal winning the London Schools Senior title at Wormwood Scrubs (Thurs 7th Feb) by over 90 seconds and Jem O'Flaherty securing the corresponding Middlesex title at Harrow School (Thurs 24th Jan). Thomas Archer was 2nd in the Essex Schools XC at Hockley International School in the Intermediate Boys category (Sat 19th Jan) and Issy Fornasari-Watkins came second 2nd in the Middlesex Schools Minor Girls race. There were also top 5 finishes for Bedo Draskoczy (Junion Boys) as well as Liam Garrett (Senior Boys) and Rose Garrett (Intermediate Girls). As a result there will be a host of young Heathsiders competing for their Counties at the National School XC Championships at Leeds in March.”

Full results of all the school results follow below.

Away from the cross country and Met League finale, there were the usual collection of road races and especially a couple of half marathons of note. At the Worthing Running Festival Half Marathon (Sun 10th Feb) Peter Ward knocked 2 minutes off his previous PB to finish in 84:33, while closer to home Marco Serena ran the inaugural Queen Elizabeth Park Half Marathon in Stratford, finishing in 4th with a cracking time of 75:50. Two other Heathsiders came back from East London with PBs as Conor Brown (37th) came home in 83:27 and Liam Hazelton (172nd) finished in a time of 87:26. Sara Black was just a few places behind in 175th but was also the 1st V45.

On the track there’s also news of a new club record as Gokce Baydar set a new best for the indoor pole vault as she reached 2.70m at the Southern Counties Vets Championships at Lea Valley. Congrats to Gokce, who also ran in the 200m and was joined by Helene Kehoe who took part in the 60m.

And finally a worthy shout out for a race that hasn’t happened yet. Huge congratulations to Mike Stocks who has been selected as part of the UK team to take part in the upcoming 24 Hour World Ultramarathon Championships which will take place in Albi, France on October 26th/27th. Best of luck to Mike and we’ll all keep a look out for your progress.


No first finishes to report this week as there was a slightly thinner spread of parkrunners, possibly due to the big cross country meet later in the day. Full results here.

Full Results:

Met League Race #5, Alexandra Palace, Saturday 9th Feb

Senior Men 8000m (441 runners)

8th Seyfu Jamaal 27:24 (2nd U20)
12th Jem O'Flaherty 28:09 (3rd U20)
14th Tom Aldred 28:13
18th Liam Garrett 28:33 (4th U20)
34th Charles Hardy 29:28
56th Peter Northall 30:12
58th Francesco Melloni 30:16
72nd Matthew Rallison 30:56
78th Simon Dunderdale 31:05
85th Sion Lewis 31:19
94th Peter Gould 31:36
98th Thomas Stottor 31:39
101st David Hellard 31:41 (9th V40)
103rd Joseph McKeown 31:48
110th Alex Sweet 31:59
118th Jacob Phillips 32:20
119th Michael Cockings 32:20
131st Jake Spencer 32:22
141st Jonathan Shipley 32:43 (13th V40)
149th Scarlett Parker 32:55 (8th V45)
152nd Joseph Clemoes 32:57
160th Paul Mercer 33:07 (18th V40)
162nd Leigh Ferris 33:08
163rd Steve Armstrong 33:09 (9th V45)
166th Asmelash Abrha 33:10 (4th V55)
167th Daniel Johns (20th V40)
179th Stuart Meiklejohn 33:27
186th Matt Collins 33:33 (24th V40)
198th Leonard Martin 33:54
205th Doug Rendle 34:06 (28th V40)
217th Ben Racie 34:22
231st Andrew Owen 35:03 (6th V50)
237th Lee Connor 35:10 (7th V50)
238th Tom Haworth 35:11
239th Nick Ohora 35:12  (19th V45)
240th Anthony Leonard 35:14
242nd Gavin Evans 35:20 (7th V55)
244th Thomas Davis 35:25
245th Dennis Curry 35:27 (37th V40)
246th Tom Bedwell 35:28
247th Paul Beale 35:29 (21st V45)
260th Pete Crockford 36:05 (1st V60)
262nd Tom White 36:07
263rd Oliver Murray 36:07 (24th V45)
268th Dominic Jackson 36:16 (8th V55)
273rd Rob Shulman 36:29 (9th V50)
283rd John McKnight 36:51
288th Christopher Vincent 36:59
291st Trevor Wilson 37:03 (10th V50)
299th Kris Milovsorov 37:11
316th Peter Wellock 38:10 (30th V45)
318th Ian Shumer 38:14 (32nd V45)
330th Andrew Wooding 34:36
341st Filpe Cardoso 34:47 (51st V40)
344th Richard Peachment 34:50 (17th V50)
357th Ben Montilla 35:20 (55th V40)
384th Russell Weston 36:06 (17th V55)
388th Daniel Wrapson 36:14
396th Andrew Hudson 36:22 (8th V60)
401st Carl Heap 36:31 (4th V65)
410th Joel Hawes 36:44
436th David Walton 37:28 (26th V55)

