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Essex & Ross take silver at British Masters 

Lots of prizes for Heathsiders at the weekend: Adrian Essex (V65) and Ivan Ross (V40) both won silver medals in the British Masters’ Championships; Amy Cook was the first woman in the Regent’s Park 10k, while Pete Crockford, Sara Black and Sue Eeedle won age group prizes; Rebecca Bunting came second in the Worthing 10k, beating her PB by more than a minute, and Kelly Thorneycroft came second in her 3,000m UK Women’s League race. Meanwhile, on Thursday night, somethling like 60 of our runners took part in the club's Finsbury Park Open Meeting at the new track.

British Masters Championships, Horspath, June 3 2018

Two of our veterans excelled in the five-event British Masters’ Championships in Horspath on Sunday. Both won silver medals. Ivan also delivered a PB with 2315 points, which included a PB in the 1500 (4:59). Adrian also came up with an age-based PB performance, with 3,007 points. Here is his report:

“If you want a good day out, with competition, camaraderie and impressive all-round performances look no further than the Old Age Pensioners. Six entrants among us over-65s – yes six. Slightly surprising perhaps that there are so many old men who can remember what pentathlon means, and they turned up for a close fought match of a standard sufficiently high that I scored more than 3000 points for the first time. 

“There were three different leaders at the end of each of the five events. Regrettably I was never one of them, but still reasonably content with my 3,007 points and runner up in a British Championship.

“As well as their athletic skills the participants can boast, either currently or in the very recent past: cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, recurrent debilitating migraine, pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo and hay fever. It's bein' so cheerful keeps us going.

“Ivan also got a silver medal in his age group but by the time he finished I was following Alf Tupper's diet in Harry Ramsden's at the Oxford Services. And don't forget. If you are over 35 you too can enjoy these age-related benefits in the Vets League at Stevenage on June 11.”

London Heathside Finsbury Park Open, Thursday May 31

Heathside runners turned out in style for our club's maiden open meeting on Thursday night - at least 60 in all. There were several strong performances, particularly from our juniors. A few worth mentioning include: 14-year-old Rufus Tansey running 12.08 in the 100m and 25.04 in the 200m. Aleeya Sibbons (U17W) ran a nifty 12.38 inthe 100m while 12-year-old Laila Tempesta ran 14.4. In the 300m, 14-year-old Lucas Maher ran 43.69; in the 400m U17 Ella Conlon ran 63.33 while Richard Mcaulay ran 54.48. A total of 37 of our members took part in the 1,000m. Best of the bunch included a 2:55.79 for U17 Lemi Mideska, 3:00.45 for Bethany Scott, and 2:46.73 for U20 Antana Weston.


UK Women’s League Division 2, Match 1

Kelly Thorneycroft excelled in the UK Women’s League Division 2 3,000 meter race, coming second out of 11 in a time of 10:21.23 – less than two seconds behind the winner.

Regent’s Park 10k, Sunday June 3

Twenty-two of our members completed the Regent’s Park 10k on Sunday. The hot, humid conditions were not ideal for PBs but our lot still delivered in style.

First home was Andy Barnes in fifth place in a time of 36:11 (43 seconds slower than in the Vitality 10k last weekend, which is the difference the heat makes). He was followed, in 10th and 11th places, by Jack Hardy in 37:19 and Chris Burke in 37:37. 

Amy Cook had an eye-catching run as the first woman home (and 25th overall) in a PB time of 39:17. According to Power of 10 it was only her second PB and her third race other than Parkruns (and she ran the Burgess Parkrun the day before).

Pete Crockford was the first V60 and also smashed the club V60 record in a time of 40:18, which put him in 32nd place overall (based on gun times) out of 792 finishers – not bad for a 60-year-old. Carl Heap was the second V60 in 45:32. 

Sara Black was the first V45 woman in 42:38 and Sue Eedle was the first V55 woman in 50:03.

Chiltern Chase, 15K, Sunday June 3 

Emilia Vynnycky was the first of five Heathside women who ran the hot, hilly and scenic 15k Chiltern Chase on Sunday. Here’s her report:

“Five Heathsiders escaped from London on Sunday to run in the Chiltern Chase 15K.  This was a low-key, locally-organised event, starting in the village Ewelme (pronounced “You-elm), aptly-named, given the sheep grazing near the start.  Despite the heat, the course was idyllic, going through fields and wildflowers, with red kite floating overhead.  There were some serious hills, and the highlights included going past a pig farm with some hungry-sounding pigs, helping to speed everyone along and a duck pond with ducklings, having the opposite effect. 

