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Met League #1 - Claybury Cross country - 14/10/2017

Southern cross country relays - Wormwood Scrubs Cross country 03/10/2017 21/10/2017

Sunday League #1 - Cheshunt Cross country - 29/10/2017

North London Championship Cross country 21/10/2017 04/11/2017

Met League #2 - Stevenage Cross country - 11/11/2017

Sunday League #2 - Trent Park Cross country - 12/11/2017

London cross country championships Cross country 31/10/2017 18/11/2017

Met League #3 - Uxbridge Cross country - 02/12/2017

Cross Country Masters Cross country 21/11/2017 09/12/2017

Sunday League #3 - Willian Cross country - 17/12/2017

Met League #4 - Wormwood Scrubs Cross country - 13/01/2018

Sunday League #4 - Watford Cross country - 14/01/2018

Southern Cross Country Championships Cross country 14/12/2017 27/01/2018

Met League #5 - Trent Park Cross country - 10/02/2018

Sunday League #5 - Royston Cross country - 18/02/2018

News & Race Reports

Velodrome Half, Lakeland 50, LFOTM, Track at Watford, LICC and Herne Hill

02/08/17 Heathsiders didn’t let the summer holidays get in the way of participating in a good variety of race distances last week – ranging from a 50 mile Ultra in the Lake District, and a half marathon at the Lee Valley Velodrome, to the Last Friday of the month 5k. There were also some excellent results on the track last Wednesday at the Watford Open, and at LICC at Allianz Park this past weekend.  We now also have the Herne Hill Harriers Open results from last weekend.

Relays of varying length

26/07/17 This week's belter of a roundup covers relays short and long, several trips to Battersea, and Sarah Swan's holiday review of Wales.

Middlesex Young Athletes, Grindelwald and the Handicap

[19.07.17] The highlights this week include the Middlesex Young Athletes League, an Ultra from Switzerland and the annual club handicap.

Heathside’s SAL home base triumph

The big news of the weekend is that we won our SAL Division 2 meeting on our Finsbury Park home base - and it was a wonderfully well-organised event, thanks to Jonathan Litchfield and his team.