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Let the marathons commence 
10.04.19 Manchester and Rotterdam marathons kicked off the Spring marathon season on Sunday, and all those hard months of training reaped great rewards for many. Gavin was first Heathsider home in Manchester in an amazing time of 2.52 and Tom Aldred led the smaller contingent home in Rotterdam, in a fantastic time of 2.23.29 (and a PB). There was a good variety of other races taking place - a sprinkling of Halves, the Victoria Park 5, 2.6 and 1 mile races, Battersea Park 10k, the Quadkids and Junior Open, the Watford and Lee Valley Open and Dover Aquathlon, Lyon Trail and South Downs Ultra.
Victoria Park 5, 2.6 and 1 mile races, 06.04.19
There were some impressive results from the juniors at Victoria Park on Saturday – Benjy Bediako came first in the U11s 1 mile race and Charlotte Beale came 5th place and 1st female, while Eric Beal came 2nd in the 2.6 mile race – congratulations to all three. 
In the five mile race Scarlett Parker had a terrific run and led the 11 Heathsiders home, in a time of 28.51 in 19th position, with Paul Beale one second behind him. Katy Webster also had a great run coming in 2nd woman (28th place), a big PB for Tom Bedwell (and possibly others). Ruth and Andrew were both first in the V60 category (with Andrew achieving an age adjusted PB!). The women's team was 2nd and the men's team 3rd and 5th.
Regents Park 10K Summer Series, 07.04.19
Rosa Serafina had a great run in the Regent's Park 10K summer series, coming home 1st lady, 11th overall in a time of 38.29, and Lyn Evans was 4th FV60 in a time of 1.02.
Sri Chinmoy "Fool's Paradise 10K, Battersea Park, 06.04.19
There was some strong running at the Battersea Park 10K on Saturday, with Josie Hinton coming in second woman and a PB for Emma Watson coming in 4th woman.
Quadkids and Junior Open, Finsbury Park, 30.03.19
Simon Baker reports on both events : “Sunday 30th March saw the Juniors kick off their Track and Field season with a Quadkids and inaugural Junior Open to set down some early markers ahead of the first MYAL on 27th April.  The cold winds, clocks going back and mothers day could not dampen the young athletes enthusiasm and almost 90 young athletes took part.
Quad Kids, Finsbury Park Track, 30.03.19
The Quadkids is a multi-event format with everyone completing a sprint (75m), run (600m), Long Jump and Vortex with scores awarded on performance which are then graded according to national standards.  The U13 event saw Skye Kelly winning the girls event finishing 2nd overall and achieving Gold Award status.  Arlo Harwood who won the boys competition achieved silver with Thomas Wasserman the 2nd boy a bronze award.  Willow Beckloff, Lucy Corkin and Zafiarah Badio all achieved bronze standard.
In the Under 11 Kiara Corkin achieved Bronze with Suraya Frost, Elkie Baker and Kotonuki Clarke all achieving Step 6 status, while Issac Barnes in the boys also achieved Step 6.  In the Under 7's Abraham Lock won the boys competition attaining Step 7 and Grace Wood Step 6.
Full results can be found on
Junior Open, Finsbury Park Track, 30.03.19
The club also held on Sunday an inaugural Junior Open to help the older Juniors test how well their winter training had progressed as well as try some of the events that might be new to them.  A host of PB's were achieved, some by considerable margins.  The results are below.
Many thanks to Russell and Rachel and the coaches for organising the competition and the parents who helped out and ensuring the event passed so successfully. “
Dover Aquathlon, Dover, 07.04.19
Martin and Jackie completed the foggy Dover Aquathlon on Sunday (400m swim and 5km run). Martin was 4th overall and Jackie was 3rd female in spite of the fact Jackie loved the swim so much she decided to complete two additional laps.
Manchester and Rotterdam Marathons, 07.04.19