“Emilia and Jackie Wastell were first in for Heathside, with Jackie’s efforts being particularly heroic, given her painful blisters and long break from trail racing.  Becky Sandford stormed in soon after, with Rachel Scott-Halls and Rebecca Marshall reaching the finish line apparently effortlessly soon after.  We missed out on the prizes (baskets of local honey) and decided to get faster so that we would stand in contention for them next year.  Overall, everyone enjoyed the morning, rounded off by the tea and home-baked cakes.”

Worthing 10k, Sunday June 3 

Rebecca Bunting cut more than a minute off her 10k PB on her home patch of Worthing on Sunday, finishing fast in 37:50 to pick up the £100 cheque for being the second woman. The previous day she won the Worthing Parkrun in a speedy 18:10.

She reports: “It would have been rude, and difficult, not to run this one as it started and finished outside my flat. It was a joyful event with over 2,500 runners, plenty of spectators along the prom and a beautiful sunny day.” 

Abersoch 10k, North Wales, Saturday June 2

Alice Hosking was the 14th woman in the brutally hilly Abersoch 10k, in a time of 47:52. Here’s her report: 

“It's a beautiful course, with spectacular views of the bay. The course includes Tocyn Brutal, a legendary 140ft climb mid-race, along with several other hills. The last kilometre is on the beach, hurdling/climbing over groynes and trying not to get too wet (before jumping in the sea after finishing). So not a PB course, but I would definitely recommend it for a mini adventure.”


What might be a record number of 65 of our runners took part in 29 Parkruns on Saturdays. There were first places for Sue Rust in Finsbury Park (20:42), Tom Fancett in Torbay Velopark (18:03), Olivia Desborough in Highbury Fields (19:30), Lily Woolcock in Ally Pally (21:42), and Rebecca Bunting in Worthing (18:10). The consolidated Heathside results are here:


British Masters Championships, Horspath, June 3 2018

Adrian Essex (V65) – silver medal (3,007 points)

Long jump – 4.19m

Javelin – 25.69m

200m – 28.29

Discuss – 22.56m

1500 – 6:08.00


Ivan Ross (V40) – silver medal (2315 points)

Long jump – 4.64m

Javelin – 35.46m

200m – 27.31

Discuss – 21.25m

1500 – 4:59.86(PB)


UK Women’s League Division 2, Match 1

 2nd Kelly Thorneycroft – 10:21.23.

Regent’s Park 10k, Sunday June 3 (792 finishers)

(places below are gun times; times are chip times)

5th. Andy Barnes – 36:11

10th. Jack Hardy – 37:19

11th. Christopher Burke – 37:37

25th. Amy Cook – 39:17 (1st woman)

40th. Tom Grimley – 39:53

32nd. Pete Crockford – 40:18 (1st V60 and club V60 record)

59th Tatyana Potiyenko – 42.38

63rd Sara Black – 42:49 (1st V45)

82nd Jonathan Parker – 43:43

94th William Whitaker – 44:26

101st Ian Anderson – 44:31

102nd Carl Heap 45:32 (2nd V60)

122nd Tony Chin – 46:56

128th Guillaume Pichois – 46:17

139th Nilesh Goswami – 47:24

145th Tammela Platt - 48:04

189th Patrick Mchugh – 49:09

205th Sue Eedle – 50:03 (1st V55)

222nd Lixberth Diaz – 50:42

283rd Jon Whitley – 52:30

287th Beatiz Vega – 53:04

289th – Marianne Gibson – 53:34

380th Natalie Shoham – 56:37


Chiltern Chase, 15K, Sunday June 3

29   Emilia Vynnycky     1:12:57

39  Jackie Wastell          1:17:04

60  Becky Sandford        1:23:38

72  Rachel Scott-Halls       1.27:09

79  Rebecca Marshall       1:28:32


Worthing 10k, Sunday June 3 

2nd woman Rebecca Bunting – 37:50 (PB)

Abersoch 10k, North Wales, Saturday June 2

 14th woman Alice Hosking – 47:52


London Heathside Finsbury Park Open Meeting, Thursday May 31


Full results can be found on Power of 10 here:

Report by Gavin Evans with thanks to Emilia Vynnycky, Adrian Essex, Alice Hosking, Rebecca Bunting and Pete Crockford.


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