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Marathon Season begins in earnest 

11/4/2018  The marathon season began in earnest this weekend, with 3 big marathons of Manchester, Paris & Rotterdam featuring Heathside representation. In the majority of cases the activity comprised a mixture of good runs, PB’s, landmarks achieved or narrowly missed, as well as some bonhomie with competitors from other clubs

 Asics Greater Manchester Marathon, Manchester Sunday April 8

  Starting in the UK,here is Gavin’s report ;

 “Nine Heathsiders – and one fast former – ran in the Sunday’s Manchester Marathon, which served up perfect conditions: 12 degrees, and the lightest of breezes. This one is not quite as flat as advertised (54 meters of elevation, according to the organisers – most of it bridges) but is still a rather wonderful event  – relaxed, well-organised and friendly. Along the way I had a good chats with 46-year-old Fenland Running Club runner Martin Jennings, a 27 year old and a 19 year old running his first marathon, and when it was over Martin and I had a good old man-hug (well, a good old ordinary hug).

 The first runner listed as a Heathsider was Alan Whatmough who came in at 2:49:26 (nine minutes off his PB), although since 2016 Alan has been a Ranelagh runner. I was next in 2:52:50. I had targeted 2:55, with a wristband to match, but as usual found myself doing sub 6:30 miles and went through the half at 1:24:57. It all felt good until 21 miles, when I began cramping, which meant I had to slow things down a bit to avoid doing little jumps.

 Michael Cockings and Paul Beale were next. For Michael, who ran 2:58:28, it was a massive 29 minute PB, which must be something of a record. Paul, who had targeted sub-3, was also pleased with his run – just 43 seconds off his PB in 2:58:41.

 They were followed just over a minute later by Dominic Jackson, who ran a PB of 3:00:59 at the age of 54 after 14 years of club running. What makes this time so impressive is that Dom had picked up two bad colds and then a viral infection in the last month and probably still had the residues of the infection in his system. He ran with the sub-3 pacer and put in nearly even splits.

 Juan Eugenio Iglesias Gonzalez was a bit disappointed with 3:08:19 (he’s run 2:46 before) but had not been able to put in the required training this year. I didn’t speak to Danny O’Reilly, who ran 3:29:19 – nearly 40 minutes off his PB.

 The first of our women was Alexandra Derham, who put in an impressive marathon debut performance in 3:46:30. Rebecca Marshall ran 4:09:54. Next time: sub-4. Samantha Chapman went through the half just behind Rebecca, but didn’t finish.”


 Asics Greater Manchester Marathon, Manchester Sunday April 8 (9,340 finishers)

 132 Alan Whatmough (now of Ranelagh but running as a Heathsider) – 2:49:26

183 Gavin Evans –                            2:52:50 (2nd V55)

352 Michael Cockings –                  2:58:28  (PB)

365 Paul Beale –                                2:58:42

480 Dominic Jackson –                   3:00:59 (PB)

727 Juan Eugenio Iglesias Gonzalez – 3:08:19

1887 Danny O’Reilly –                      3:29:19

3139 Alexandra Derham                 3:46:30 (debut)

5132 Rebecca Marshall –                4:09:54

Samantha Chapman –                    DNF


Paris & Rotterdam

Both the Paris and Rotterdam races were characterised by warm weather, but despite this plus travel and hotel issues there was no stopping our club members from performing well. A nautical theme is prevalent in the Rotterdam marathon report, including floating hotels and speedboat action.


Paris Marathon,  8/4/18

 Liam reports :

 “ The French strikers tried their best (we all experienced Eurostar cancellations!), but they weren’t able to keep Team Heathside from taking part in the 2018 Paris Marathon. A bright cool morning awaited us and around 45,000 other runners at the start of the race on the ChampsÉlysées. This was short - lived, however,as we made our way around the ( sometimes unpleasingly cobbled !) streets of the French capital the temperature quickly began to rise. We were certainly grateful for the fire brigade with their hoses, buckets of water to dunk our caps in, and well- stocked refreshment tables on the way round. Despite the sweltering conditions ( bearing in mind that we had been training in sub -zero conditions only weeks before), there were great performances all around. Luke Wynne led the team home in an impressive 2.58.53, particularly as this was a "warm up" for London! I myself arrived across the line 15 minutes later ( 3.13.48 - new PB ). Chris Vincent put in a fantastic marathon debut of 3.39.55, managing a little sprint finish at the end, and Yvette Ralston completed a set of great results with a new PB of 4.03.39, just shy of her sub 4 target - next time for sure !  There was some fantastic support and festivities on the way round from the Parisians and i'm sure some of us will return again in the future "