Gavin sent in this report from the front line at Manchester: “A record number of 22 Heathsiders, plus former club stalwart Dan McKeown, turned out for the UK’s second biggest marathon (more than 20,000 entrants, more than 15,000 starters and nearly 14,000 finishers) – and 20 of us finished. Running conditions were perfect – a cool 10 degrees at the start and no breeze. The course itself is a bit more undulating that London (lots of bridges) but still relatively fast. Four of us went under three-hours and 17 of us under four hours.
Dan was going all out to beat younger brother Joe’s magnificent 2:47:08 (Valencia in December) and seemed well on his way to his sub-2:45 target when going through the halfway mark at 1:22:13. But the wheels came off in the second half and he ended up with 2:51:30 – a fine time by most people’s standards but a disappointment for Dan.
Ash Abrha and I (and possibly Dominic Jackson) picked Manchester with the aim of qualifying as V55s for our England vests. It required us to come in the first five, but this year the competition among the 406 V55s was significantly steeper than last year. In 2018 I was second in 2:52:50 and the winner was a few seconds ahead of me. This time the V55 winner did 2:45:14 and there were three of them under 2:50. I squeezed in with a 5thplace at 2:52:26.
Ash and I both ran silly races. We had instructed each other to go slowly at the start, and so it seemed: we both thought we were running slowly.  I had decided to do 6.30 miles but when we reached the one mile mark my time was 6:11 and Ash’s, 6:07. We tried to put on the brakes but the miles ticked by too quickly. I reached the halfway mark at 1:23:59 and Ash at 1:24:36. Inevitably, we both paid the price. I cramped over the last three painful miles and Ash had a miserable spell of walking before a Rasta in the crowd told him to keep his head-up and he rallied to finish in 2:57:53 (10th V55).
Adam Greenup was running his debut marathon and set himself a tough target time of 2:50. He went through the half at 1:23:10 but slowed badly towards the end, finishing in 2:53:48, which is still magnificent for a first marathon.
The fourth Heathsider under the three-hour mark was Graham Wilkinson in a PB of 2:58:09. Stephen Barron and Joe Pennington just missed the three-hour mark by 14 second and 20 seconds respectively – both PBs. Dominic Jackson was our third V55 in 3:02:26 – a strong showing considering that he lost nearly a month of training with a series of bad colds. He’s toying with the idea of running London as well.
Annabel Litchfield was the first of the seven Heathside woman who started the race, in a PB of 3:09:50, having hit the half marathon mark at 1:31:04. No doubt she’ll soon get under the three-hour mark.”
I had a brief one line report on the Rotterdam Marathon from Marco, which pretty much sums it up: " great atmosphere and fast course".  I’m unable to search the results by club, so hope I haven't left anyone out,  but the two results I do have are pretty spectacular. Tom Aldred came home in 34th in a time of 2.23.28 3rd M40, with Marco Serena not far behind in 2.43. A PB for both of them. 
Solihull and Berlin Half Marathons
Sion Lewis ran the Solihull half marathon on Sunday and came fifth in a time of 1:20:25, and Nick de Sausmarez popped over to Berlin for the Half, finishing in a time of 1.53.23.
Lyon Urban Trail, Lyon 07.04.19
Information is thin on the ground but Evangelista Divertain completed this 24k trail run in Lyon, in am impressive time, despite the 1050m elevation. She was 5th woman , 3rd senior woman, 125th overall.
South Downs Way, 50miles, Ultra, 06.04.19
Rajiv Ratan completed the South Downs Way Ultra (50 miles worth!) in 8.39.17 (I can't decipher the results to find his actual placing in the race).
Parkrun results can be found here. Tara Shrestha Carney was first woman at Stretford parkrun, Keith Burrows was first at Western Spring parkrun and Pete Gould was first at Ally Pally.
Junior Cross Country Season finale

