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Frequently Asked Questions

Heathside welcomes new members! In anticipation of questions newcomers might have we have provided some answers and contact names and e-mail addresses in case you need more information. Here's to seeing you soon ... 

1. I’m quite new to running and have never trained with a club before – will I be able to keep up in one of your training sessions?

That depends. And as understandable a question it is, the answer may not even really matter that much - we’re a friendly bunch and even if you struggle at the beginning you WILL get faster. We can do more than reassure, however – if you’re able to run for 45 minutes but you’re new to running you may want to start by coming along to one of our road running sessions, on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 from the North London YMCA or on Wednesdays at The Royal Free Hospital Recreation Club at 7:00pm. Contact Barbara for more information about the Tuesday session on or Martin Potter for more information about the Wednesday session, on

2. I’ve done quite a bit of running before and have some/quite a bit of club running experience – whaddya got?


Training sessions are held on 5 days out of 7. Depending on the season this involves a long run on Sunday from Highgate Tube station, interval sessions either on the track, road or parkland on Tuesdays through to Thursday and on Saturdays depending on the club’s racing programme. For details on any of these training sessions, contact Tony on

3. I used to be/am/want to be a sprinter, jumper or thrower – can you help?

We offer a full track and field training and racing programme. Our home track is Finsbury Park, partly operated by the club itself. Sessions for sprinters, and all other technical events are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and in the mornings at the weekend. Please contact Sam Brown for further information on

4. I’ve got young kids – does Heathside offer any training for young athletes?

We sure do. We have over 100 young athletes in our ranks. Please see the Young Athletes tab in the main menu on our website for more information about our YA programme.

5. How much does it cost? How do I join?

We like to offer newcomers an opportunity to try us out before contributing to the cost of running the club, so your first two sessions will be free. Thereafter we ask people to complete a form to become a paying member. For adults (18 and over) the annual membership fee is £65, for under-18s the fee is £60. We may be biased but we think this is great value for money: it gives you access to a range of training sessions, free entry to cross-country races and track and field competitions, a club vest, £2 off road race entries, and access to a great club, with great people.

6. Does Heathside love competing?

YES WE DO! Cross Country, Road Running, Track and Field Athletics, Parkruns, Triathlons, we do it all Just take a look at our front page to see our race reports and you’ll get a flavour of how much we love competing. Our women’s team won the Metropolitan Cross Country League in 2014-2015! We also have a full road racing programmeacross all distances with as many as 60 members competing each year in the London Marathon, and in the summer we compete in the Southern Athletic League. If you wanted there is probably a race to compete in every week of the year.