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The Crowned Jules! 
Regents Park Summer Series - Sunday 1st September 2019
Julia Bijl held her nerve and obliterated her main rivals whilst putting the boys up front under some serious pressure to take a scinitllating overall Ladies' victory with a glorious PB to boot!  Andrew Mcgeary was close behind taking 6th overall and 1st Vet, with Rachel Tranter taking 1st V50.

Overall Name Net Time Category Pos. Cat Gender  
4 Julia Bijl 00:36:26 FSEN 1 1 PB
6 Andrew Mcgeary 00:36:52 MV40 1 5  
75 Andrew Hudson 00:46:05 MV60 3 67  
112 Rachel Tranter 00:48:11 FV50 1 18  
125 Anthony Chin 00:48:30 MV60 4 102  
141 Andy Conway 00:49:37 MV50 15 115  
163 Simon Hazel 00:50:13 MV50 16 130  
Southern Counties VETS League Finals - Ashford - Sunday 1st Sept 2019
Cap'n Mary led a team of brilliant Athletes to Ashford in their first time representing at this Annual Fixture. They were there on merit after a superb season of Track & Field and all performed brilliantly on the day, with a step up in the quality of the opposition. Vet League regular and multi-eventer Emilia reports: 
Sunday saw the climax of an amazing summer for Heathside’s Ladies Vets.  After winning each of their 4 Vets league athletics matches over the last few months, the time had come for them to be tested against the best of the vets in the South in the Southern Athletics Vets league final in Ashford. 

In the end, it was a fantastic day, with PBs, true team spirit and camaraderie.  Even a few transport hitches, including a coach in Neasden and a “scenic routes” setting on Google Maps failed to spoil the day.

First on the track were Sue Rust, Rebecca Marshall and Emilia in the V35A and B and the V50 respectively.  All ran well, with Rebecca making a strong debut and Sue setting a seasons best (2:40), despite reporting her shortest ever warm-up for a race. Meanwhile Satu threw the shot just 3 cm short of her PB. Next up, Victoria Philips and Jessica Vinluan did the 2000M walk for Heathside, with a new PB for Victoria.

Madeleine Minson had one of the busiest and successful days, competing in 6 events.  She set a PB in the high and long jump (1.20m and 3.51m respectively), and came 2nd in the 400m triple jump and the javelin throw, with a PB for both of the latter (7.92m and 18.60m).  Mary Keehoe and Sue Eedle, were also busy, competing in 4 events, with Sue setting a PB in the javelin and coming second in the high jump with a new PB.  The 100m relay and 400m finished smoothly despite some hitches to the start, with team Heathside coming second and third respectively.

Other PBs included those of Emily Reichert in the 200 and 400m and of Jane Rankine (200m).  There were also some track debuts (Shelly Fennel) and welcome comebacks (Ann Woulffe). It was great to see Satu Hietanen celebrate her return to running in the 3000m race, and finishing just a few seconds outside of her PB. Louisa Pointon showed true Heathside commitment by running her debut 3000m after having competed in the Heath’s gruelling pondathon that morning. 

Performance of the day was perhaps Ruth’s spectacular 1500m run, which saw her finishing first in her age category and outrunning many women in younger age categories.  She then followed this up with a thrilling 400m run, in which she was narrowly pushed into second position.  Even the track officials were awestruck at her performance and Ruth is now in the top 10 in the country for both the 1500m and 400m.   

In the end, Heathside ladies finished a creditable 5th against the best of the southern vets -  a great achievement for a team in which many had only recently started taking part in track and field events.  Most importantly, we gained valuable experience and insight into areas which we can improve on, which will prove useful for a bid to return next year. 

Huge thanks are due to Chris for his patient coaching, Dave Walton, Tony Killilea and Philip Hogg for giving up their day to officiate, Linda for giving up her Sunday to provide vocal support in every event (even when she was on the other side of the stadium).  We are also grateful to the athletes (e.g. Claudia, Gokce, Sarah, Rachel) who helped us to reach the finals, but who, for various reasons, couldn’t make it.

Finally, we are enormously indebted to our captain, Mary Kehoe.  Without her vision, endless enthusiasm and inspiration, many of us would not have started taking part in track and field events, let alone imagined reaching the finals.  We look forward to working towards improving and reaching the vets finals in many happy summers to come!