Simon Baker sent in this report on the Junior XC season overall: "The Junior XC season was celebrated at the Club Croscars Awards. This has proven one of the clubs most successful seasons ever for the juniors with 68 8-17 year olds running in the club colours.  Highlights include the club's dominance at the Middlesex Championships, the U15 Boys 7th place at the National Championships and also placing 2nd in both the Met and NWLL leagues as did the U11 Boys who missed out on the NWLL title by the smallest of margins.  Young Heathsiders have also gone on to represent both their Respective Boroughs and Counties.

Over this season it has been great to see the development of young talent like Benjy Bediako who is following in the footsteps of Thomas Archer and Jem O'Flaherty who both registered top 10 finishes this season at National level. 

Medals were awarded for the top 3 in each age group for the Junior XC Points Championship and Shields presented for the best Junior XC runners to Thomas Archer (6th in the National XC Championships) and Rose Garrett (3 race wins and one 2nd place).

Thanks again to Ruth and Russell for all their organising over the season and for all the hard work by coaches Kabir and Zac.

Hopefully next season will see more of the same."


Quadkids Results, Finsbury Park Track, 30.03.19
U13 Boys (28 competitors)
1st Arlo Harwood 244 pts (11.55 sec (75m), 3.67m (LJ), 2:04 (600m), 32.98m (Vortex))
2nd Thomas Wasserman 230 pts (11.63, 3.95m, 2:21, 29.62m)
3rd Isaac Barnes 206 pts (12.56, 3.28m, 2:15, 30.93m)
U13 Girls (24 competitors)
1st Skye Kelly 231 pts (12.02, 3.62m, 2:04, 29.34m)
2nd Willow Beckloff 194 pts (11.99, 3.43, 2:15, 19.14m)
3rd Zafirah Badio 193 pts (11.68, 3.74m, 2:21, 15.26m)
U7 Boys (9 Competitors)
1st Abraham Lock 157 pts (14.60, 2.50m, 2:44, 11.80m)
2nd Kenzo Tyrell 102 pts (14.50, 1.50m, 3:07, 16.56m)
2nd Alexander Rankin 102 pts (15.90, 1.50m, 2:30, 9.26m)
U7 Girls (6 competitors)
1st Grace Wood 118 pts (14.80, 2.00m, 2:47, 7.10m)
2nd Amelia Cholerton 90 pts (16.70, 1.95m, 3:17, 7.36m)
3rd Eliza Burridge-Day 75 pts (15.40, 1.60m, 3:01, 5.30m)
London Heathside Junior Open Results, Finsbury Park Track, 30.03.19
100m H1 (Girls)
Mia Pegoraro (U15G) 14.49
Millie Watkins (U13G) 15.11
Anna Pritchard (U15G) 15.78

100m H2 (Girls)
Olivia Salagubaite (U17G) 14.49
Laila Tempesta (U13G) 14.58
Danae Odeogberin (U13G) 15.37
Tiffany Pieterse (U13G) 16.30
Tamsin Pieterse (U13G) 16.68
100m H3 (Boys)
Benjamin Folarin (U15B) 12.62
Tyresse Robne (U15B) 12.82
400m H1 (Boys)
Benjy Bediako (U13B) 69.46 PB
Tynan Parker (U13B) 73.40 PB
Gregory Berrisford-Sweet (U13B) 77.30 PB
400m H2 (Girls)
Millie Watkins (U13G) 67.18
Hattie Munday (U13G) 70.65
Mia Pegoraro (U13G) 72.37
Amara Odeogberin (U13G) 72.58
Anna Pritchard (U13G) 72.78
Tynan Parker (U13B) 05:12.4 PB
Arthur Reed (U15B) 05:12.7 PB By 5 sec
Hattie Munday (U13G) 05:31.7 PB By 14 sec
Greg Berrisford-Sweet (U13B) 05:38.1 PB By 10 sec
Skye Kelly (U13G) 05:48.5 PB
Izzy Watkins (U13G) 05:55.8
Amara Odeogberin (U13G) 05:56.8 PB By 50 sec
Long Jump
Tiffany Pieterse (U13G) 3.40m
Leila Tempesta (U13G) 3.15m
Tamsin Pieterse (U13G) 2.90m
Anna Pritchard (U15G) 2.50m
High Jump
Hattie Munday (U13G) 1.35m
Benjy Bediako (U13B) 1.22m

Christopher Budden (U15B) (600g) 17.45m (13.63m, 17.45m, NT, 16.75m)
Thomas Wassermann (U13B) (400g) 16.78m PB (7.74m, 12.29m, 16.11m, 16.78m)
Shot Put (2.72kg)
Thomas Wasserman (U13B) 6.72m
Christopher Budden (U15B) 6.20m
Danae Odeogberin (U13G) 5.42m
Laila Tempesta (U13G) 5.36m
Tamsin Pieterse (U13G) 4.84m
Watford Open, Watford, 03.04.19
Thomas Archer (U17) 4:08.96 PB
Jack Davis Black (U15) 4:39.09
Oliver O’Connor (U15) 4:42.96 PB
Spike Blake (U15) 4:53.38
Jem O’Flaherty (U20) 8:35.73 PB
Liam Garrett (U20) 8:41.79
Bedo Draskoczy (U15) 10:04.64 PB
Rose Garrett (U17) 10:29.64
Mimi Blake (U17) 10:57.65 PB
Lee Valley Open, Lee Valley Track 06.04.19
SM H7 Jeffrey Rice 12.01
SW H4 Alisha Abodunde 13.67
SM H6 Jeffrey Rice 24.81 w
SW H3 Alisha Abodunde 28.31 w
SX H2 Michael Bense (V45) 44.12
SX H3 Gregory Ducat (V35) 42.30
Noelle O'Regan 43.82
SM H3 Arthur Reed (U15) 2:31.31 PB
Pole Vault
Gokce Baydar (V35) 2.35m
Long Jump
Gregory Ducat 4.96m
Sri Chinmoy “Fool’s Paradise 10K”, Battersea Park, 06.04.19
12 James Gibson London Heathside Male 00:35:34
23 Stuart Meiklejohn London Heathside Male 00:36:49
27 Josie Hinton London Heathside Female 00:37:09 (2nd woman)
42 Rob Hynds London Heathside Runners Male 00:38:47
46 Emma Watson London Heathside Runners Female 00:39:38 (4th woman)
72 Sarah Duke London Heathside Runners Female 00:47:29
87 Rebecca Marshall London Heathside Female 00:51:05

