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Met League #1 - Claybury Cross country - 14/10/2017

Southern cross country relays - Wormwood Scrubs Cross country 03/10/2017 21/10/2017

Sunday League #1 - Cheshunt Cross country - 29/10/2017

North London Championship Cross country 21/10/2017 04/11/2017

Met League #2 - Stevenage Cross country - 11/11/2017

Sunday League #2 - Trent Park Cross country - 12/11/2017

London cross country championships Cross country 31/10/2017 18/11/2017

Met League #3 - Uxbridge Cross country - 02/12/2017

Cross Country Masters Cross country 21/11/2017 09/12/2017

Sunday League #3 - Willian Cross country - 17/12/2017

Met League #4 - Wormwood Scrubs Cross country - 13/01/2018

Sunday League #4 - Watford Cross country - 14/01/2018

Southern Cross Country Championships Cross country 14/12/2017 27/01/2018

Met League #5 - Trent Park Cross country - 10/02/2018

Sunday League #5 - Royston Cross country - 18/02/2018

Triathlon Championships 2017 

Triathlon Championships 2017

(these details are also on the Triathlon Championships page)

This year the triathlon championships will be based on performances in two events, with a slight twist. The two events are the Hillingdon Triathlon and the Hertfordshire Triathlon (Sprint distance). Both of these events have multiple dates you can enter, Hillingdon has 3 and Herts has 2. You will be awarded points based on your best time at each event, so you could enter more than one Hillingdon Tri or more than one Hertfordshire Tri, and your best time at each will score for you. 

So the good part is that if you do enter more than once then you get a chance to improve on your previous time, or if you can't make one of the events in the series then there is a chance to compete in one of the other ones.

Event Details

The ever-popular Hillingdon Triathlon has the slightly unusual format of swim-run-bike, while the Herts Sprint Triathlon is the more usual swim-bike-run.

Hillingdon Triathlon Series

Distance: Swim 750m, Run 6km, Bike 25km
Dates: 14th May, 9th July, 13th August
Location: Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre, Uxbridge
Info and Entry:

Hertfordshire (Sprint) Triathlon
Distance: Swim 750m, Bike 20km, Run 5km
Dates: 28th May, 20th August
Location: Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City
Info and Entry:

These events have been selected on the basis of their accessibiltiy in terms of proximity to North London, price, and not ballot-entry.


The fastest triathlete (male or female) at each event scores 5 points, then 4 points for the next fastest, down to 1 point for participation.
You will be awarded points based on your best time at each event, so if you enter more than one Hillingdon Tri or more than one Herts Tri, then only your best time at each event will score for you. 

If there is a tie on points then best position within the entire field will be considered, with the best two positions counting instead.

Trophies will be awarded to the first man and woman in the series and awarded at the London Heathside Christmas Party.

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