Senior Women 6000m (244 runners)

6th Rebecca Bunting 21:44 (1st VW35)
7th Josie Hinton 21:52
8th Julia Bijl 21:53
17th Catrin Tyler 22:38
18th Celine Murray 22:40 (2nd VW35)
20th Olivia Desborough 22:45
24th Annabel Litchfield 22:54
27th Rosa Serafini 22:59
38th Ula Cartwright-Finch 23:44
41st Sue Rust 23:48 (3rd VW40)
50th Emma Watson 23:58
58th Emma Larkin 24:10 (5th V40)
60th Elidh Wagstaff 24:15
65th Tara Shrestha-Carney 24:32
67th Satu Hietanen 24:47 (2nd V45)
68th Emily Reichert 24:49 (9th V35)
78th Tammela Platt 25:33
79th Sarah Swinhoe 25:34 (3rd V45)
85th Louisa Pointon 25:42
96th Rachel Rosenthal 25:59
104th Lucy Stanfield 26:21
105th Jennifer Wing 26:22
121st Alice Hosking 27:02
125th Maura Bellio 27:09
127th Elizabeth Beard 27:12 (9th V45)
129th Rachel Seckl 27:21
140th Ruth Miller 27:51 (1st V60)
147th No243 28:20 (If this is you, let us know!)
153rd Elizabeth Vynnycky 28:32 (9th V50)
157th Madeline Minson 28:55 (10th V50)
163rd Rebecca Sweet 29:25 (23rd V35)

175th Fiona Holland 30:15
184th Kimberli Butler 30:35
190th Rebecca Marshall 31:02 (22nd V40)
199th Sarah Chapman 31:32 (16th V45)

U11 Boys 1600m (44 runners)

2nd Benjy Bediako 6:29 (2nd overall in the league)
7th Ben Redland (2nd U10) 6:56
17th Kamran Bakhshi 7:13
18th Gus Kendall 7:17
31st No Declaration 7:48 (Again, if this is you let us know!)
33rd Levi Simmonds 8:04

1st London Heathside 116 pts (6th final overall league)

U11 Girls 1600m (45 runners)

8th Kiara Corkin 7:17 (6th overall in the league)
20th Elkie Baker 7:57 (15th overall in the league)
21st Ella Burridge 7:57

6th London Heathside 89 pts (9th overall)

U13 Boys 2300m  (49 runners)

10th Ivor Joslin 11:37
13th Stan Hasson 11:50
15th Tynan Parker 11:53
21st Gregory Berrisford Sweet 12:25
39th No Declaration 13:53
Dnf Spike Blake (3rd overall in the league)

2nd London Heathside 137 pts

U13 Girls 2300m (53 runners)

16th Hattie Munday 12:46
36th Amara Odeogberin 14:09
38th Skye Kelly 14:18
44th Lucy Corkin 14:34

10th London Heathside 36 pts (12th overall)

Junior Men 4300m (82 runners)

4th Lemi Mideska 16:06
10th Thomas Archer (2nd U15) 16:26
30th Ruairi McGonagle (14th U15) (6th overall in the league)
37th Oliver O'Connor (20th U15) 18:05 (11th overall in the league)
46th Lucas Macnair (25th U15) 18:45
57th Sam Ingram (33rd U15) 19:12

