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Brighton, Paris and Boston marathons 

In part 2 of this week’s race roundup, we report on the Paris, Brighton and Boston marathons, as well as the Droitwich half marathon, Thames Towpath 10 and the Highgate Harriers open meeting.

Highgate Harriers open meeting

Simon Baker sent in the following report from the Highgate Harriers open:  “A sunny but breezy Parliament Hill saw Highgate Harriers hold their season opener.  A host of Heathsiders recorded PBs.  Suraya Frost however produced the performances of the evening with a new LJ PB by almost 50cm and running 11.03 in the 75m, unfortunately it was wind assisted but would have been 2nd fastest time by an U11 this year.”

Paris and Brighton Marathons

Several Heathsiders ran in the Paris and Brighton marathons last weekend.  Jonathan Shipley reported perfect conditions in Paris for his debut marathon, finishing in a great timeof 3 hours and 4 minutes, whilst Gavi Simons finished in 3 hours 46 minutes.  Alice Hosking thoroughly enjoyed the Brighton marathon  finishing in 3:39:43, followed soon after by Peter Hurst who set a PB of 3:46.  Natalie Shoham also finished well under the 4 hour mark (3:55) followed not long after that by Patrick McHugh.

Boston Marathon

In Boston, USA, the world’s oldest Marathon took place on Monday 15th April - Patriots Day. Several Heathsiders completed the race with James Barnard surviving a humid race and producing an outstanding 2.57 to build on his very good Spring Campaign. Marathon stalwarts Jim and Sara were back in the 3-Teens, Sara just dropped in for a 24 hour smash’n’grab to run the race on her way back from Florida. She’d already completed Tokyo, her final Marathon Major, a few weeks back the mad woman!  Lucy Stanfield had a great run to finish in 3:43:29.  

Jim writes: Once again, the weather took me out, but you can’t win them all! The forecast was shocking all week and slowly improved as we got close to race day. At one point it was suggested that we would have heavy rain and then it would dry out and we would get a tailwind all the way in to Boylston St. The threat of warmer temperatures loomed, but with the cloud and breeze it should have been OK.

The thunderstorms happened early in the morning and made the trip to the race village more like a trip to Glastonbury! It made me laugh to see so many people clutching their Vaporflys all wrapped in plastic bags. I had followed suit and taken a spare pair of trainers and socks to ditch just before the start. Everyone was togged up in plastic ponchos trying to keep dry, and when the rain stopped and it became quite pleasant. I lined up in in wave 2 with Sara and off we went. 

My race went well for 19 miles. The course is quite enjoyable with a great atmosphere. It undulates and winds on and on-point to point with no sharp turns.  I’d paced 3 hours quite nicely but I was feeling warm as the temps reached 70+ on course. I kissed a Wellesley girl at the college’s famous “Scream Tunnel” (didn’t do that in 2015) but as I reached the Newton hills the clouds disappeared and there was no cover. I could feel myself baking and started taking walks and water “tipping”. By the time I reached the top of Heartbreak I’d lost a lot of time and had no energy or desire to try to get it back. Finishing was now the objective and I reached Boylston with 3.15 on the clock, although I stopped just before the finish to help a girl who was collapsing. We tried to get her walking to the finish but she was like a baby giraffe trying to stand. I got some marshals to help her and then I limped over the line in 3.17.

Starting out of wave 2 was definitely a factor for me and Sara. There was no cloud cover or shade from any buildings through the hardest section of the course, and we were surrounded by walkers all blowing up. I got quite badly sunburnt. Friends who ran out of wave 1 started roughly half an hour earlier and weren’t affected by the sun until miles 23-24 where you had shade back in the city and downhill momentum to get you through to the end, and as a result most of them performed very well including James. 

Will I go again? 100% Yes! It was an amazing weekend. 

Droitwich and Thames Towpath 10

Ben Montilla reported from Droitwich: “I did 1hr42:28 in the Droitwich half marathon on 14 Apr. Hilly course on quiet roads in Worcestershire, event hosted by Droitwich AC. “

Four Heathsiders ran in the Thames Towpath 10, a scenic run along the river in south London.  Marcus Tilllotson led Heathsiders home in 70 minutes.  Louisa and Leo almost missed the start and did well to finish in 73 and just under 75 minutes respectively, with Louisa running at marathon pace in preparation for the London marathon.  Andrew Hudson finished not long after that in approximately 84 minutes.


Many Heathsiders ran in parkruns last Saturday. Congratulations for first place finishes go to Chiara Borg (Grovelands, 21:34), Sue Rust (Ally Pally, 22:11).  Joel Northcott was particularly happy with his parkrun in Finsbury Park, as it was his first in a Heathside vest.  Full results can be found here.


City of London/ Highgate Harriers Open, Parliament Hill

Wednesday 10th April

75m U11

Boys H1 

5th Ben Redland 12.26 w PB

Girls H1 

1st Suraya Frost 11.03 w PB

3rd Elkie Baker 12.38 w


600m U11


3rd Ben Redland 2:04.90 PB


2nd Elkie Baker 2:13.73 PB


Long Jump U11

1st Suraya Frost 3.76m PB

6th Ben Redland 2.98m PB

11th Elkie Baker 2.65m


300m H3

1st Sam Ingram (U17) 43.29 PB


800m R1

1st Amar Alyar-Majeed (U23) 2:03.81 PB

4th Max Robertson (U23) 2:09.52 PB

5th Ben Bloom 2:09.95 PB

7th Scarlett Parker (V45) 2:10.69 PB

9th Jack Davis  Black (U15) 2:11.47 PB


800m R4

2nd Tynan Parker (U13) 2:37.83 PB

8th Benjy Bediako (U13) 3:03.11


High Jump

4th Sam Ingram 1.45m

10th Benjy Bediako 1.10m


Shot Put

1st Izaiah Turner 11.53m

3rd Joel Hawes 8.43m



1st Joel Hawes 31.86m

Paris Marathon, Sunday 14th April 2019

1376  Jonathan Shipley  3:04:08

13581 Gavriella Simson 3:46:33

Brighton marathon, Sunday 14th April 2019

1434  Alice Hosking 3:39:43

24116 Peter Hurst  3:46:21 (PB)

2625  Natalie Shoham  03:55:43

5465  Patrick McHugh 04:32:42

Boston Marathon, 15th April 2019

2001 Jamse Barnard  2:57:06

5809 Jim Connell  3:17:00

17568  Sara Black 3:19:53

12738   Lucy Stanfield   3:43:29

Thames Towpath 10, Sunday 14th April 2019

99        Marcus Tillotson          01:10:16

147      Leo Pemberton           1:13:41

160      Louisa Pointon            1:14:54

288      Andrew Hudson          1:24:50

Droitwich half marathon, 14 April 2019

98   Ben Montilla  1:42:28



Compiled by Emilia with thanks to: Joel Northcott, Simon Baker, Scarlett Parker, Jonathan Shipley, Peter Hurst, Louisa Pointon, Ben Montilla, Jim O'Connell.

Apologies for any errors or omissions. Comments can be sent to

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