853        Luke Wynne                                       2.58.53   

2230       Liam Hazelton                                        3.13.48    PB

7516       Chris Vincent                                     3.39.55

                Yvette Ralston                                  4.03.39



Rotterdam Marathon     8/4/18

From the Port city of Rotterdam, 3 Heathsiders took on the challenge and here is a slightly edited version of  Phil’s report,  ( full version on the Heathside facebook page)

“RACE REPORT AHOY!! The trip took a queasy turn before we left when I realised that the hotel I booked on Expedia was actually a floating boat Chinese restaurant and supermarket with a few spare rooms on the upper deck. The prospect didn’t really float my boat after reading trip advisor reviews but cancellation was expensive so we climbed aboard the good ship “New Ocean Paradise” regardless... The Chinese walls on the “ship” proved no match for the stag night party and after a night of no sleep us three Rotters set sail for the start line.

Ian was entering choppy waters of his own, embarking on his first marathon with not much training. His one “long run” of cough 35 km was revised downwards to 27 km when put through gmap pedometer .... 

The race was pretty faultless in terms of organisation but my legs made heavy weather of the first half. Crossing the half way chip time mat behind schedule (pb ebbing away) I could hear the collective groans and table head thumps through the ether of those tracking me on the marathon app. 

Joe and I threw each other a lifeline in the form of each other’s Heathside company at 30 km and ran as a steady unit full steam ahead. We navigated the choppy waters at a solid pace throwing all sorts of flotsam and jetsam behind us. We were only temporarily distracted from our task by the occasional distracting passing South American triathlete... With 30 metres to go Joe found a sprint speed that would shame Usain Bolt to beat me to the line, blissfully unaware that chip timing would later come to my rescue to give me an overall 4 second lead! 

A quick check in the medical tent at the finish to confirm Ian wasn’t in there, we headed for beer. 

Joe landed a big pb, likely much faster in calmer cooler seas. Ian continued to swim against the endless kilometres and boosted by a video screen message from Joe and I screaming at him at km 35 he cruised majestically over the line for his first marathon and on to the safe harbour of the pub. 

3 beers, a speedboat ride and a burger later we could finally get the party started!”


799         Joseph Clemoes                                3.09.13   PB

806         Phil  Hogg                                         3.09.09

10002    Ian Whisson                                       4.37.09


 Joe adds ;

“ Not too bad for a warm day. We all had a great weekend with the added excitement of a floating Chinese restaurant hotel and James Bond style river taxi action.”


Other Races

 Regents Park Half Marathon   8/4/18

There was a winning performance at the Regents Park half  

22nd         Catrin Tyler                        88.45   ( 1ST Female )  


Paddock Wood Half Marathon  8/4/18

1739       Diana Smith                        2.21.03


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Summer 10K   7/4/18

6th           Andy Barnes                      35.44


Highgate Harriers / City of London Open Meeting , Track & Field  , Parliament Hill  4/4/18


300m                     Luke Gray ( U20 )                           36.98

800m                     Andrew McGreary  V35                    2.23.79

800m                     Lucas Maher  ( U15 )                       2.31.01

800m                     Arthur Reed   ( U15 )                       2.39.71 

600m                     Elkie Baker    ( U11 )                       2.18.04 

75m                       Elkie Baker    ( U11 )                      13.11

5000m                   William Griffiths  ( U20 )                   17.47.86

High Jump              David Fallon                                      1m  50





Fastest Heathsider this week was Keith Burrows at Hackney Marshes (17.26),and Matthew Cockerill managed 18.04 at Bois de Boulogne in Paris for 3rd place. There were 1st place finishes for Rebecca Bunting at Worthing (18.15) and Olivia Desborough at Highbury (19.22 ), 2nd place for Emilia Vynnycky at Grovelands ( 21.24 )and 3rd for  Chiara Borg at Oak Hill ( 21.35 )

full results  


Compiled by Mark George, with thanks to contributions from Gavin Evans, Phil Hogg, Joe Clemoes and Liam Hazelton

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