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Club Championships

Club Records

Pages and pages of outstanding results achieved by talented athletes wearing the Heathside vest (or that of our predecessor clubs) - these are the records to beat! For any queries or to submit a record-breaking performance please contact Edward Garrett on

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The Club Championships

Heathside runs a series of internal club championships for road racing, cross-country, track & field and Triathlon and Duathlon. These are competed for annually and the winners are presented with their prizes at the Christmas Party or the Summer Ball. 

1. The Turner Shield 

The Turner Shield is London Heathside’s longest standing award. It is awarded each year to the club’s most consistent male cross country runner and was first presented to the club before the Second World War, so the previous winners include many of the club’s top runners over the years. Points are scored in the main cross-country races each winter, usually 12 of them, and the person with most points wins.

Turner Shield 2015-16

1. Charles Hardy

2. Andrew Brooker

3. Dan McKeown

Vets: Chris-Hartley

Full Turner Shield standings 2015-16 (PDF) 

The Turner Shield 2014-15: Download PDF

The Turner Shield 2013-14: Download PDF

The Turner Shield 2012-13: Download PDF The Turner Shield 2011-12: Download PDF

The Turner Shield 2010-11: Download PDF

The Turner Shield 2009-10: Download PDF

2. The Lambert Trophy

The Lambert Trophy was presented to the club about 20 years ago by Ron Lambert, who correctly felt it was about time there was a female equivalent of the Turner Shield. It works in exactly the same way with points being scored in the same major races and with the overall winner being the person who scores most points.

Lambert Trophy 2015-16

1. Colette Monahan

2. Sue Rust

3. Ula Cartwright-Finch

Vets: Ula Cartwright-Finch

The Lambert Trophy 2014-15: Download PDF

The Lambert Trophy 2013-14: Download PDF

The Lambert Trophy 2012-13: Download PDF The Lambert Trophy 2011-12: Download PDF

The Lambert Trophy 2010-11: Download PDF

The Lambert Trophy 2009-10: Download PDF

3. Rob Jackson Trophy (RJT)
Information for 2019
Following the recent committee meeting it was agreed to keep the race series for the  Rob Jackson Trophy (RJT) 2019 the same as for 2018. We are hoping that at least 50% of our members will participate in at least one of the designated races for 2019.
How the Rob Jackson Trophy competition works:
• The championship starts in January and ends in September (to minimise clashes with cross country races).
• There are ten races, with members needing to complete three races to be eligible for an award but allowing the best six races to count.
• The scoring system:  the first placed LHS runner in any given race is awarded 100 points, the second place 99 points, third 98 etc. separately for men and women.
• There will be separate awards for each age category (senior, 40 plus, 50 plus, 60 plus) for men and women (eight in total)

You are advised to enter the races early as they tend to sell out.

The races are:
1. Fred Hughes 10    20th Jan 2019
2. Watford Half Marathon   3rd Feb 2019
3. Hillingdon 20 (this replaces the Finchley 20 which no longer exists)  10th March 2019
6. LHS Handicap 5k  July 2019  TBC
7. Battersea Relays (3x1M) 22nd July 2019 
8. Battersea 5k    5th August 2019 
9. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10k  7th September 2019 
10. Middlesex 10k September 2019 TBC  
The intention is to support new runners to the club to prepare for the Crouch End 10K and to have a similar training programme for the QE Olympic Park 10k. Details of training will be given nearer the time.
We will be promoting the RJT championship throughout the season to both existing and new members.
For any enquiries about the Rob Jackson Road Race Championships please contact Nilesh Goswami

Rob Jackson Trophy 2018 FINAL RESULTS:

The Rob Jackson Trophy series is now over for another year, and the final calculations have been made. Big congratulations to Andy Barnes and Rachel Scott Halls who led the men and women home and to runners-up and age category winners. The full results can be seen here. Awards will be made at the Christmas party in December. Do leave any comments or feedback with Nilesh at

Previous Results:

1st Eilidh Wagstaff       
2nd  Satu Hietanen
3rd  Sue Eedle
1st  Simon Dunderdale
2nd   Nick Dodd
3rd Nilesh Goswami



1st - Celine Bradley

2nd - Satu Hietanen

3rd - Alice Hosking

Women's Standings 2016


1st - Andy Barnes

2nd - Jonathan Litchfield

3rd - Jake Spencer

Men's Standings 2016


Women's Winner: Sandra Buckton

Women's Standings 2015

Men's Winner: Andy Barnes

Men's Standings 2015

4. Club Track & Field Championships

This is a relatively new Heathside promotion, having only started in 2008. 

It takes place over two Tuesday evenings in June or July at Finsbury Park track with three track events and two or three field events on each evening. 

It is mainly just for fun and to give people a chance to try out new events without the pressure of league competition. There is however a prize for the best all round athlete, for which you have to compete in at least one sprint, one longer race, one jump and one throw, with the times/heights/distances converted into points using decathlon tables and age gradings so that members of all ages and both genders can compete on a level playing field.

5. Triathlon and Duathlon Championships

These take place from May to August. There are two championships - one for Sprint Triathlon and one for Duathlon. For more information see the Triathlon section.

Plus: the London Heathside Club Handicap

Normally the third Tuesday night in July. A fun event for club members only, where in a combined 5K race, men and women compete for separate awards in a run around beautiful Highgate Woods.

The format is that the slower runners start off the course a pre-determined number of minutes and seconds before the scratch runners. This time is their handicap time and is assigned by the handicappers, who base their estimates on recent form.

2017 Handicap race results: click here
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