Results (with many PBs!)
100 W35 A      
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 14.76 Emily Reichert V35  
100 W35 B      
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 15.3 Ann Woulfe V35 PB
100 W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 15.62 Helene Kehoe V55  
100 W60        
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 18.42 Sue Eedle V60  
200 W35 A      
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 29.82 Emily Reichert V35 PB
200 W35 B      
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 30.79 Jane Rankine V35 PB
200 W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 32.81 Helene Kehoe V55  
400 W35 A      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 79.82 Ann Woulfe V35 PB
400 W35 B      
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 68.7 Emily Reichert V35 PB
400 W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 76.22 Madeleine Minson V50  
400 W60        
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 82.01 Ruth Miller V60 PB
800 W35 A      
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 02:40.1 Sue Rust V40 SB
800 W35 B      
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 03:08.7 Rebecca Marshall V40 PB
800 W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 03:07.0 Emilia Vynnycky V50  
1500 W35        
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 05:32.5 Sue Rust V40 SB
9 05:50.9 Jessica Vinluan V35 SB
1500 W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
3 06:10.2 Ruth Miller V60 PB
8 06:55.5 Shelly Fennell V55 PB
3000 W35        
Pos Perf Name AG  
7 11:58.7 Louisa Pointon V35 PB
11 12:34.0 Satu Hietanen V40  
15 12:53.0 Emilia Vynnycky V50 PB
2000W W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
9 15:34.0 Victoria Phillips V55 PB
10 15:37.6 Jessica Vinluan V55  
4x100 W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 60.84 London Heathside V55  
4x400 W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
3 05:00.0 London Heathside V55  
HJ W35        
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 1.15 Satu Hietanen V45 PB
HJ W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
3 1.2 Madeleine Minson V50 PB
HJ W60        
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 1.05 Sue Eedle V60 PB
LJ W35        
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 2.07 Rebecca Marshall V40 PB
LJ W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
4 3.51 Madeleine Minson V50 PB
LJ W60        
Pos Perf Name AG  
3 2.57 Sue Eedle V60 PB
TJ W35        
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 5.83 Helene Kehoe V55 SB
TJ W50        
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 7.92 Madeleine Minson V50 PB
SP4K W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 6.53 Satu Hietanen V45  
SP3K W50      
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 6.91 Madeleine Minson V50  
SP3K W60      
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 4.17 Ruth Miller V60  
DT1K W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 14.54 Satu Hietanen V45 PB
DT1K W50      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 13.21 Helene Kehoe V55  
HT4K W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 11.85 Sue Rust V40 SB
HT3K W50      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 15 Helene Kehoe V55  
JT600 W35      
Pos Perf Name AG  
6 12.16 Sue Rust V40 SB
JT500 W50      
Pos Perf Name AG  
2 18.6 Madeleine Minson V50 PB
JT500 W60      
Pos Perf Name AG  
5 10.62 Sue Eedle V60 PB

Ötillö 2019 Swimrun World Champs
Stockholm, Archipelago- Sept 2nd
Francois Barou had a date with destiny, one of his favourite events in the calender - the Ötillö Swimrun World Championships, and again he turned in a terrific performance along with his team partner Chis Duval-Kieffer. This very tough event involves racing on land and sea spanning many Islands in the Baltics with a total of 65K trail running and 10K open water swimming. The pair finished in 11H19 (101st overall / 62nd men) - and apparently enjoyed their third outing. He reports on Strava:
"Thanks a lot Everyone. Warm words and friendships much appreciated! We had a good race as oldies in the field - first 65K to plan and we managed fuelling / fatigue issues as best as we could in the last 10k. Tons learnt, tons to improve on next year. A day full of happiness and swimrun camaraderie"
Time -11 Hours 19 Minutes / Distance - 46.8 miles

LICC Meeting 4
31st August 2019
At Allianz Park on Saturday Morning, there were a crew of us taking part in the final LICC Fixture of the season. With perfect weather for Track & Field, it was a well attended meeting delivering a fantastic day of athletic performances. Jim took an 11 second PB to place 6th in a competitive 3000m and there were PBs as well for Sam Ingram in the High Jump, Joel Hawes in the Discus and Thomas Wasserman in the Javelin.
SX8 Tom Bedwell (V40) 13.45
SX1 Daniel Aka 26.10
SX5 Tom Bedwell (V40) 27.24
SX2 Richard Macaulay 55.17
SX2 Jennifer Wing 2:25.86
SX2 Mark Jefford (V50) 2:27.77
SX4 Amara Odeogberin (U13) 2:46.23
SX1 Sam Ingram (U17) 4:59.38
James  Connell (V45) 10:48.96 PB

High Jump
Sam Ingram (U17) 1.55m PB

Shot Put
Izaiah Turner 11.15m
Joel Hawes 32.78m PB
Izaiah Turner 32.30m
Thomas Wasserman (U13) 22.44m PB