5th London Heathside 251 pts (2nd overall)

Junior Women 4300m (49 runners)

9th Mimi Blake 19:41 (5th overall in the league)
18th Mia Manttan (11th U15) 20:44
29th Maia Hampton-Phillips (18th U15) 22:03
34th Ella O'Flaherty (23rd U15) 22:18 (18th overall in the league)
40th Matilda Heath (26th U15) 22:53 (12th overall in the league)
43rd Edie Friedlander (28th U15) 23:33 (20th overall in the league)
46th Fabienne Weston (29th U15) 25:04 (23rd overall in the league)
50th Martha Lucas (31st U15) 26:21

6th London Heathside 110 pts (5th overall)

London Heathside Cross Country Championships 2019

U11 Boys

1st Benjy Bediako
2nd Ben Redland
3rd Kamran Bakhshi

U11 Girls

1st Kiara Corkin
2nd Elkie Baker
3rd Ella Burridge

U13 Boys

1st Ivor Joslin
2nd Stan Hasson
3rd Tynan Parker

U13 Girls

1st Hattie Munday
2nd Amara Odeogberin
3rd Skye Kelly

Schools Cross Country Results:

Essex Schools XC Championship - Hockley - 19th January 2019

Intermediate Boys (51 runners)

2nd Thomas Archer 18:41🥈

Middlesex Schools XC Championship - Harrow School - 24th January 2019

Colt Boys (63 runners)

18th Eric Beale 12:11
19th Ben Redland 12:12
49th Kamran Bakhshi 13:17

Minor Girls (77 runners)

2nd Issy Fornasari-Watkins 8:40🥈
7th Hattie Munday 9:04
14th Milly Fornasari-Watkins 9:25
49th Elkie Baker 10:21

Junior Boys (67 runners)

7th Spike Blake 12:54
65th Fred Beale 16:13

Junior Girls (65 runnrrs)

12th Maia Hampton-Phillips 12:44
24th Ella O'Flaherty 13:19
25th Edie Friedlander 13:20

Intermediate Girls (41 runners)

5th Rose Garrett 14:11
6th Mimi Blake 14:13
9th Mia Manttan 14:48

Senior Boys (34 runners)

1st Jem O'Flaherty 23:42🥇
4th Liam Garrett 24:11
7th Lemi Mideska 25:52

London Schools XC Championship - Wormwood Scrubs - 7th February 2019

Senior Boys 6500m (25 runners)

1st Seyfu Jamaal 23:52🥇

Intermediate Boys 4500m (83 Runners)

25th Sam Ingram 20:32
26th Sid Diamond 20:33
31st Lucas Macnair 20:47
48th Kit Naylor 22:14

Junior Boys 3500m A Race (161 runners)

5th Bedo Draskoczy 12:24
45th Stan Hasson 14:30
116th Jim Parfitt 16:37
130th Cosmo Clay 17:02

Junior Boys 3500m B Race (138 runners)

6th Ivor Joslin 14:00
8th Greg Berrisford-Sweet 14:08

Junior Girls 3500m A Race (160 runners)

123rd Mia Pegoraro 16:47
128th Martha Lucas 17:33

Junior Girls 3500m B Race (118 runners)

19th Skye Kelly 14:24
75th Lucy Corkin 16:15

Worthing Running Festival Half Marathon (Sun 10th Feb)

61st Pete Ward 84:33

Queen Elizabeth Park Half Marathon, Stratford (Sun 10th Feb)

4th Marco Serena 75:50
37th Conor Brown 83:27
172nd Liam Hazelton 87:26
175th Sara Black 90:22

Southern Counties Veterans Indoor Championships, Lea Valley (Sun 10th Feb)

60m: Helene Kehoe (VW50) 9.66
200m: Gokce Baydar (VW35) 28.80
Pole Vault: Gokce Baydar (VW35) 2.70m

This week's report by Gareth. Huge thanks again to Simon for the reports and for all the legwork pulling the results together, also thanks to Sue for the additional reporting on the Met League. Any errors or omissions, please let us know at

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