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Double Individual and Team Gold for Heathside at the London Champs 

The weekend brought historic success in the form of wins in the individual races at the London Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill to Rebecca Piggott and Seyfu Jamaal respectively, as well as Team prizes.

Coach Jacob Howe sends in his report :

“ London.  Heathside.  It’s in the name.  The London XC Championships on Hampstead Heath are always high on our agenda. After a successful morning for the juniors in the Inter-borough races, the senior women lined up at the bottom of Parliament Hill to try and defend their title, but with illness having shorn the team of a couple of good runners.  The course was muddier than is usual for this event, and the Heathsiders held back through the first kilometre to give the conditions some respect.  At the front a group of three, including Rebecca Piggott, pulled away and stayed away, whilst not too far behind Millie, Rosa, Eva and Olivia were packing well and moving through the field.  The front three stayed together until the last kilometre when Rebecca pushed hard from a long way out and entered the home straight with a comfortable lead to complete the fantastic win and add the London title to the Middlesex one she won earlier in the year.  In doing so she becomes the first Heathsider to win this title.  Behind, Olivia, Eva and Rosa all ran strong races to complete a winning team, making it five in a row for Heathside in the team competition (yes, that’s five team golds in five years, count ‘em).  Millie, making her Heathside XC debut, and Emily were close in behind, whilst Rebecca de Cinque completed her first XC for the team just outside the top 100.


There was a particularly big turnout from the men, but whilst some good individual performances were on the cards, with Jem focusing on next week’s Euro XC trials a team medal looked unlikely.  Again the team held back for the first short lap before Seyfu pushed on a little and only TVH’s Parliament Hill regular Chris Smith went with him.  The two then ran together for two big laps, whilst behind him Tom and Charles picked off the opposition steadily moving up the field, and making the team competition look interesting with a bronze or even silver on the cards.  The final lap showed the benefits of all those training miles with Seyfu pulling away to win the race by almost 30 seconds, Tom narrowly missing out on bronze, Charles rocketing into the top 10 and Roger moving up several places to complete a slightly unexpected winning team.  Seyfu’s magnificent win was the first Heathside victory in this race since Mehretab Solomon’s win in 2009, and as the first U20 runner he doubled his gold medals.  

The men’s team have rarely got amongst the medals at this event, so this first ever win from the team to complete a clean sweep of the gold medals was particularly wonderful.

Great running from absolutely everyone involved.  Onwards to Uxbridge for the Met League on Dec 7th (via a couple of trips to Trent Park). “