London Hyde Park "Last Friday" - Aug 30th 2019

Pete Ward was beaming with his shiny new 5k PB whilst Rob, off the back of his recent Ultra Marathon Victory, stopped in for another pacey run. This week he was on his feet for a slightly shorter amount of time. 
Position Time Name Cat  
46 18:45 Peter Scodie-Ward V35 PB
57 19:18 Robert Shulman V50  
UTMB - Charmonix, France. 26th Aug-1st Sept 2019
A few Heathsiders were in attendance at one of, if not, the most prestigious running events in the world - Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc. 
There are a few different races TDS, OCC, UTMB, CCC, MCC - all varying in distance and difficulty. In reality, they are all bloody long and all bloody hard! 
Claire Morrissey and Dominic Jones etched them names onto the wall of Heathside legends by taking on the Big One - UTMB and both delivered. Dom writes: 
I was out in Chamonix to run the UTMB (106 miles and 10,000m+ elevation). Was delighted to finish at all, and eventual time of 31 hours 8 minutes (for 145th place out of ~2500 runners) was far better than I could have hoped for given much of my training was on the somewhat smaller Box Hill. Just an incredible, beautiful, brutal course and amazing support and atmosphere.
145th Overall     Dominic Jones            31:08:06
70th Woman      Claire Morrissey          42:31:43
Meanwhile, our Ultra regular, Lenny Martin took part in the "CCC" (Courmayeur - Champex - Chamonix) a shorter race of only a mere 101 km  and 6,100 metres of climbing - on a baking hot Saturday! With the Eiger Trail probably still in his legs, this was probably one race too many. He was unable to hold his food down, he tried to regroup in the medical tent but after about 70K and 15+ hours on his feet, he bravely dropped out. I'm sure we'll be seeing him back there in the next couple of years.
National U15/U17 Athletics Championships
31st August to 1st September 2019
Unfortunately the long season appeared to take it’s toll at the National U15/U17 Athletics Championships held at Bedford.  While Rose Garrett ran a solid 1500m finishing 16th in the final her time was some 20 sec outside her PB, both Bedo Draskoczy (U15B 3000m) and Thomas Archer (U17M 3000m) failed to finish their races while injuries saw Oliver O’Connor and Lucas Maher unable to take part.
It is however just an achievement to qualify to take part in this meeting which saw the best young athletes in the country register a number of new championship bests and all time best performances.
U17W 1500m
16th Rose Garrett 5:06
Hampstead Heath Duathlon - Sunday 1st Sept 2019 
Caroline reported back: 11 Heathsiders took part in the 21st Hampstead Heath Duathlon (or pondathon as it is affectionately known). This race consists of swimming in all 3 the swimming ponds Mens, Ladies and the Mixed pond (and the lido)  and running between each, starting at the Lido and finishing on the race track. Depending on the weather over the summer the ponds can be extremely cold by early September, but yesterday thanks to a recent patch of warm weather they were a toasty 21 degrees (warmer than the air), and conditions were perfect.
It is a really fun, happy event, with a wonderful atmosphere all the way round. It IS a race, but feels more like an adventure run/swim, with the pleasure being simply to take part and not about the times.
Everyone enjoyed it, and after hot showers, the amazing spread of cakes and sandwiches, tea, coffee and soft drinks revived everyone very thoroughly, and everyone definitely intended to return next year (with some more swimming training under the belts!).
83rd Eilidh Wagstaff 42.01
110th Louisa Pointon 44.06
125th Filipe Cardoso 45.11
141st Mike Hickey 45.50
142nd Caroline White 45.52
147th Holly Fenton 45.57
177th Katie Belkin 47.41
190th Natalie Shoham 48.24
208th Patrick McHugh 49.59
312th Laura Boothman 1.05.34
326th Bob Gould 1.19.36

Kent AC Club Championships presents "The Ladywell 10,000s"   
Catford - 01/09/2019   
At the Ladywell 10,000s, Heathsiders made it PBs all round with Age Group records for Seyfu and Catrin. Seyfu repeated his Saturday Park Run performance by producing the 3rd fastest 10km by a U20 nationally this year!
Race 1    
7th - 30:50.6 - Seyfu Jamaal PB
Race 4   
11th - 36:07.4 - Joseph McKeown PB
19th - 37:56.1 - Edward Adams PB
Race 5   
2nd - 36:56.2 - Catrin Tyler PB
19th - 40:40.98 - Jonathan Litchfield
Cardiff 10K - Sunday 1st Sept
In Cardiff, the PB trend continued as Sion and Danny placed highly in the top 1% of finishers.

56th - Sion Lewis - 34:26 - PB
65th - Danny O'reilly - 34:37 PB

Wilne 10KSunday 1st Sept

At the Wilne 10K in Derby, Pete Northall placed 9th Overall in a superb fast 32:45 hacking a whopping 2 minutes of his previous best for a new PB!


Many Heathsiders took part at events all over the shop, but Finsbury Park delivered a "tear-up" between Seyfu, Tom and Andy for a Heathside 1-2-3, where ultimately, the young lad came out on top! 


Low grade tabloid style reporting provided by Jimbob with some assistance from the usual suspects - my esteemed colleagues at the London Heathside News Desk. 


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