Regents Park 10K Summer Series, 07.04.19
11th Rosa Serafina 38.29 (1st lady)
532 Lyn Evans 1.02 (4th V60)

Dover Aquathlon, Dover, 07.04.19
4th Martin Potter       Swim 8.24, run 19.37, overall 28.00
3rd Jackie Wastell    Swim 11.23, run 24.19, overall 35.41
Victoria Park 5, Victoria Park London, 06.04.19
19      Scarlett Parker  00:28:51.7   V40 men 5  
20      Paul Beale  00:28:52.4 V40 men 6  
23     Matthew Field  00:29:10.6 Senior men 13 
24    Jacob Phillips  00:29:20.8 Senior men 14 
25    Tom Bedwell  00:29:26.1 V40 men 8  (PB)
28    Katy Webster  00:29:34.2 Senior women 2  
59    Jessica Vinluan  00:35:03.0 Senior women 8  
64    Andrew Hudson  00:35:20.1 V60 men 1  
76    Ruth Miller  00:37:22.7 V60 women 1  
81    Alun Nash  00:38:24.6 V50 men 8  
94    Sue Eedle  00:40:06.8 V60 women 3
Team results

1st Victoria Park Harriers A
2nd London Heathside A
3rd Victoria Park Harriers B


1st Victoria Park Harriers A
2nd Victoria Park Harriers B
3rd London Heathside A
4th East London
5th London Heathside B 

Victoria 2.6 mile, Victoria 06.04.19
2nd Eric Beale (U11) 17:29
Victoria Park 1 mile, Victoria, 06.04.19
1st overall Benjy Bediako 6.38.(U11 boys)
5th Charlotte Beale (1st female) 8.19.05 (U11 girls)
Lyon Urban Trail, Lyon 07.04.19
125th Evangelista Divertain 2.16.29 (5th woman, 3rd Senior woman)
South Downs Way, 50miles, Ultra, 06.04.19
Rajiv Ratan  8.39.17 
Berlin Half Marathon, Berlin, 07.04.19
7203 Nick de Sausmarez 1.53.23
Solihull Half Marathon, Solihul, 07.04.19
5th Sion Lewis 1.20.25
Rotterdam Marathon, Rotterdam, 07.04.19
34th Tom Aldred 2.23 3rd M40
177th Marco Serena 2.43.36
Manchester Marathon, Manchester, 07.04.19
112th JCarlos Casal Perez 2.43.30
283rd   Gavin Evans - 02:52:26 (5th V55)
320th Adam Greenup - 02:53:48 (debut marathon)
362nd Tom Stottor - 2.54.22
500th Ash Abrha- 02:57:53 (10th V55)
545th Graham Wilkinson - 02:58:09 (PB)
699th Stephen Barron - 03:00:14 (PB)
851st Joe Pennington 03:00:20 (PB)
787th Dominic Jackson - 03:02:26 (16th V55)
1022nd Paul Mercer - 03:04:53
1265th Tom Haworth - 03:09:35
1279th Annabel Litchfield 03:09:50 (PB - 46th woman)
1343rd James Caven 03:13:18
1911th Matthew Beard - 03:21:02 (PB)
2316th James McBride - 03:31:07
4475th Yvette Ralston 03:41:14
4474th Alysia Sawicka - 03:45:32
5476th Becky Sandford - 03:52:47 (V40)
5427th Natalie Whitworth - 03:56:47
6200th Daniel Ison - 04:05:57
6619th Rob Bean - 04:05:11
9199th Samantha Chapman - 04:38:24
DNF Anthony Leonard           
DNF Hayley Templeman
(261st Dan McKeown (now with Ilkley Harriers) – 2:51:30)
Compiled by Caroline with thanks to Simon, Martin P, Sion, Scarlett, Andrew H, Gavin

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