London Championships, Parliament Hill, 16/11/19
Women (6K, 309 Finishers)                         
1                              Rebecca Piggott                    23.12
15                           Olivia Desborough                  24.34
16                           Evangelista Divetain               24.44
20                           Rosa Serafini                          24.52
22                           Millie Barnes                           24.56
26                           Emily Reichert                        25.21
51                           Angelica Datta                        26.32
81                           Louisa  Pointon                      27.35
95                           Tatyana Potiyenko                  28.05
121                         Rebecca De Cinque              29.03
153                         Jackie Wastell                        29.53
172                         Caroline White                       30.34
174                         Elizabeth Beard                     30.34
200                         Heather Marshall                   31.52
203                         Sarah Duke                            32.09
1st London Heathside 52 pts
2nd Highgate 70 pts
3rd Fulham 77 pts
Men (10K, 494 Finishers)
1                              Seyfu Jamaal                     36.10
4                              Tom Aldred                         36.52
9                              Charles Hardy                    37.51
18                           Rodger Maidment               39.18
49                           Ewan Gault                         40.37
60                           Francesco Melloni              41.11
63                           Kimon Doulis                      41.19
81                           Peter Gould                        42.03
89                           Alex Sweet                          42.25
93                           Thomas Stottor                    42.29
112                         Michael Cockings                43.23
121                         Jack Hardy                          43.39
132                         Martin Potter                       44.02
146                         Joseph Clemoes                44.33
154                         Daniel Haile                       44.53
159                         Ash Abrha                          45.03
160                         Chris Vincent                     45.03
162                         Oliver Negus                      45.05
176                         Jonathan Litchfield             45.30
178                         Jonathan Shipley               45.34
182                         Joel Northcott                    45.44
185         Nicholas Hodges–Gibson                  45.48
190                         Liam Hazelton                   45.57
199                         Paul Beale                         46.13
205                         Tom Bedwell                     46.29
212                         Jim Gardiner                     46.41
216                         Lee Connor                       46.44
225                         Dominic Jackson              47.01
225                         Nick Haward                    47.04
235                         Tom Parker                      47.15
241                         Tom Haworth                    47.22
248                         Rajiv Ratan                      47.29
253                         Peter Scodie – Ward        47.42
272                         Robert Shulman              48.13
299                         Andy Owen                      49.13    
311                         Max Peters                       49.42
329                         Richard Peachment         50.24
346                         Thomas Davis                   51.31
494                         Bob Gould                        77.25
1st London Heathside 32 pts
2nd Thames Valley H 38 pts
3rd Hercules Wimbledon 52 pts       
London Youth Games, Parliament Hill, 16/11/19
At the London Youth Games event at the same venue, a number of Heathsiders formed part of medal winning team performances at Borough level
Simon Baker reports :
“ Kicking off the London Youth Games Festival is the Cross Country Competition held on Hampstead Heath.  This year saw a record number of Junior Heathsiders competing for their Boroughs and although there were no individual medals the Haringey U13 Girls Team won Silver and Hackney U17 Men Bronze both being almost entirely made up of Heathsiders.  The best individual  places were recorded by Tom Archer (U17M) and Mimi Blake (U17W) both finished 4th while Kiara Corkin (U11G) finished 5th, 7th places for Ben Redland (U11B) and Hattie Munday (U13G) with 8th for Hattie Munday and Jake Evans (U17M).
Well done to everyone who ran especially given the heavy ground and large fields of runners.”
U11 Girls (1500m, 164 runners)
1st L Jones (Bromley) 6:43
5th Kiara Corkin (Islington) 6:55
73rd Elkie Baker (Haringey) 7:57
77th Lettice Gundry (Isl) 7:59
96th Matilda Issac (Isl) 8:13
114th Paloma Guisset (Westminster) 8:28
144th Nina Davies (Isl) 9:01
U11 Boys (1500m, 167 runners)
1st L Pearson (Redbridge) 6:07
7th Ben Redland (Har) 6:22
9th Edward Metcalf (Hackney) 6:29
70th Harry Conley (Isl) 7:09
143rd Noa Sotirof (Isl) 7:54
148th Jason Edwin (Isl) 7:56
U13 Girls (2,000m, 221 runners)
1st A Reid (Redbridge/WG&EL) 7:44
7th Hattie Munday (Har) 8:20
8th Issy Watkins (Har) 8:21
24th Mia Rosen (Enfield) 8:35
54th Millie Watkins (Har) 9:07
90th Lucy Corkin (Isl) 9:32
100th Skye Kelly (Isl) 9:39
122nd Amara Odeogberin (Har) 9:51
134th Ella Higgins (Har) 9:58
153rd Libby Judd Hawkes (Isl) 10:07
U13 Boys (2,000m, 238 runners)
1st T Harmer (Croydon/South London) 7:25
30th Ivor Joslin (Isl) 8:17
33rd Tynan Parker (Isl) 8:18
53rd Sam Brown (Har) 8:26
72nd Benjy Bediako (Hac) 8:35
119th Eric Beale (Har) 8:56
128th Greg Berrisford Sweet (Isl) 8:59
162nd Thomas Conley (Isl) 9:17
183rd Joel Briars Coen (Har) 9:35
189th Rohan Jain (Isl) 9:40
233rd Ned Taylor (Isl) 11:02
U15 Girls (2,000m, 221 runners)
1st L Mannes Diaz De Cari (K&C/Blackheath) 7:53
66th Maia Hampton Phillips (Har) 9:08
80th Anna Pritchard (Isl) 9:19
96th Lorna Dumbleton (Hac) 9:29
124th Ella O'Flaherty (Hac) 9:46
139th Edie Friedlander (Hac) 9:54
180th Fabienne Weston (Hac) 10:31
U15 Boys (3,000m, 215 runners)
1st J Taylor (Southwark/South London) 10:34
11th Jack Davis Black (Har) 11:13
17th Spike Blake (Har) 11:23
21st Michael Smith (Isl) 11:33
76th Lucas Maher (Har) 12:33
94th Stan Hasson (Isl) 12:44
99th Max Deasy (Isl) 12:47
107th Avery Dietrich (Isl) 12:52
109th Fred Beale (Har) 12:54
123rd Arthur Reed (Har) 13:07
159th Arlo Harwood (Isl) 14:23
U17 Women (3,000m  103 runners)
1st A Ives (Havering/Basildon) 11:42
4th Mimi Blake (Har) 12:05
29th Mia Manttan (Har) 13:15
30th Evelyn Dumbleton (Hac) 13:15
U17 Men (5,000m, 121 runners)
1st A Samuels (Redbridge) 16:47
4th Thomas Archer (Hac) 17:19
8th Jake Evan's (Hac) 17:37
28th Oliver O'Connor (Isl) 18:27
55th Sid Diamond (Hac) 19:35
101st Kit Naylor (Hac) 22:06
107th Stan Brown (Har) 22:45

Away from the heady heights of the Cross Country, there was some slightly lower key but still noteworthy race performances to report                               

Wendover Woods 50, Buckinghamshire, 16/11/19

2 Heathsiders took on the challengeof this 50 mile race in the Chilterns, and Lenny describes it as “ quite a tough course of 5 ten mile laps, with a lot of climbing and descending and the last two laps mostly in the dark “.   Sounds tough !  The winner finished in 7hr 26min

57           Lenny Martin     11hr 5m 28s

95           Andrew Law       12hr 5m 53s       


Run Through Victoria Park 10K                   16/11/19

Paul Tonkinson wasn’t feeling “ perky enough “ for the XC but confirmed his good form along the well trodden paths of Victoria Park

21           Paul Tonkinson                 40m 19s


Hadleigh 5 Mile, Suffolk ,                            17/11/19

Describing it as a hilly and muddy road course, Fiona finished 1st in her age category

50           Fiona Holland                     42m 6s                  1st  FV60, 11th F


Park Runs

Park run results can be found here


Compiled by Mark, with thanks to contributions from Jacob, Simon, Lenny, Fiona, & Paul

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